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  1. this means you are sure that Greek 3rd division wont be playable...anyway thanks..i hope its easy for everyone to do it!!
  2. Is it really that easy??to create a league with editor?
  3. indeed...but this is a special case...former chairmin did stole more than 80 millions(PROVED) from us but he is still unpunished for this(ONLY IN GREECE)
  4. Economical..then we had to let all our players..or sell them..this year we played with Kids in our team!!! And with the bad luck we had we managed to finish 15th from 16 teams...this means relegation to the 2nd division...but then the club decided to go into the amateur-professional 3rd division..this way we have almost 0 dept(was over 100 millions before)...So the club now is clear and healthy..our new chairmen is one of the richest and most dynamic person in Greece..that what fm calls a "SUGAR DADDY" ...We will also make a New stadium...we do not have one since 2003...had to destroy the stadium because it was heavily damaged from an Earthquake..after that we never managed to rebiuld it...until now..it will be ready when we will play in the 1st category again..in 2 years...Our ultimate goal is..3rd division championshi then 2nd division championship and then 1st division championship in the row!!!..i chairman is determindet to make this happen...
  5. Aek Athens is one of the biggest clubs in Greece. Today this club is in the Third division!! But as i know from previous FM version Greek third division is not playable!!. As you already know FM is extremely popular in my country. I want to pre-order this game so bad so i can get it just when i have some free time!! But i also want to Manage the team iv been managing for so many years...i am sure that...THousands of greek fm players also want the same(aek athens has 1,5 million supporters). The greek 3rd division will have 6 groups...i dont think its nessecery to create all this groups but at least the one that Aek Athens is in...i believe this is a reasonable request....i consider this so important that i would even gather signatures from our fans to make it happen!!! *Popularity of the club *Name and history of the club *Propably more than 10.000 season tickets.This makes the team being 2nd-3rd in season tickets after Olympiacos and (maybe) Paok.(while in 3rd division......... ) *Roster Budget and players of the team (most of them except youngsters are known players from First Categories) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AEK_Athens_F.C. ...
  6. Me and my friends want to pre-order fm2014...But first we need to know...does it HAVE the greek 3rd division as playable?(Footbal League 2)...at least the subgroup of this division where Aek Athens is!!!
  7. :/...What About Greece and famous club Aek Athens....i stopped playing fm13 only because my team got relegated to Third Division irl(99%). i like this game so much and i cant imagine playing it if my team is not in it .Same goes for many of my friends.....Aek Athens has more than a million fans and supporters in greece..too many fm lovers from greece manage this team...now we w8 for the new season and fm14 ..i cant w8 to manage my team and lead it from the c division to champions league final ....cant w8 to play for the first time with a sugar daddy president(heheh).So plzzz create the greek national C division subgroup where Aek Athens will participate...make it playable ..this is not a personal request... as i said before..more than a million fans !!
  8. how come you are 2nd from the bottom then?????
  9. i was wondering the same..yes please someone answer
  10. just play this game again..i do this when i score or concede extremely buggy adn unrealistic goals
  11. I am managing this team in fm2013 (Aek Athens) because i am a huge fan of it..now (in real life) we were playing against veroia in the greek superleague and we HAD to win this game...the game was 1-1 and george katidhs scored a second goal for us in 84 minute..then he celebrated this way ..he got punished for this with ban from national team (FOR EVER) and maybe aek athens will let him free by ending his contract....what do you think about all this???
  12. i created my village local team(greek amateur) i created real life players(me and my friends) then i made pictures of them but my problem is that i can not apply them ingame i named the pictures with the unique id the editor gave to my friends but it doesn work..anoyne knows something about this.plz
  13. if i add a regional team with editor and its players can i actually see them ingame..is this bug fixed?
  14. at whether the player will remain in the club for much longer? it means the football club or the night club
  15. why do people cry so much...i cant feel anyone who says that ME is not good or the game being unplayable(thats a joke and cut it out already)......how can SI take your comments as serious when you say that fm2012 is better than 2013 when the difference is so obvious...
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