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  1. Thanks for confirming Adam. It's unfortunate but can't be helped. TBH I've had to refund my Android FMT anyway, despite my device being on the approved list (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7), even with one nation running it was appallingly slow, even the UI was really unresponsive. It's a real pity but I guess I'll stick to FMT18 on my tablet and FMT19 on my desktop
  2. Just to say, I am also experiencing the same issue, following a move of clubs and country between seasons. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1562628692
  3. I noticed this too - but it only happened when I loaded three nations that didn't include England - for me, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Went to allocate Place of Birth as Stourbridge (which I know is there from my other saves) but it wasn't showing. Nor was Dudley, Wolverhampton, etc. The closest was Birmingham. When I had a save involving England as one of the three nations, I'm sure the full list was there - if not full, then certainly more! I'm guessing that perhaps the game only holds so many for countries that aren't 'active' in your save? Be interested to see if the same happened for you, or if you were managing in English Leagues (which would obv be a bug!)
  4. Shrewsbury Town I've not yet touched them in the PC just thought I'd have a go with Shrews on the tablet given that on PC I went up first season with no signings
  5. So this might be just sheer bad luck (but I'm sceptical) but has anyone else tried any of the Challenges on FMT (Android) yet? The Saviour Cometh is meant to be tricky I know, with your team low in form. However I just loaded it from the off, first match immediately is vs Fleetwood Town and they beat me 4-1 with FOUR penalties. Just doesn't seem right!
  6. Not sure if this should be in Bugs, or in General so apologies but it seems there's an issue with Cross-Save between PC and Android devices. Have a number of files (all max 3 nations etc, so not in breach of Tablet restrictions) all showing in Cross Sync and the tablet states Uploaded successfully, but then when I go to load each one, it gets to about 10% (approx) and says "unable to load game"
  7. How bizarre - for anyone else waiting for it, it doesn't show in Google Play store yet on your device, but if you're logged into the same Google Account on PC and go to the following link it works: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=football.manager.games.fm19.touch
  8. Very odd. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (which is on the compatible devices list) only shows FMM19 and FMT18 when you search on the play store
  9. We'd hope so - though it's worth noting that FM19 launched early a couple of hours ago, and FMM19 is live in Google Play Store - no sign at all of FMT19 though.
  10. Ah. Fair. I'm confused tbh as to why FM Mobile is plastered all over Google Play as coming soon but there's absolutely no mention of FM Touch.
  11. ? *plays FM Touch 19* You know it's like, available now?
  12. Just a quickie - noticed tonight improved Steam integration with the new game. Steam Chat now rather than just showing you're playing FM19/FMT19 actually reflects how you're doing in matches. Really tiny, but nice touch! Well done SI folk!
  13. Jesus. A 20 season game in two weeks? That's dedication (and time I don't have, even with FMT!) Fair play.
  14. Aha! Yes I saw your points haul on the leaderboard - I gather from the vast amount of them that game's been going on for some time!
  15. Honestly I wouldn't have thought it'd be too great - generally I'd shy away from anything Celeron. IT also barely has a HDD large enough for Windows, never mind adding games and saves and is eMMC which is painfully slow. For something half decent that'll last you, I'd suggest you're going to need to up your budget somewhat. For example the laptop below is considerably more money, but if you can stretch to it (or are happy to pay the £10 per week on finance) it is a far more sensible choice for a longer lasting machine to play Touch or FM with: https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/lenovo-v110-core-i3-6006u-8gb-500gb-dvd-rw-15.6-inch-windows-10-laptop-80tl00a9uk-8gb/version.asp To answer your question, yes the ASUS E203 would probably run FM Touch 19 in some sense. Whether it would be running optimally or at a level or speed you'd be happy with, I'm not sure.
  16. Yes there are four on the Beta: FMT Dark, FMT Retro, and touchscreen versions of these too. The one in my screenshots is FMT Retro
  17. Well... I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in an update, but my first season is over - with some surprising results! (Genuinely, I'm gobsmacked). I had no expectation to even get close to promotion - so now I'm not entirely sure what we'll do over the summer! Annoyingly I've been given a transfer kitty of over £3m (mostly inflated due to January player sales) which I won't be able to use, but hey I guess at least it's helping establish a safe financial footing for the club's future!
  18. I've brought in two loanees until the end of my first season (I've justified it as they're in positions I have no youth prospects, but I started the game with some loans already there - I'll be more strict from the summer) but we're doing okay at present - it's Feb 1st and though form has dived since Christmas, we still find ourselves in 3rd place. Given the target was mid-table, I'm happy with that! Touch is great if you want to play more casually - or if like me you want to play more like the older games and just don't have the time to sink into full fat FM. I have to be honest, I don't know about an in-game editor as I've never used an editor (I'd consider that cheating) and likewise, I don't use the 'unlockables' found in the store (even if unlocked through gameplay rather than purchase) for the same reason. On the whole I find Touch is a slimmed down, less bloated version of FM and that comes with both pros and cons. Obviously there's less you have in terms of influence over your squad but equally there's less to screw up too! It's a lot more accessible and easier to pick up and play, and the game processing is much faster too. The only thing I really find myself missing is half time team talks and the motivational talks you can have with the squads in full fat FM. It's obviously rather a lot harder to turn things round if you're losing at half time and can't say anything to your players!
  19. I guess so yes! I know that people have played Academy games for a long time previously, I've been lurking on these boards (and dugout.tv beforehand - RIP) for far too long - I just know that by the traditional rules of that challenge, you take a previously unplayable team at the lowest possible level (or some people who want less of a challenge take over sides who already have good academy setups. My concern is I am in League One (so not a blank slate, whilst my board is pretty chill in comparison to some, there are some expectations), and we do not have a good academy set up. My main concern as you'll see below, is that I have 14 members of my first team squad out of contract this summer, and my reserves is currently not in any state to cover positions (as you see, we only have GK DC, DR, MC and SC covered) - I'm just hoping that when next years youth intake comes through, there's a bit of positional variety!
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