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  1. He is useful though, for example he is my only ML who is left footed and quality. He plays good as a WM(A) - as it says, it doesn't rely on pace, more on teamwork.
  2. Just for your curiosity I suppose it won't hurt. Only OI used is Use Offside Trap. Only individual instruction used is Hold Position on the CM(S) (wanted to make a DLP role that didn't draw passes away from Mata. As you can see I have a problem with Mata in that he should really be on the MCL slot, being left footed, but his role would conflict with the inside forward. BTW in case you're wondering, Wayne Rooney was loaned out to Chelsea hahahahahaha
  3. Thank you for your reply. I wasn't really looking for precise tactical advice relating to the tactics I am using as such. More general advice relating to how one would approach using Mata or perhaps someone else who has all the right attributes for attacking except the physicality required. To be perfectly honest with you I haven't even got any of my 3 tactics set up to fit Mata in (well) right now! I have a 4-4-2 for attacking and 2 different 4-3-3's one for counter and one for control. I generally go for the 433 control and switch to the others depending on the situation. I play Mata as an ML in the 442 and I would normally hope to play him as an MC(A) or AP(A) in MCL or IF/AP(S) on the right wing in the 433. It doesn't happen though. Problem for me is Utd have two quality inside forwards who are right footed in Depay and Martial, so I use the IF role on the left, leaving the winger on the right hand side. Mata isn't a winger, and he's not right footed. I'm using Fellaini and Ibrahimovic as faux target men (i don't use the TM role much because I find it ineffectual in 433).
  4. Post your setup and TI's and any II's here so we can take a look. If you have a problem with the opposition overlapping their full backs, you should try to set your (fast) wide players to mark them or put them on attack duty to make them occupy the space the FB is leaving, giving the AI the choice of pinning back their full backs or risking it by overlapping. As for opposition AMLs and AMRs, try closing down less and not marking tightly so your defensive line keeps shape. Generally it's a bad idea to mark a fast agile player tightly. Close down flanks too much and you leave gaps in the centre. You can also adopt a narrow width to make penetrating your defence harder, but great aerial ability from your CB's will be essential with such a move. This will also have implications for your attacking prowess, so bear that in mind. Employing a more defensive midfield setup could alleviate the problem as well. Your problems could stem from TIs, but also your mentality and team shape, as well as formation and the roles and duties within. For instance, a full back on a defend duty will be far more difficult to break down, but we often avoid it because the support and width the FB's provide is often a godsend. Another example: You will especially have problems when using a narrow formation.
  5. Juan Mata is a phenomenal player in FM and undoubtedly one of the best players in the game. He's fantastic creatively and also he has good finishing and dribbling. However his main weakness, in my opinion, is his quickness and overall athleticism. Tactically this creates a bit of a problem, particularly when playing him in AMC on a support duty, or any role that doesn't require much dribbling is NOT part of your tactic. On the one hand he should be employed according to his strengths, one of which is dribbling. All his attributes show that he should be used on an Attack duty. On the other hand, although I should be using a player of his exceptional quality, his dribbling isn't much good when he hasn't got the athleticism to take the ball past his opponent or cause the sort of havoc that Neymar or Messi can. In that sense, his dribbling and finishing ability is wasted. I think I now understand why Mata was shunned by Mourinho at Chelsea, who was masterful at counter attacking football. Mata simply is not quick enough, and 4231 is not a good counter attacking formation IMO, 433 (or 41221) is far superior, and the options for him are either False 9 or slow inside forward/winger. Yet at Manchester Utd, he is often employed on the right hand side as an inside forward, and with his finishing ability, we'd like to think he should be able to bag a few goals. Playing him as a striker for example, he has marvellous attributes for a false nine, but lacks aerial ability or pace to do much else in the way of scoring. He is also terrible at defending, which means he is unsuitable to be played in CM or DM. Another problem is that he has Gets Into Opposition Area PPM, which often means he's not available for creative play as I'd like. This is a PPM which is quite clearly not suitable for a player you want to sit outside the box and create. I have tried using him on attacking duties and he seems to suck at it, for the reasons stated. What can I do tactically to make him more effective on an attack duty?
  6. Just to make sure I'm crystal clear on this: If 1) I set my general team training to very low 2) But I give all my players individual training focus and 3) I set match prep to 0% They will have a "very heavy" individual training workload. However this will mean they spend the maximum possible time on individual focus, and will from that be more likely than all other training configurations to develop the attribute I have selected, ceteris paribus. Is that correct? Just wanted to make sure everybody gets this because the answer will really help us set up an optimised training schedule.
  7. I have also experienced it where you put your match training on 0% and then begin to lose familiarity without changing anything else.
  8. I have also experienced it where you put your match training on 0% and then begin to lose familiarity.
  9. As you can see, two issues: 1) attribute analysis displaying incorrectly 2) attribute panels have scroll bars despite being full screen and 1920x1080 resolution on appropriate monitor What's the fix?
  10. Previous training system: player can set general training intensity, individual intensity, match prep level Current system: player can set general intensity and match prep but not individual intensity. Firstly, does anyone know what the reason was for this change and is it a change for the better that I don't know about? Secondly, in previous systems being able to set individual intensity gave the player more control over which attributes improved. Reading Cleon's post on training showed us in FM15 and prior that if we set match prep to 10%, put our general team intensity on low or very low, but maxed out our individual intensity, the player's workload would be dominated by his individual training. It seems to me that this is no longer possible. Am I wrong and is this change for the better? For your reference: FM15 Training http://i.imgur.com/5umN9du.jpg FM16 Training http://i.imgur.com/5umN9du.jpg
  11. I alt+tab out of the game a lot and sometimes when alt+tabbing back in the game shows a blank black screen. I then try to alt+tab out and cannot click on anything. The only ways out of it are either a hard reset of my PC or ctrl+alt+del and using manual tabbing and arrow keys to navigate the task manager so that I can end the FM16 process. I then lose any unsaved progress which is often irksome as you can imagine. Other times just alt tabbing causes a total crash. FWIW i have read the sticky and will try that in future but posted this just in case it was unrelated.
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