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  1. I have to change my earlier opinions regarding the ME from very positive to barely positive. I moved away from the top teams and have now been playing one season with Heerenveen and one with Aberdeen and the amount of CCCs are just extreme. A lot of the games there are more than 10 CCCs combined between the two teams. Despite this scores are rarely high, I just played a 4-4 match that apparently was the new record for most goals scored in the league. Amount of chances in general seems very high, or maybe I don't have good enough knowledge about real world stats :P But surely 123 chan
  2. Very pleased with how we are playing, how we are scoring (Salah in top with 17 goals after 21 games) and how everything is looking. No PIs
  3. Totally feel you, I would have done the same if I felt this forum took away any form of enjoyment. Luckily for me I seem to mosly be able to enjoy the game no matter what anyone else thinks, but there are occasions when I need to take a break as well. This attribute thing had gone completely unnoticed until I entered the forum, once I started reading about it I seriously considered starting a new save despite being 4,5 seasons in. Eventually I decided to keep going, it just didn't disturb me in the slightest
  4. How much I enjoy myself or that I haven't noticed the bug? I have always played Liverpool in all FM-versions so thats usually my point of reference.
  5. Just started my 4th season as Liverpool (save continued from Beta) and I'm enjoying it immensely. More so than any other FM and I had over 1200 hours in FM19... Reading something about an attributes bug, not sure what the bug is but it hasn't affected my save in the least. Best FM as far as I can remember. Great work SI!
  6. This I fully understand! But since I'm such a poor tactician I have trouble enough to analyse games, add a stat line that looks brilliant but really isnt and it's almost impossible for someone like me to understand where I'm going wrong Oh, don't give me flashbacks from that season, as a Liverpool-fan I've tried to forget it
  7. I'm mostly concerned with the amount of shots on goal and keeper saves. So the current world record for most saves in a World Cup game is 16 byt Tim Howard. As far as I can tell most saves in a EPL match is 14. These are rookie numbers, Aston Villas 2nd keeper have these numbers every game. I've had 10 games the first seasons as Liverpool with shots on target above 20 and I score very few goals from open play. Other than this I'm very pleased.
  8. What do you even mean with this? That people have high expectations because it's the "only one" or that it's the best because it's the "only one"?
  9. Right click the game in your library go Settings and find the BETAS tab. Chose to opt in in the drop down
  10. Have you opted-in for the public beta via Steam Settings? Because if you haven't manually done anything you wont have a different ME than the one which has been up since the start of the pre-release beta There are two betas :P
  11. It's released with the full game not during beta.
  12. Anyone notice players generally dwelling on the ball for too long? Might be my tactic but I'm using the same as FM19 and didn't have that issue. Love the beta so far, I noticed a lot of long shot goals in my first save (Liverpool until christmas) but now with my new Bordeux save we haven't had a single goal from a long shot either against us or for us and I'm in October. Overall everything feels like a massive upgrade on FM19.
  13. Can you buy clothes at Greggs? Sorry, not from the UK so poorly informed
  14. WOW, just noticed! If you look at all the names of the people currently browsing this forum you will find that all the letters for "Beta release tonight" are there!
  15. Guys, I just came home from work and my 3yo daughter just came up to me and said 'there's no way the beta will be out this week unless Watford win against Everton' #Proud #SIGames #Miles #Hornets
  16. Is anyone on flightradar in case Miles gets on a plane or something!? That could be it!
  17. 7th of November. Thats a guarantee because I go away on a laptop-free vacation that day.
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