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  1. Trying to switch from full screen to windowed, on a laptop with HD screen (so shouldn't be a resolution issue) and the game crashes to desktop when confirming the change in Preferences.
  2. I voted 'Remain' and still live in hope that one of the legal challenges will succeed, or at least cause a delay past the next election, when a party running on an anti-Brexit manifesto win a majority. However, given that at this moment in time it looks almost certain that Brexit will happen, but all we know about what this means is "Brexit means Brexit" (I think my 1-year old nephew could work that out); I am glad that SI have implemented this in game. The fact that they seem to have a better idea of the potential implications than those responsible for delivering it worries me though... As for the debate about whether it should be optional or whether the user should be able to select their "flavour" of Brexit; in real life the government aren't going to phone up the Leeds manager and ask whether to go ahead with Brexit, and if so what Brexit scenario he'd like. I think that SI have implemented the most realistic scenario possible given what we know today, and I approve. Now, adding a challenge mode scenario for hard EU exit (playable with a team from any EU member state) could be interesting...
  3. Got number 7 right in a flags round in a pub quiz once, so that's one point! Will have a proper look on Saturday and submit my answers
  4. Damn. Knew the Archduke was either Belgrade or Sarajevo - typed Sara then changed my mind!
  5. Just realised I forgot to do this yesterday. Give it a couple more minutes please!
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