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  1. I don't think that's true. A full back on support can get forward either if he has a PPM or if you give him the instruction (yes, you can give support duties Get Further Forward PIs). They can still help the attack but they don't close down or leave their position as aggressively as a wingback, and they play a more simple passing game and leave the running with the ball to others. IMO an FB(S) is just fine and provides defensive stability on the right hand side. But if the player doesn't get forward, try telling him to do so, or at least "Stay Wider". FWIW I would consider also telling them
  2. Wingbacks close down more by default, although it's not a hardcoded instruction
  3. If you want the positives of WB(S) without the negatives, add the "Close Down Less" PI.
  4. it's not that different from 442diamond or 4312. anchor man, one full back more attacking than the other, mcl/r as carrilero, mezzala, box to box or bwm(s), advanced playmaker or CM(A) in the mc slot
  5. To be fair, mentality does affect defensive line to the extent that each setting such as "Much Lower" increases with mentality. Eg: Much Lower on Attacking mentality is not the same as Much Lower on Defensive mentality. And fluidity not being equal to shape is true but quantity of support duties still affects space between lines and speed of transitions and penetration/possession. What's not the same is the changes to creative freedom and positional movement - these are now defined by mentality and T/PIs, whereas before Shape had a direct effect on those things.
  6. If you want fast transitions you'll be looking for two key components: tall vertical shape (ie structured) and direct play I am finding a lot of joy with my current tactic by using 2 attack duties up top, one moving into channels, the other staying central, while being careful not to place full backs on support duties and midfielders having a mixture of duties that appropriately deal with play at both ends of the pitch. And if you think about that and the old Structured shape description, that makes sense. Defenders defend, midfielders transition and divide attack and defence according to t
  7. your tactic picture did not appear on the thread, and in case that is the same for anyone else, I took the link and posted the picture as an attachment here.
  8. Is it possible to retake the screenshots after running the game in English so we can understand what roles and instructions you are using and the abbreviations in the Comparison screen?
  9. You could try to increase mentality to Standard or even Control but then "nerf" it with Be More Disciplined and Lower Tempo to reduce creative freedom and reduce risk taking on the ball. Alternatively or perhaps as well, you could bump up shape to Flexible. Direct equating to long balls to nothing could be heavily influenced by playing a target man. Is DLF(S) out of the question? If you're curious about effects of the tactical tweaks but don't want to impact the success of your save, you can try saving the game and then continuously play out matches and reloading as an experiment.
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