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  1. £104 on Werder
  2. If I'm gonna lose, may as well do it in style... £300 on Villareal
  3. I'll admit to Manet being a complete fluke on my part
  4. Got number 7 right in a flags round in a pub quiz once, so that's one point! Will have a proper look on Saturday and submit my answers
  5. Damn. Knew the Archduke was either Belgrade or Sarajevo - typed Sara then changed my mind!
  6. Just realised I forgot to do this yesterday. Give it a couple more minutes please!
  7. Submitted - could be one of my better weeks
  8. I can do another if required
  9. £48 on Uruguay
  10. 24 on Trofense
  11. Sent, another low score for me this week
  12. £12 on Switzerland
  13. Stick me down to do another round too
  14. £3 on QoS