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  1. And Head Scout, as discussed here: http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/521102691/m/8552091943
  2. I can't understand why, as a manager, although you can praise/criticise individuals you cannot say "The boys really grafted today and showed lots of character" or "The team just didn't get going and we need to work on that", i.e. collective praise/criticism of the team. You don't often hear managers singling out individuals, but it's all us FM folk get! Give it a thought please SI.
  3. More than anything, I would like the ability to be able to sell the players I don't want. Sure, all clubs will get stuck with the odd one, but Champ clubs will always be sniffing for the Prem players who aren't getting in their first teams. This part of the game is not realistic. More than anything though, I would like SI to realise that they have a very loyal following due to the quality of their product and their after sales service. There really is therefore no need to rush out a new version just because CM are. Let them have the buggy games. Believe me SI, would rather wait a week or two longer for the finished product. I don't buy other games, there's no point is there?
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