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  1. You can probably find a custom database that include lower leagues, which is were you will find the newly formed clubs. I know for a fact that Horsley Hill Football Club was founded last year (or the year before) and play in the Durham Alliance League. Not sure how many recently formed clubs there are in the default database since most new clubs have to start real low and it usually take years to climb anywhere near the leagues represented in FM.
  2. Hehe, I was waiting for that response. I see your point but don't agree, after all this applies to all players not just my own and I don't get an advantage that the AI doesn't. Basically I just removed a feature from the game.
  3. The times I don't play FMC I have training on High pre-season and low/average rest of the season depending on match load. The reason I just lost it this time was because of this: Started new FMC save as OL (Ligue 1). Three months in: 7 long-term injuries in A-team. Resigned. Took over Tolouse FC First week: 4 new long-term injuries added to the allready 5 men strong injury list. Resigned. Took over Stade Rennais Went well and finished 3rd. Season 2: Fifth game as above: Both GKs red injured and gone for 4-6 weeks. Another two orange injuries, turns out to be 6 months on one and 5-6 weeks on the other. Total injury tally: 10 A-team players. Retired.
  4. Agreed, thats why I play FMC so I don't have to micro-manage training. I usually have a pretty small squad and rotate so I never have any Senior players below 90% match fitness. I might suck at handling my players fitness and that might be the reason for all these injuries, but I don't seem to be getting any better at it despite following many suggestions, so instead I edited the database to allow me to have fun.
  5. So I know that there has been a lot of complaints regarding injuries and the amount/frequency of them. Regarding many statistical resources the amount of injuries are slightly below the average of the real world, however, since we FMers often play games a lot more condensed than the real world we tend to notice this much more, and we tend to overreact. I recently went bananas when I got both GKs red injured in the same game and two more long term injuries during the same game (playing FMC). I was just starting my first season in CL playing in the French league and had Valencia (A), PSG (A) and AS Monaco (H) within a week. Before those three important games started I found myself with no less than 11 A-team injuries, none shorter than 2 weeks. I almost clubbed a baby seal at that point. I've had bad luck with many saves, playing mostly FMC, when it comes to injuries and I've noticed that my gameworld was in general very hampered by long term injuries with most top teams in Ligue 1 having more than 6 A-team injuries in average. This was starting to kill the fun for me, and for me FM is all about fun. So I did what most of you would consider an unspeakable offence. I made sure there were no more injuries and instead just a bunch of fun. I simply edited out all but one injury from the database and voila, I'm having a blast again. I know it's insanely unrealistic, but call me Sally and send me a postcard, it's fun again. I still get injuries during matches, and I have to sub players, I just don't get any players away from football for any length of time. Love this game.
  6. I've found this to be true in many versions of the game and it has often been discussed. I also score a lot of goals but very rarely do I score from 1v1 situations, I have better conversion rate on corners than I have on 1v1 situations despite having 2 world class forwards. I think I've read somewhere a reason for this, can't remember what it was exactly or wether it is true. But I don't think this is specific for FM15 and I do believe SI are well aware.
  7. I have also moved to FMC, I never thought I would say that... The player interaction part is the main reason why I've moved and I'm loving it. I even like the skin better.
  8. Thanks for the advice, both of you. I haven't assigned anyone as penalty takers but those are always the players that step up and usually miss. I will make sure Lacazette improves on finishing and composure.
  9. Hello! I just returned from a spell on the sidelines from FM and decided to start a FMC game and I noticed a very disturbing and hopefully just random event. I play with OL in Ligue One and we have currently played 14 games in all competitions and there have been a total of 25 penalties (no shoot outs) in those games. 17 for me and 8 against me. Now that's odd enough, but I have also the slight problem that we have missed a massive 14 out of 17 penalties!! In the last game against CFR Cluj we missed 3 penalties and thus lost 0-1. The opposition teams have not missed a single penalty against me. As for penalty takers I use Lacazette - 14 in PT, Gourcoff - 14 in PT and a couple others with no less than 12 in PT. Anyone else having issues with penalties and is there anything I can do to improve the chances of actually putting a few more in the net?
  10. I pushed my team from the lowest Swedish division to the top in the minimal amount of seasons, Argentina came and wanted me... Clubs like Bayern, Juve and Real Madrid also. Very strange imo.
  11. Do you move if you buy the stadium? And besides, they tell me they would love to buy the stadium but they just can't find the funding for it.
  12. Hey, Couldn't find any information about this besides some old thread regarding FM11 so I figured I better ask myself. I've been playing for 8 seasons now, constantly winning titles and earning good money, I have no loans and about £180 mil on the bank. The problem is we have stagnated as we can do nothing towards our low seating capacity because we do not own the stadium. We constantly fill the stadium to full capacity even in lower rep games. So naturally I keep bugging the board and asking them to buy our stadium so we can increase capacity and for 5 consecutive seasons (with excellent financial results) they keep telling me that they would love to but currently can't afford it. I guess a stadium is serious money, but for £180 mil on the bank we should be able to buy a stadium with 20K seats. Am I missing something here? How much money do you usually need to have? (Did a quick test, used one of my saves and edited in £999 mil in the bank, still same answer from the board)
  13. I had the same issue and was forced to handle scout assignments myself since I got a message every day from my Chief Scout asking to remove a league. Must be a bug. The other issue isn't something I've experienced, but I suggest you handle scouting assignments yourself. If you have decent back room staff you will get suggestions on what to scout every fortnight anyway, I micro mmanage very little and still have all my 16 scouts fully working at all times.
  14. Piteå IF in the Swedish Division 1 North (Third tier in the league system)
  15. You should probably send in your save-file in the bug report area.
  16. That sounds a bit strange but usually has to do with your finances and how well you are performing in key competitions. Are you making money or losing money? How is CL and PL going? I got increased transfer budget in November as Liverpool thanks to good performances in both PL and CL.
  17. I've gotten Henderson to perform really well as a RP, he was a bit slow in the start of the season but is now averaging an 8 in form and is banging in goals as well as assists. The formation I use: GK(D) - Mignolet LCWB - Moreno/Enrique CD(D) - Sakho CD(D) - Lovren RFB(S) - Johnson B2B(S) - Allen CM(D) - Gerrard RP(S) - Henderson LAP(S) - Coutinho Remdeuter(A) - Sterling AF(A) - Sturridge
  18. 2017 and I've had Stevie G as Assistant M. for 3 seasons. I used Pascoe up until then, lots of glory years
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