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  1. I think this might have been discussed many times before, but I can't remember for sure. I would like to get more input from training, in real life a lot of decisions of whom is going to play in each game is based on how they look in training. I would like to get more detailed reports from my coaches regarding their percieved form of different players based on training. Before every game there should be a "Training performance report" that doesnt just show increases in abilities but rather give a decent overview: "Pepijn Linders reports that Divock Origi has been looking very sharp in training the last few sessions. He suggests to have him ready on the bench in case of Sturridge not performing well." "Zeljko Buvac reports that Sakho looked sluggish and tired during our latest training sessions. Despite him doing a match winning performance in the last game Buvac suggest you to let him rest and play Lovren against West Ham." Basically a report for suggested players for each position based on percieved training form. Since I can't get this data myself in the game it's something that could complement what I see during matches.
  2. Playing every day, also travel a lot in my job so I spend a lot of nights in hotels with my laptop and FM.
  3. I've found a 3-4-3 WB that works wonders for me. I play slow, with retain possession yet I never have more possession than the AI. Scoring tons from through balls despite this. Loving it.
  4. You just asked for more time to make sure it doesn't have bugs. What, you don't think they test things right now?
  5. I would like to see more in-depth "analysis" of the transfer market from a journalist point of view. Something I'm missing is a news item that talks about the best and the worst signings of the season. Right now I can only go into the season summary for a specific country and see two names and their fees. It would be interesting to get more meaty information in a news item at the end of each season regarding this. Maybe a top 5 flops, why they flopped. Like a striker being bought for £25 mill only scored 4 times in the 21 games he played. A GK that was supposed to be the new #1 was injured for 6 months that season and turned out to be a flop. The same would go fo the best signings of the season. A 19 year old bought for £3 mill that wasn't expected to be anything more than a backup this season went in and made 12 assists when the first teamer ahead of him got injured for 3 months etc.
  6. And if they didn't release it when they usually do people would also be upset. There is no pleasing everyone here.
  7. Personally I never ever have one-on-ones with the players anymore. Unless I've been in the club for 5 years and won everything with them I always get that they think I'm being condescending when giving praise. Nothing good have ever come from me talking to one of my players. I'm sure thats not the case for everyone and some have probably mastered the art of keeping these players in mental shape. I have simply given up on talking to them.
  8. Love the update! Solved all the issues I had with the game. Perfect!
  9. Usually you will get an option along the lines of "Last time I picked you, you didn't perform. I can't afford to pick an underperforming player again". But for that to be available I think they need to have a pretty bad average rating for a few games.
  10. How is it a superficial question? You ask for improvement when you lose twice with big numbers. You refuse to accept that tactis has anything at all to do with it and you come up with no suggestion on what should be fixed. Have you noticed English football this season? Any weird real life results that you just couldn't believe a few seasons ago?
  11. Improvement of what? A hard coded cap saying "If more than 6 goals -> Stop scoring"?
  12. Fined twice for poor discipline during my first 5 league games with Liverpool. 23 yellow cards so far. Might it be because we are only competent in the tactic so far? Grinding out 1-0 results like crazy though!
  13. Regarding Very Fluid and the amount of specialist roles. I've read that it's recommended to keep the amount of specialist roles to a bare minimum when you increase the fluidity. Is this something to be considered? The AP, DLP, WB and to some extent the CF and BBM are all considered specialist roles.
  14. I use it on my good computer at home where I have more than one screen connected. But I find that performance is better without windowed mode on my travel computer, so I never use windowed mode on that one.
  15. Not sure what takes so much time. I'm 121 hours into the game and I have 2 saves played to 3rd season and 1 save starting on my 4th season. I browse news items usually, only noticing statistics and important information rather than reading all the text. I play on comprehensive whenever I struggle and have to adapt my tactics, the rest I play on extended. Press conferences is something I never read. I either send my assman or simply know which answer im giving based on the first couple of words in each sentence. I can't believe it takes so much time for some so I guess I'm on the other side of the fence!
  16. Thank you! It was along my own lines of thinking. Sometimes confirmation is good! I will try to adapt my counter-attacking to be able to deal with this issue.
  17. Hello and good day! I'm looking to get some help with my tactic and training and maybe even team talks. I just don't know how to analyze the situation and what to change. When we play well, we play exactly like I want it. I just don't know how to keep performance up. (Notice: I am playing a custom database, I've added a local team into the Swedish Allsvenskan. I've added the same TV-deals as England got and I've changed the season so it's played like the English league) The problem: I'm playing a simple fluid tactic, the idea is to overload the middle and it's been working well for the last 3 seasons, for the first half of each season. Then we crumble. It's been the same for all three seasons, we play really well for the first 13-16 games and then we just stop scoring. We create the same amount of chances, clear cut chances. We have the same amount of possession, shots and basically everything. The stats are the same, which makes it hard for me to analyze why we go from winning to constantly losing by 0-1 and 0-2. Rarely more as the opposition at the most have 4 shots on our goal (except against much better teams out in Europe). The first 12 league games we got 9-2-1. The last win coming with 3-0. The last 5 games, we got 0-0-5. Having scored 0 goals, letting in 7. First 12 league games: 25 goals for, 9 against. The last 5 games: 0 goals for, 7 against. Tactic: -------------- GK(D) FB(S) - CD(D) - BPD(D) - FB(D) ------BWM(D)-AP(S)-BWM(S) -----------AM(A) - AM(S) -----------------F(A) TIs: Exploit The Middle, Push Higher Up, Close Down More, Stay on Feet, Be More Expressive Mentality: Standard and Counter Team Shape: Fluid My thoughts: 1. Since we play so narrow and all goal-scoring is expected to be done from the middle, are we too easy to read? 2. Since we are not expected to win the league, could it actually be so that my players choke up when we claim the top spot and it's up to us to keep it? I see a lot of nervous players out there. 3. My counter tactic is slightly different, it's assymetric with the AM(A) out on the wing as a W(S). I have also removed Push Higher and Exploit The Middle on it. Anything else I should do?
  18. Sounds weird if there is absolutely 0 transfer activity. But a large database is probably too big for five countries (i'm no expert). I use a small database on 4 countries and I have a large amount of transfer activity.
  19. Might have something to do with how big database you got any how many leagues you have enabled. Whats your settings? I find this version to have much much better activity in the transfer windows and big teams are constantly buying players that fit their needs.
  20. Sorry, I posted this earlier but no response so I'm gonna try again to see if someone know anything about it: When I "Declare Interest" I only occasionally get the press conference news items where I can actually say that I am interested. Half the times nothing happens. Is this a bug? Also when I have said I am very interested in the player and will do everything in my power to sign him I never get a response from the player like in FM15, is this intentional? Awesome beta!!
  21. When I "Declare Interest" I only occasionally get the press conference news items. Half the times nothing happens. Is this a bug? Also when I have said I am very interested in the player and will do everything in my power to sign him I never get a response from the player like in FM15, is this intentional? Awesome beta!!
  22. Yes, several. Ings missed the goal on all occasions
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