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  1. I am no expert in these fields but i am looking at the fact you play short passing and slow tempo. If you are a weaker side in the division this could lead to you having lots of possession in midfield but no penetration and when you lose possession you could get overrun as you say you lack pace. My approach in a higher division first season is usually to have a fairly defensive set up 4411 or 4141 or even a defensive 442. Dont have the line to deep but use the attacking asset on the counter it is a cliche but route one counter works
  2. Game Version . 21. 2 Issue: Mexican Expansion League. Opening phase play off seeding I am in season 24 - 25 nd the Promotion relegation has just started. I finished top of opening phase but instead of going into play off semi final as i had done for the other 4 seasons i had to play off whilst the team who finished bottom have gone straight into the semi final
  3. Playing in Mexican Expansion League. My team has a B team. Every time i move a player or vise versa and click continue they move back to the original squad. If i move them to under 20s then onwards they move ok as intended. Only noticed this issue today after update
  4. I think it is in the Board requests area. I had to do this with my Gillingham side
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