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    FM18 Beta, Dynamics Question

    If it's your first manager job I see no reason why the players shouldn't be doubtful. You don't have any history of managing a club, I'm sure this will change as your character gains experience and starts to get a couple hundred games under the belt.
  2. I didn't say it did. I just expressed a different view.
  3. I was specifically giving this view because there have been a few outcries about "If it's this bad for me, imagine what it's like for a completely new player!" - A new player would be ignorant of any other version or flavor if you wish.
  4. I introduced a colleague of mine to FM this year and he instantly got hooked (47 year old, not computer-savvy, never played computer games to any larger extent, got serious problems with finding the right buttons on the controller in FIFA18). Just to give a different view on the whole "UI is hell, imagine what it's like for new players?". He got no problem using it as soon as he got going and with some friendly hints from me where he could find the things he was looking for. I think his biggest problem so far have been to comprehend what is actually possible to do, to understand how deep the rabbit hole goes. But there has been zero complaining about UI.
  5. Aye, indeed. But how do we know how the negotiations are being held behind closed doors? We only see what the media and/or club representatives give us. You are saying that it's not realistic but how do you know what goes on behind closed doors? how do we know that representatives from Barca didn't phone Liverpool, asked about Coutinho or even sent a bid in the region of £100m and Liverpools response was "No way, £300m or go away". The discussion is about realism and a lot of people on here think they know what the realistic response would be, but we don't know. It's all based on media and public statements, the actual negotiations is an unknown for most of us.
  6. Just out of curiosity, how do you know what the clubs say to each other during negotiations?
  7. I think he meant just "taking him off", not subbing him. Usually there is a "Take Off" button showing, but I haven't seen this in FM18 yet. In 17 it was simply a button in the top right corner saying "Take Off"
  8. Do you play with Close Down More instructions? I noticed that if I push the close down instructions before the players start to get match fit I get A LOT more injuries in the pre season, this time I only added close down instructions once most players reached match fitness of around 80%. Close Down More increase intensity quite a lot and might increase injury risk as well. Seems more likely in this version than FM17 - and I think it feels realistic! Don't go pressing-bananas in the first few games.
  9. + Love the match engine so far + Medical centre, dynamics and tactics screen are excellent + Don't mind the new scouting at all, only annoyance is that filters are behind an extra set of buttons - Nothing really stands out except the slow menus that most likely will be fixed by the first patch.
  10. Do you know which day Total War: Warhammer 2 was released on? A Thursday.
  11. Karnack

    My FM18 Disaster

    You should be fine, minimum requirements are a Pentium 4 and yours is better
  12. Stats would suggest through balls but I would say individual mistakes to a large extent as well. One goal was my CB just standing with the ball close to the box and allowing an opposing player to run from almost the half line to take it of him and score. There was no pressure on him, he could easily pass another CB or one of the FBs or even the GK. I take CCCs with a large pinch of salt, but I've had several good quality chances where the striker just have to tap it in and it either go straight over or right into the arms of the GK.
  13. So I've noticed that most of my tactics work alright up until the moment when my team is starting to become competent with all parts of it. Could it be any logic in thinking that my tactics are so bad that they only work decently when the team doesn't really know it and thus don't really play it the way I've told them to? This last save of mine I took over the dominating champions in the Swedish Premier League and tried a new tactic (asymmetric for the first time ever) and we went 6 wins and 1 draw in 7 games, about that time they were at least competent in all areas and accomplished in some. Since then I've had 7 straight losses. Coincidence? If so, it's seems to be a common theme for me.
  14. No, Miles like to frustrate us:
  15. You do, thats why you created an account 25min ago.
  16. It's not gonna go live today because if it do I will have to call in sick tomorrow and I can't, I have a presentation on Friday that needs to be done. Please don't release it today. Please release it today. No. Yes. Don't.
  17. I'm going to assume it's a tactical problem after reading your posts then. Not surprising at all since I'm horrible at creating tactics But it might force me to do all of my tactics-experimentation in FMT from now on since I can't trust the results until the team truly gets familiar with my experiment. Just wanted to confirm that this could actually be true. I'm guessing over-confidence might be part of it too, seeing as at least 3 of the losses against me the opposition only hade 1 or 2 shots on goal whilst I rarely produces less than 10. At least half of them were good I would say, 1-3 CCCs according to stats but I reckon there were a few shots that should have gone in with an attacker in decent form.
  18. It's a myth thats been going on forever that the AI learns the players tactics and then adapts. But nvm, wasn't really relevant to my question anyway.
  19. I know thats not true, they only play more defensive if my reputation increases for example, but the team I'm playing have 6 consecutive league wins, doubt anyone is underestimating them. They don't learn my tactic.
  20. Karnack

    FM18 25% Discount Removed?!

    Nope, it ended on Monday.