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  1. is there a thread with the cheapest offers to buy the game?
  2. Hi guys, loving the game but Iv had two problems that have annoyed me Whenever I sign new players at the start of the season it allows me to add them to the training camp (Tottenham) but then after a week or so all the main players come to me moaning asking why I didn't include them in the training camp?! Where can you add the general squad to the training camps, it makes all their morales go to abysmal before I even start the season Also I made an offer for a player, they negotiated the offer to include a season long loan back which I didn't have a problem with, when it came to contract negotiations the player didn't want to discuss terms because he didn't want to be loaned every time I go to make a new offer the loan back clause is automatically included and I can't take it out of the deal, meaning the player will never discuss terms Any help appreciated
  3. Buying/Selling: selling Player Name: Harry Kane Your Team: Tottenham Buyer/Seller: Man Utd Player's Value: ?? Offer: 54million GPB straight up Transfer/Wage Budget: 17million Patch: 16.1 Season: 1st season start of game £54 million is a hell of a lot of money for a club like Spurs, or could I possibly get more if I hold onto him?
  4. Undecided whether to start as my local favourite team (southend United) Or start unemployed, get approached by a random club, my only problem with this is if I start as an ex sunday league player I literally only get offered Conference/Conference North South jobs, which become very boring very quickly for me, I'd like to start with the reputation to attract league one clubs, maybe championship
  5. So its almost like nobody starts the Beta as their full game?! I was hoping to do this. Id be gutted if I started off in the beta doing really well and then had to restart it when the full release comes out
  6. Daniel Bentley - Southend United Goalkeeper Currently one of the highest prospects outside of the premier league, rumour has it just a few weeks ago during ONE game he had 26 scouts....yes 26 watching him! including the likes of Manchester United Unfortunately it doesn't look likely he is going to renew his contract with us but nonetheless I hope his PA gets a huge increase as I can genuinely see him being Englands number one in the future
  7. so dont put any graphics back into the game at all?
  8. I keep getting a random ''low memory'' warning which then just completely kicks me out of fm, never had this issue before with any previous fm. I do have loaded custom graphics, logos, players etc Running on a windows PC 4gb Ram Any ideas why this keeps happening?? beginning to think i need to save the game after every match because it doesnt give me any chance to save after the warning version 15.1.3
  9. What are the grades of reputation for managers when you start a new game? im going to start unemployed
  10. i know this is abit off topic but how do i go about saving to the cloud/enabling it? i never managed to get it to work on FM14 but would really be useful for me Really hope the Beta drops before the weekend, crappy weather + FM15 = weekend sorted
  11. Then why did he state it won't be out tonight? Bit confusing to be honest
  12. So out of interest how can you "definitely" say it's not out tonight? Is there a cut off time during the day/evening when it can/can't be released? Just asking
  13. Don't think iv ever pressed the refresh page button so often in my entire life!!!
  14. My gmg email address is my work address so I won't get the email with the key tonight if the beta drops Can anyone confirm who has received their code via email that if you go to your orders on the gmg website the code is also displayed on there? Thanks