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  1. A warning/fine for poor performance can increase the workrate if the player feel it's justified.
  2. I probably could happen, but keep in mind that other clubs may not approach a player with more than 6 months left on his contract unless his club allows it.
  3. Nykøbing F.C. formerly in the 2nd division east, now in the 2nd division group 2 for the current transitional season before the new league structure.
  4. What about NFC in Denmark? There have recently been a large(-ish) investment into the club by succesful businessman Claus Meyer and former Premier League footballer Claus Jensen, both original from the local area, coupled with a money raising campaign. Ambitions are to compete in the Superliga by 2020. I'm excited to see how this is reflected in the FM16 database.
  5. I had a player commit two fouls in the penalty area. Two mistakes leading to two goals and his rating was 4.8. We lost by two goals. I fined him for poor performance. He thought it was unfair. *sigh*
  6. Some times the decision is too close for even a computer to decide:
  7. Just like it is in the real world. Why do you think mediocre english players are being traded for exorbitant transfer fees in the Premier League?
  8. I have never understood why athletes are to be treated as serfs in the US. Luckily the best footballers in the U.S. can go literally almost anywhere else and play for the same or better pay. Unfortunately the best handegg players don't have that option.
  9. It's a fee paid to the player prorated over the length of the contract. If the player transfers before the end of the contract, the remaining loyalty bonus is paid out, unless the player made an official transfer request, in which case the remaining loyalty bonus is forfeited (by the player).
  10. OK, I'll admit that Frem in Valby is probably, and rightfully so, considered a part of Copenhagen. AB left the inner city about 50 years ago, so although they were founded in Copenhagen, I doubt few think of them as a club representing the city of Copenhagen today. I suppose that it in the end it depends on what one considers Copenhagen. The greater Copenhagen area of today covers quite an area, but I doubt supporters of Lyngby or Brøndby considers themselves Copenhagen clubs, rather the contrary. An inner city Copenhagener may only consider something inside the old ramparts for Copenhagen an
  11. Not every negotiation needs to end in a contract offer. If the player/agent is being obstinate about inflated contract demands, the 'walk away' button is a viable solution. Simply leaving the negotiation and resuming when the player/agent has 'cooled off' and are willing to enter into negotiations again can lead to lower demands.
  12. I'm going to be a little pedantic here. Of the Copenhagen clubs, only B93 is a real Copenhagen club, the rest is just clubs from the suburbs of which there is many. Estoril is not even a suburb to Lisbon.
  13. I don't think there's any hard and fast rules, but if you find yourself not being able to say anything in the team meeting without getting mixed results, then you should probably look at the composition of personalities in your squad.
  14. The next version of FM really needs scout reports to contain player horoscope, bloodtype and phrenologic categorisation. Player interactions must have an option to suggest the player consult a numerologist in order to change their name.
  15. Another very important part of the Bosman ruling was the ability for players to move on a free transfer after their contract expired.
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