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    Dunno what to put really except im a fun loving joke cracking kinda guy, some people love it some p

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  1. love this game, ive had problems with the activation like most other people but once i've got into the game i can not fault it. i wont use the 3d match engine it doesnt appeal to me but all the little things theyve put in are good enough for me, love the assistant manager recommending loan players and i love the new rating system and i like the fact clubs tell you how much it will cost to loan a player now instead of guessing for 3 weeks
  2. Phone Activation

    for those of you still having trouble with the phone activation, keep trying it may say your code is wrong but keep trying, i rang 11 times this morning to activate it with the same code, 10 times they said the code was wrong, the 11th time it worked, so just keep trying if your sure its the right activation code
  3. thanks guys, and as for searching as i said this pc would probably blow up if i tried, its not even able to have 2 internet windows open at the same time how bad is that [sad]
  4. this isn't a moan before anyone thinks it is, just a general question really. i dont have the internet on my pc (im borrowing someone elses to write this) so i will be activating via the phone system, my question is if i need to activate before my game will work how does my game know its been activated if theres no internet connection. sorry if its been asked before but this pc is so poor i stuggled to even get in here.
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  6. Currently i do not have the internet, so im planning on using someone elses pc to download the demo then put it onto a disk and play it on my laptop. if i download it using steam will this stop me from playing it on my laptop that doesn't have the internet? or is a normal download the best way to go about then transfer to my laptop via a dvd
  7. The Life and Times of Michael Strang

    i know you have a social life and everything BUT!! fm stories should always come first
  8. The Life and Times of Michael Strang

    Wahooo moree moreee moreeeeee love this story be a shame if leicester gets relegated irl today
  9. The Life and Times of Michael Strang

    withdrawal symptoms
  10. The Life and Times of Michael Strang

    absolutely loving this story, probably the best i've read keep it coming