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  1. There should be a lot more young players with amzing stats even from the beginning but not too mnay obviously because in my game they are always average or rubbish and I end up releasing them. Also the Ass man always says their contract is not worth renewing. Also, with older players he says the same thing but he should mabe say that perhaps their experience will be of benefit
  2. I would like to see the ability to play individual matches where you could choose two sides and experiment with players, instructions, and tactics. You could see which teams were good and which one you want to try in a proper game. It could just be a separate option from starting a new game. I know you can already do this by arranging friendlies but then you have to load the database to start new game and/or find a free day on your fixture lists and then wait for that day to come round. Wouldn't it be great to just dive right in for some extra pratice without waiting, or scheduling?
  3. The ability to field an illegal player, someone without a work permit or something because I just bought 4 players who I thought could go out on loan to my feeder club to avoid work permit regulations but it turns out the clubs spanish. Why did I get offered this club by the board?
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