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  1. But the DMs can still get good ratings after a game IRL, they often do. But media will of course report on goals and more "juicy" bits of football
  2. Something like "Pressure" should be included. A player like Henderson have a big role in making sure he is putting pressure on the player holding the ball forcing them to either make a mistake or make pass that's not going forward or anywhere dangerous at all. I also think that in a system with short passing and retain possession the DM (depending on role) should also be graded somewhat on how well he stays available for a pass whilst your own team is in possession. Is he making room for himself and giving his more offensive team mates options.
  3. So I'm working on a project called "Global Premier League" where the top 20 biggest clubs start playing in the "Global Premier League". Beneath this league is the "Continental Premier League" with 5 sub-division; European Premier League, South American Premier League, Asian Oceanic Premier League, African Premier League and North American Premier League. Now to my question: Is there any way to control which leagues the relegated clubs from the Global Premier League will drop down to? Let's say I have a club based in Mexico I would want that club to drop down into the South American PL. I real
  4. I have it as a widget on my Home-screen. Not sure what the name of the widget is right now
  5. Made my third sub, same minute X get's injured and I have to finish the game with 10 men. I don't care if you are DEAD YOU STAY ON AND SEE THIS GAME OUT!
  6. Yes, you find it under "Tools" in steam.
  7. I work in a business with lot's of negotiating and offers both left and right, but as I see it an offer is not necessarily the product of a negotiation but the negotation is a process where both parties put forth their offers and decline/re-negotiate/accept during that process.
  8. Remake a league that already plays in the CL instead, that should make it a bit easier.
  9. Thats pretty interesting and I'm not saying you are wrong, but the promise is clearly to be offered a new contract but I would understand if the promise is not considered fullfilled if the contract is not accepted. If thats the case shouldn't the same case be for the promise that I will accept a bid from X club? What if I accept the bid but the player reject due to wages or whatever reason, is that promise still fullfilled?
  10. I might be wrong now, totally wrong, but isn't there a rule about U18 players outside of Europe? As in you can't sign U18 players from outside of Europe until they turn 18. You might be able to sign a youth contract but I'm not sure, maybe this is the reason why they instantly sign for a club in South America and not Europe, because there is this irl rule?
  11. Haha, I surrender. I shall not argue any longer when good things happen to me!
  12. Maybe that explains it all. Maybe I finally made two very good purchases, I'm just surprised since I've never done such good business in the last 6 years of playing FM
  13. Yes, that is true. I was just surprised regarding the speed and that it happened to two of my strikers at the same time. I mean, they went from being a Good Player to World Class in less than 13 apps.
  14. Hello! So, I've just started my custom database save where I re-make the Swedish league-system to be played over the winter. I also increase clubs reputation by ~1000 each and add some money. I don't change any players in any way, just the league, club rep and money. Now to the spoiler warning (I wont go into exact PA/CA). First season in this new league I bought Vincent Aboubakar and Ayoze Perez for a combined fee of £45 million. They where intended to be rotation choices for my two main strikers Cauley Woodrow and Jordan Rhodes. My scouts told these two new players had a lot of potential
  15. I've done that, and usually it works. But this time I just couldn't get FM15 to use the high performance card, something must have messed up in the profile because as soon as I removed it and re-picked the high performance card it started to run smooth as milkshake.
  16. We can close this now as I solved the issue. If someone experience a similar problem do this: 1. Get nVidia Inspector and open it. 2. Click the icon next to "Driver Version". 3. Choose the Football Manager 2015 profile in the list. 4. Click the red X and delete that profile. 5. Go back to nVidia Control Panel and chose the High-Performance NVIDIA Processor for FM15. 6. Done.
  17. Thanks for the help! I was hoping someone had experienced similar problems and had an obvious fix, I will continue to tinker myself since I'm no novice to computers. I could post the dxdiag but I can assure you that the specs are more than good enough for FM15. Is there something else that could be gathered from the dxdiag? Thanks again for the try!
  18. The transfer market just blossomed when I started using a smaller database with the few amount of leagues I'm usually running. I usually only load England, Spain, Italy and France or Germany and I always used a Large database not knowing better. Then someone on this forum mentioned that I had way too many players for the amount of active teams, which of course made perfect sense, I just hadn't even considered it. Maybe try using a smaller database or load more leagues?
  19. Welshace: Exactly the same. My installation is pretty much identical with but much cleaner in this new laptop. daylight: It's not according to nVidia Control Panel.
  20. I don't, I just noticed lag and saw that the star rating had decreased as well, thought it might be connected Aye, it's not that much better but I do get some serious differences in performance tests anyway.
  21. Thanks for the input! I always install the computers myself, so currently I have Windows 8.1, Steam, FM2015, Skyrim, Spotify, NOD32(Tried to disable it and run the game as well) and a couple driver programs installed. I got the latest drivers for the card. The i5 was a lot worse, I bought that comp 2,5 years ago and it wasn't even top of the line back then. It was actually a pretty crap computer. Yeah I usually don't look at the star system but when I noticed the lag I also noticed that, and I am 99% sure my last comp was 5 stars. I also play Skyrim at Ultra High Setting with no lag. So s
  22. Hey! Last night I got home from a business trip only to discover that my gaming laptop was toast. So in the "lack of gaming"-induced panic that followed that revelation I ran to the store and bought a new one. I got following the specs: Processor: Intel Core i7 4:e gen. 4710HQ / 2.5 GHz ( 3.5 GHz ) Memory: 16 GB DDR3 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M - 2 GB GDDR5 HDD: 256gb SSD My last computer was an i5 with a GeForce GTX 760M and I had full star-rating. Now I have lag when I push graphics to the max. I've made sure that it's the nVidia card that is running when I play FM and not
  23. Seems to be an issue with that. You should probably report it and maybe upload a save game. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/408783-English-Hero-Achievement-not-gained
  24. I can handle it, but I generally find it harder the first couple seasons before I've made my mark on the squad with the right rotation/backup players. Thats all I'm saying.
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