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  1. Hi all, Purchased a switch purely for FM! Quick question of something that is really starting to irritate me, when im on the transfer search screen and you have the list of players, well when i click a player the list almost jolts down and i then have to click on the player again. Its very tedious and annoying. anyone else have this? is it a bug?
  2. well OP how did you get on in the 2nd leg?
  3. i will have a look at him today, if he hasnt already moved, great shout if he still has that release clause on my game
  4. I decided to do arsenal for my fm18 save and have the beta. I have had one of my best ever FM season! Done the quadruple by winning the community shield, premiership title (was pretty much top the whole season) league cup winners and Europa league winners. I'm half tempted to leave as I don't think I will ever better that season with arsenal! Sanchez still left on a free, tried to offer him a new contract the entire season but he wouldn't even discuss. Ozil signed a new deal though. I pretty much rotated my team from league games to cup games and alot of different players for games. I made 3 signings, icardi (74million) de vrij and de ligt. I will say giroud was an absolute beast in that first season for me! Scored over 30 goals! To befair I started to opt for him more than icardi as the season went on. Will also add that whenever I called for welbeck to play he always done great too. I am now left with a big dilemma of who to sign in season 3, youngsters? But also need a replacement for Sanchez who won my player of the season. I have 120million in the kitty to play with. Have to say the way transfers have inflated, the money does not go far on FM any longer.
  5. Dont know if this is a bug or not or something i am doing wrong but it did the same on FM17. Basically whenever i decide to save my game to the cloud, let it save, close down my laptop. Then when i go to my desktop PC and try to load the game, i click on load cloud save and NOTHING shows up. I basically have to resort to saving the game on usb stick each time and then take that from USB to desktop each time which is annoying as the cloud save should just work? Anyone get this same issue?
  6. Man City signed that Chuma guy on my save, must have something about him if City signed him. free transfer too
  7. Will we be able to turn it off by accessing the pre-game editor in the beta?
  8. How many people do actually turn off the brexit scenario? would it be classed as kind of ''cheating'' to do so? Also will the pre-game editor be available in the beta?
  9. WOW! did they pay that all outright or over installments etc?
  10. Guys is there a pre order deals thread anywhere? Where is the current best place to pre order Thanks in advance
  11. so i forked out for the full game including touch on my PC and also for the touch game on my Tablet. I occasionally play my touch game on the PC and save the game to the cloud, when i go to my tablet it doesnt show, its very erratic, sometimes the save will show the next day etc. This is a royal pain when i just want to play my save game. Is there a way to save the game file and send it to the tablet each time rather than use the buggy as hell cloud? why doesnt it just work!? I always leave steam on on the PC and let it sync etc so it has nothing to do with that.
  12. is it just me or do all the team guide threads seem super quiet this year?
  13. crazy, keep us updated will be starting my tottenham save on christmas day
  14. wow what a contrast to your first season, any ideas whats gone wrong?
  15. Any pictures of your formation? Who's been good and who are the ones you think can be moved on. Noticed you didn't sell anyone in the first season ?
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