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  1. On FM18 best you can do off the ball is run wide with ball on a low to medium mentality, but close down more does the trick off the ball. Stay wider can't be done in 2 man midfields but might be able to be done in a flat 3 man. I play FM18 these days as I find the later ones too much hassle/bad match engine. FM21 is great but it all seems far too much work!
  2. You're already extremely attacking just by picking that formation. With those TIs it's even more. To me it seems way too much as it is. IMO the main reason you are doing well defensively and not doing well offensively is because you are playing too offensively by pushing all your players up and heavily pressing, strangling the opposition of any possession, whilst denying yourself space to attack. Gegenpressing may be all the rage but for me, it makes very little tactical sense. It may seem counterintuitive but against weaker opposition you want them to have the ball so that when they mak
  3. Defending corners, how successful would marking far post combined with zonally marking near post be? My usual go to was to put my centre backs on mark near and far post zonally and mark both posts usually with full backs. But I noticed that sometimes when the ball went into the centre of the penalty area or the edge that the opposition would have an advantage in numbers and shots from that region would often result in a goal. So I wondered if maybe that was overkill on the posts and it might be more efficient to put my best aerial duellist on mark near zonally and tell the other cent
  4. If you really wanted to force it to the right and force fast transitions to the STCL you could also try putting the left wingback on defend duty. To compensate for little width on the left, you'd then tell the striker to run wide with ball and also maybe try playing a mezzala on support in the MCL slot. The mezzala would be a bit more risky though. In such a set up it wouldn't be surprising to see the STCR score a lot of goals particularly if he wasn't a target man. Run wide with ball is very good in creating chances when playing with 2 strikers and no wingers because it drags the opposi
  5. That could be down to a difference in the types of movements their strikers make. A Poacher doesn't try to pick up the ball in wide areas which a player that moves into channels like an Advanced Forward, Trequartista or DLF(A) might. So the opposition might get the ball in the channels and then create a goal from there. If your defenders are stepping out to press in undesirable ways / times then you might benefit from using a higher defensive line or telling them individually to close down less and having your midfield close down more. That's something I've been doing for my full backs and
  6. In recent times I've become a fan of Dribble Less. It started when I had players who weren't good dribblers (Gillingham, FM18) and I found it led to higher ball possession. It tired them out more than normal but it led to more instances of through balls and looked wonderful because the opposition had so little time to close down and we passed the ball around them. Since then I've kept it and last season we won the Euro Cup. So I think Dribble Less is suited to a pass through the middle style of play and can also be used in counter attacking play because if players are not holding on to the bal
  7. Could be down to low composure, vision and decisions. Whenever I've managed in the National League North/South I noticed my defenders like to play long balls more than when I've managed in higher divisions even if I use the same tactic and instructions in both cases.
  8. Stick the FB players on FB roles and put your AMC on attack. Maybe also winger on support.
  9. On the one hand it would be a lot more realistic of GKs got sent off in FM. On the other, we'd probably be waiting a fair few iterations, based on prior history of the series' development, for the frequency of the event to be tuned to an appropriate level. You know one of the bug threads would be "GKs getting sent off too often" and there's so much other stuff to tinker with and experience in the game that I'm glad GKs aren't getting sent off. That said, I have had a GK sent off a few times in FM, back when the ME had a bug (FM15 or 16 or 17 I think) where the GK would be holding the bal
  10. What purpose does composure serve for a goalkeeper?
  11. How highly do you rate it? I got a young keeper called Tom Moody in my u23s who is coming along very nicely in most of his goalkeeping technical attributes and has a nice 14 for positioning (i think positioning is more important than quite a lot of the technical attributes) but the lad has 6 composure along with the same give or take one for decisions, concentration and anticipation. Obviously at this stage I have a lot of freedom to direct his development. I could keep ignoring the composure and continue to beef up his technicals and agility. If I do that, I can see most of them gettin
  12. Your title says for an underdog team? But your tactic says for a dominant team. Badly.
  13. Show your training schedule. It could be a scheduling issue.
  14. The problem with it is the lack of movement means he can get marked out of the game. It usually only works well when the opposition don't use a DM. And that will be inconsistent in itself.
  15. Moves Into Channels Runs With Ball Often Tries Killer Balls Often Gets Forward Whenever Possible Basically look at the role's instructions and that would give you those, anything else is probably just flavour.
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