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  1. I might go for it this year, just to see whats all the fuss is about
  2. After a 3 year wait fiber is finally being installed in my house today. Let's hope FM21 beta will be my first download on my new shiny 500/500 connection!!
  3. I have a neighbour who lives only 466 hours of walking from Miles house. He said it will be out today.
  4. I'll try! We are having a planned power cut today at around 5PM, lasting for at least 3 hours. This suggests a beta release to me since I can't play tonight then. BETA IS ON!!
  5. I have been lurking in this thread, wanting to add something to the speculation myself. Not sure what though. Any suggestions? Don't want to embarrass myself in front of the elite speculators who are far above 100 posts in this thread.
  6. As soon as features starts to drop for the new FM I just can't get back into the old FM. It's like an affliction. So it's been uninstalled for two weeks or something.
  7. So what you are saying is the beta will be out today? Tomorrow? I don't get it!
  8. A private jet just landed at Heathrow, coincidence? I think not!
  9. I'm not saying this is necessary the case, but the post regarding Phil Jones and PSG might easily be "enhanced" with an in-game editor. It might very well be the real deal, but it could also be easily faked by pushing all his stats to great levels during play and then take them back down for a screenshot. I'm just naturally suspicious I guess
  10. Random fun fact: where I live the female football team is the most watched sports team in the city. Granted, there only live around 45K here and their stadium only fits about 2.5K people. But still, it's very popular locally I would love womens football in FM at some point.
  11. Fair enough, I just find it strange I don't play or do things I find terrible.
  12. But that doesn't explain why people play something they don't enjoy? Or is it such an addiction that a (in their minds) horrible time wasting product is better than no product?
  13. I see a lot of posts about people playing the game for years despite it being "terrible" and "horrible" and "not worth it" and so on. This is very odd to me, I really don't understand it. Why do you keep on playing something that you continously seem to dislike? I get if you try it and be like "ooh, this was not for me" but to then put another 100+ hours into it is beyond me. Now, I'm not saying you are doing something wrong. I just don't understand it. I just refunded a title I've been playing for years because I didn't think their new product was good enough. So I spent a total of 2 ho
  14. Running costs. Let's say 2021 will be their only income source for two years because they want to release 2023 next and skip 2022. The sales of 2021 have to be sufficient to cover their running costs for a full extra year. If we assume their staff is scaled to their income every year this would probably mean a lot of staff would have to be let go. This is of course broad generalizations based on very little information regarding how they operate and what their profit margins are, where that profit is invested and so on. But this would be a reason that development time doesn't increa
  15. Are CCCs gone forever now? If so thats all I need to pre-order!
  16. Thank you everyone for the input. I'm starting work on my compactness immediately, trying to start with by moving up my D-line and removing the counter-press. I've also removed the RPM/DLP-combo for a AP/DM-combo. Good insights and hopefully I will be translate it into a better tactic
  17. Will try some other role for my striker! Actually not sure why I have a DLP in the DM-strata. Think it's just something I've overlooked. He is going back to DM. Thanks for the input!
  18. Hey! I've been climbing quickly with Port Vale (unrealistically so of course) but now we are getting stuck in the Championship and I mainly feel it's because we are awful at finishing whilst we at the same time let almost all CCCs against us. We are leaders in Shots on target ratio at 63% but we are stuck in 21st place on conversion rate. We have in the last 50 domestic league games created 41 CCCs but only scored 26 while on the other end teams have created 28 against us and scored 21. Goalkeeper might be an issue here. Tactical-wise, how can I improve?
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