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  1. Yeah, everything gets so much more dangerous. I mean how often do anyone score from 30-35 meters on a free-kick? I've had it happen thrice against me in half a season. I do get that teams trailing will go nuts but it's just so extremely different. If they play that much better with the attacking tactics they apply in the end of a game they shouldn't really use anything else.
  2. So whats going on in the last 20 minutes of games where you hold the lead against the AI? It's just an insane amount of goals for pretty much no reason. Random free-kicks from 35m going straight in, the AI all of a sudden putting away every shot on goal. Every team turns into Barca for the last 20 Had 2-1 vs Hoffenheim in the 76. It ended 2-4 Had 2-0 against Arsenal in the 69th. It ended 2-4 (They scored 2 in extra-time) Had 1-0 against Stoke in the 80th. It ended 1-3
  3. Anyone noticed that there is a lot of injury time both after 45 and 90? I often get around 5min of extra time even if few thing have happened. We had 1 injury, 1 yellow and 1 goal in the second half and the ref added 5min. This happens a lot.
  4. Regarding the dynamics and players reacting heavily on influental players being sold I think we all have to accept that our managers in the game are new to the manager part when we create them. So an untested manager swoops in and kick out a world-class manager (for example Guardiola) and then starts selling influental and highly influental players. Why wouldn't players be upset? A more fair test of the dynamics system would be when we have played 5+ seasons as a manager at a top level, maybe even won some large trophies and then getting the job of say City. Would the response be as extre
  5. I was specifically giving this view because there have been a few outcries about "If it's this bad for me, imagine what it's like for a completely new player!" - A new player would be ignorant of any other version or flavor if you wish.
  6. I introduced a colleague of mine to FM this year and he instantly got hooked (47 year old, not computer-savvy, never played computer games to any larger extent, got serious problems with finding the right buttons on the controller in FIFA18). Just to give a different view on the whole "UI is hell, imagine what it's like for new players?". He got no problem using it as soon as he got going and with some friendly hints from me where he could find the things he was looking for. I think his biggest problem so far have been to comprehend what is actually possible to do, to understand how deep
  7. Do you play with Close Down More instructions? I noticed that if I push the close down instructions before the players start to get match fit I get A LOT more injuries in the pre season, this time I only added close down instructions once most players reached match fitness of around 80%. Close Down More increase intensity quite a lot and might increase injury risk as well. Seems more likely in this version than FM17 - and I think it feels realistic! Don't go pressing-bananas in the first few games.
  8. + Love the match engine so far + Medical centre, dynamics and tactics screen are excellent + Don't mind the new scouting at all, only annoyance is that filters are behind an extra set of buttons - Nothing really stands out except the slow menus that most likely will be fixed by the first patch.
  9. Do you know which day Total War: Warhammer 2 was released on? A Thursday.
  10. Didn't one of the last FIFA Managers ever produced contain Team Dynamics as a new feature? The same year or the year after FIFA Manager was no more I for one is looking forward to this, it does feel relevant for a manager to know about social groups and hierarchs to some extent. I don't think it's as gimmicky as social media but rather quite interesting!
  11. The whole social groups and hierarchy decided it for me. I love the idea of that
  12. Haha, wow! The best I had in all of FM16 was Origi with 28 goals in all comps...
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