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  1. Can anyone help.....saved my game last night to the cloud (it had like 3 different backups as it saves it periodically) I have logged onto a different computer today with steam, loaded up FM17, gone to load my game but its only showing one save on the cloud....and that was MUCH earlier in the evening Any ideas?
  2. Playing as Southend United in league two....every match i have played, home and away there are NOBODY in the stands? anyone else getting this? Was up till 2am playing the game last it
  3. anyone... will cloud saves work even in the beta? ie if i save whilst playing at my house i can pick up that save elsewhere even though its still beta?
  4. will cloud saves work even in the beta? ie if i save whilst playing at my house i can pick up that save elsewhere even though its still beta?
  5. I like it its gonna happen in real life at some point anyways Im just hoping in my game i get the soft exit so it doesnt affect my transfers too much
  6. Is it correct that any beta save carried over to the full release will have the bugs fixed in game automatically? no need to restart a save?
  7. I figure that is what i will probably end up doing, although i would rather concentrate on one save. Maybe if i do the two saves, and find that im not really missing as much from the FAT version then i can just concentrate on FM Touch
  8. Hi all, i pre purchased my FM17 via steam but im torn what to start for my save game, the Full FAT FM or Touch Even though Touch is a huuuuuuge advancement over mobile it doesnt offer all that the FAT Fm does, still like a water down version, but to play the FAT version i have to be sat at a PC the whole time i want to play With Touch i can play it on my iPad on the go but feel like i will be missing out on the full FAT experience, anyone else feel like this? PS Can we play FM Touch as soon as the beta goes live?
  9. Wow that is impressive! Did you decide to go for HamKam? surely your reputation wouldv got you a bigger club?
  10. With the release of FM17 just around the corner, i just wondered does anyone out there ever just play one single save all the way through to the next installment of the game???
  11. Hi all, pre purchased my copy of FM 17, its a way of life for me, and the excitement that kicks in from now until release feels ridiculous for a guy who just turned 30 over a video game....but i will never change when it comes to Football Manager Anyways, thinking back to one of my saves last year i started as my favourite team Southend United, and i set my starting reputation as ''former professional footballer'' i believe, to cut the story short i was sacked in my first season and then managed to get the wolves job in the championship (odd). I found this unrealistic but i figure its to do with the reputation i selected at the start of the game. Does anyone have a breakdown of what the starting reputations offer you in the game (in terms of initial job offers etc) as i found for me that it was unrealistic seeing as i was sacked in my first season by a league 1 team. Also, is it the case again that beta saves can transfer across to the full release version? are there any teething problems if we do this or should any bugs etc be automatically corrected/fixed when the beta game carries over? Roll on FM17
  12. Just pre-ordered using my 20% steam discount but i have one question. We get the beta before release, bet will obviously allow the full game, but can we also play fm touch as a beta? found myself playing FM Touch more and more so wouldnt mind playing the beta as FM touch ready for when it gets released on tablets.
  13. anyone know when the pre purchase discount ends for existing customers on steam?
  14. is there a thread with the cheapest offers to buy the game?