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  1. I don't, I just noticed lag and saw that the star rating had decreased as well, thought it might be connected Aye, it's not that much better but I do get some serious differences in performance tests anyway.
  2. Thanks for the input! I always install the computers myself, so currently I have Windows 8.1, Steam, FM2015, Skyrim, Spotify, NOD32(Tried to disable it and run the game as well) and a couple driver programs installed. I got the latest drivers for the card. The i5 was a lot worse, I bought that comp 2,5 years ago and it wasn't even top of the line back then. It was actually a pretty crap computer. Yeah I usually don't look at the star system but when I noticed the lag I also noticed that, and I am 99% sure my last comp was 5 stars. I also play Skyrim at Ultra High Setting with no lag. So something is a bit off I reckon.
  3. Hey! Last night I got home from a business trip only to discover that my gaming laptop was toast. So in the "lack of gaming"-induced panic that followed that revelation I ran to the store and bought a new one. I got following the specs: Processor: Intel Core i7 4:e gen. 4710HQ / 2.5 GHz ( 3.5 GHz ) Memory: 16 GB DDR3 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M - 2 GB GDDR5 HDD: 256gb SSD My last computer was an i5 with a GeForce GTX 760M and I had full star-rating. Now I have lag when I push graphics to the max. I've made sure that it's the nVidia card that is running when I play FM and not the intel built-in one. Anyone had similar experiences and suggestions on how to fix this or is this an issue I need to post in the technical issue forum?
  4. Seems to be an issue with that. You should probably report it and maybe upload a save game. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/408783-English-Hero-Achievement-not-gained
  5. I can handle it, but I generally find it harder the first couple seasons before I've made my mark on the squad with the right rotation/backup players. Thats all I'm saying.
  6. What team do you play? For how long have you managed that team? 10 seasons in with Liverpool I could win the league with my reserve team only because my squad building is a trillion times better than any AI. I find it harder to rotate the first couple of seasons or if you play a team with lower standing.
  7. I don't agree with that from my experience (but thats only from my experience) because there is a very high amount of injuries in players with not enough match fitness. If I play 3-4 players with lower match fitness (65-70%) I see a much higher injury rate, as in almost never being able to do a tactical sub, only injury subs.
  8. So Zlatan is 42 years old, I assume he is still your top striker? Well done!
  9. Thats interesting, I've never played in Spain so never considered that. How do they do it IRL? Can match fitness only increase by playing actual matches? Surely match fitness must be possible to simulate to some extent in training? Maybe not up to 100% but at least 80%?
  10. I haven't had that rude one. But there are other examples of players being really rude and arrogant. Often when I chat with a player after his first international goal or app I usually get the response "No need to patronise me." Which is weird and awfully rude. I'm just saying well done on your goal and I'm sure there will be more!
  11. Yup, but it evens out, about the same amount happens to me as to the AI so I don't stop playing because of it.
  12. Interesting that you say that and I would probably agree with you, but I'm not directly shaping my tactic the "Liverpool way", I'm just trying to create a tactic that I find enjoyable
  13. I like to go for few leagues because I want fast saves. So I play with England to Vanarama, Spain Liga Adelante, Italy Serie B and either France or Germany added. With this I only use a small database and I get both speed, lot's of transfer activity and enough players to make it interesting. But thats just me.
  14. Dzeko in FM14. I remember hating facing him and even lost a CL-final due to him putting 5(!!) goals in the back of my net within 35 minutes. We had the lead 3-0 and then Dzeko came on instead of Aguero. I then saved the game, edited Dzeko to play for a Swedish second division team the rest of his career. Yes, it was a low moment even for me.
  15. I wouldn't be too surprised if these players wanted to leave, but maybe not for the reason they state. Why would they specifically want to leave to clubs that have shown little to no interest in them? Reason such as "I want to leave to play in a better league" or "I want to leave to play in a bigger club" might be more reasonable. Not sure about the PSG thing, but I find it weird that they would want to leave in the beginning of the save considering they don't have any pre-deposition to do so according to their profiles. But something is fishy anyway with the whole "I want to leave"-system. I constantly get players wanting to leave because they don't believe I can win any trophies despite us winning CL two years straight and PL four years straight.
  16. Thanks for all the input, I will take it on board and re-think a few things regarding this. Hopefully I can see some improvement with the changes I finally will do.
  17. Really interesting points. I will try to fiddle a bit with the central midfield formation and see what I can come up with. Regarding wing backs, should I change these to CWB? Since the whole point with them is to be really aggressive and go higher up more often. I will invest a lot of time and money in making sure I have top WBs to make sure they can challenge 1-on-1 and be really offensive. The idea with having lots of people in the middle is to drag focus away from the attacking WBs so that they cut in and/or cross to the SS/DLF.
  18. I've owned possession in almost all games, excepy away at City, Chelsea and home against United. Haven't recieved any reports about being outnumbered. But I will try to remove the higher tempo and see what happens. I've tried whipped crosses but there were more blocks then, now the strikers often get chances, just not good enough. I might try other options regarding the crosses. Thanks for your input!
  19. I will have to get back to you with that once I get home from work. I do want my WBs to constantly harass the flanks with speed, maybe I should go for a Counter mentality?
  20. Hello! So recently I've been feeling the love towards wing-backs and I just love the idea of them bombing forth wide and either cutting in or deliver a lovely cross to my strikers. I also enjoy the idea of playing with 3 CBs and defensive midfielders and thus play out of defence a lot. So I tried to put this into a tactic but I have some issues and I would love some feedback. (Sorry for no pictures) Team: Liverpool Mentality: Control Shape: Structured Team Instructions: Retain Possession Play out of defence Exploit the flanks Play wider Close Down more Higher Tempo Positions: GK(D) CD(D) CD© CD(D) WB(A) DM(Regista) DM(DLP(S)) WB(A) AM(AP(S)) AM(SS) DLF(A) Problems: So, what I find is that I have issues with both defending and attacking. I do get a lot of crosses into the box and both my SS and DLF spend a fair time in the penalty box trying to grab these chances but I generally get shots from bad angles, meaning very few goals. My forwards are not that good at heading (haven't had time/money to get the forwards I need for that). Defensively I seem to be caught out a lot and opposition attack often runs free at the goalie, Mignolet have done wonders but I still have an average of 1 goal/game. I'm sitting at 9th after 21 rounds in the Premier League (first season) and I do feel the tactic delivers close to the way I want to play but there seems to be something missing and I just cant put my finger on it. I was hoping that someone could lecture me on how to improve things. Is it the gap between DMs and AMs?
  21. It's a huge continent with many nations, there are gems to be found but it will take time.
  22. I know for a fact that some Swedish lower league clubs just bring in African players based on word of mouth "suggestions". This might be what you mean with C) however.
  23. I have noticed that the sync doesn't always start on the computer I'm syncing it to. When it doesn't sync I usually do the following steps: 1. Restart game. 2. Restart steam if restarting the game isn't enough. 3. Occasionally the save file refuses to sync no matter what, in these rare cases I usually re-save the game with another name in the cloud and hope that the sync works with the new save. This usually works for me.
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