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  1. Ah that was a good game. What was it called again? Premier Manager?
  2. I remember this used to happen way back. Many versions ago. My other favourite bug was players fitness being really poor. Even after a long break between end of season league match and champs league final.
  3. I once set it to low. Everyone kicked off and morale was bad. Not worth the risk IMO.
  4. I'd be interested to find this out. I'm Energie Cottbus in my second season in Bundesliga. My ticket price is €11 and season ticket €150. Ticket sales are killing me.
  5. This happened to me. At the end of the planning period no notification just a big red cancelled on the progress bar. Don't know why. No chairman change and lots of money in the bank. I rolled it back to an older save went on holiday and after the planning new stadium built. Most annoying.
  6. Hey. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the monetary win amounts for competitions in a save game. I can't find it in the editor so guessing it may not be possible? Jupiler league payouts at the end of the season are hindering my progress in Europe. Thanks in advance guys.
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