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  1. Is this coming out on Windows Store with Xbox achievements again ? (And if so, will it be on Game Pass PC again?) I'd prefer to have a version with Xbox achievements than Steam.
  2. I voted 'Remain' and still live in hope that one of the legal challenges will succeed, or at least cause a delay past the next election, when a party running on an anti-Brexit manifesto win a majority. However, given that at this moment in time it looks almost certain that Brexit will happen, but all we know about what this means is "Brexit means Brexit" (I think my 1-year old nephew could work that out); I am glad that SI have implemented this in game. The fact that they seem to have a better idea of the potential implications than those responsible for delivering it worries me though...
  3. Got number 7 right in a flags round in a pub quiz once, so that's one point! Will have a proper look on Saturday and submit my answers
  4. Damn. Knew the Archduke was either Belgrade or Sarajevo - typed Sara then changed my mind!
  5. Just realised I forgot to do this yesterday. Give it a couple more minutes please!
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