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  1. Thanks for confirming Adam. It's unfortunate but can't be helped. TBH I've had to refund my Android FMT anyway, despite my device being on the approved list (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7), even with one nation running it was appallingly slow, even the UI was really unresponsive. It's a real pity but I guess I'll stick to FMT18 on my tablet and FMT19 on my desktop
  2. Just to say, I am also experiencing the same issue, following a move of clubs and country between seasons. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1562628692
  3. I noticed this too - but it only happened when I loaded three nations that didn't include England - for me, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Went to allocate Place of Birth as Stourbridge (which I know is there from my other saves) but it wasn't showing. Nor was Dudley, Wolverhampton, etc. The closest was Birmingham. When I had a save involving England as one of the three nations, I'm sure the full list was there - if not full, then certainly more! I'm guessing that perhaps the game only holds so many for countries that aren't 'active' in your save? Be interested to see if the same happened for you, or if you were managing in English Leagues (which would obv be a bug!)
  4. Shrewsbury Town I've not yet touched them in the PC just thought I'd have a go with Shrews on the tablet given that on PC I went up first season with no signings
  5. So this might be just sheer bad luck (but I'm sceptical) but has anyone else tried any of the Challenges on FMT (Android) yet? The Saviour Cometh is meant to be tricky I know, with your team low in form. However I just loaded it from the off, first match immediately is vs Fleetwood Town and they beat me 4-1 with FOUR penalties. Just doesn't seem right!
  6. Not sure if this should be in Bugs, or in General so apologies but it seems there's an issue with Cross-Save between PC and Android devices. Have a number of files (all max 3 nations etc, so not in breach of Tablet restrictions) all showing in Cross Sync and the tablet states Uploaded successfully, but then when I go to load each one, it gets to about 10% (approx) and says "unable to load game"
  7. How bizarre - for anyone else waiting for it, it doesn't show in Google Play store yet on your device, but if you're logged into the same Google Account on PC and go to the following link it works: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=football.manager.games.fm19.touch
  8. Very odd. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (which is on the compatible devices list) only shows FMM19 and FMT18 when you search on the play store
  9. We'd hope so - though it's worth noting that FM19 launched early a couple of hours ago, and FMM19 is live in Google Play Store - no sign at all of FMT19 though.
  10. Ah. Fair. I'm confused tbh as to why FM Mobile is plastered all over Google Play as coming soon but there's absolutely no mention of FM Touch.
  11. ? *plays FM Touch 19* You know it's like, available now?
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