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  1. I dont think I spent more than 1 million pounds combined in the first 3.5 seasons, I just signed up free agents and sold them on for profits. Its almost impossible to sell Ukrianian players, due to them being none-EU and the other leagues having rules.
  2. This guy is a stain on Football here in Australia. Why on earth hes at CCM...
  3. Give him some sand paper to file back the goal posts and he might.
  4. Thanks mate, I've just completed the summer and transfers In and Out. Your assumption is correct, infact they decided to sell 2 players. Then almost a 3rd but I offered him a new contract and he accepted it and has stayed. I've protested, the board didn't listen. I threatened to quit as well, they didn't care... I would have thought 4 straight league titles and I assume a 5th is coming this season and a Europa League win, I would at least give me some sway on this talks but NOPE...the board is money hungry. Interesting but there is now a new talk of a take over, not sure why? we are loaded and everything is good but if that happens maybe we will get a nicer board and owner? I'll have the update tomorrow after my tactics review.
  5. Wow great form in Europe! I think you can pinch the league, just beat RBS ... easy
  6. Season 2025/26 - In Review We started out with 5 trophies to win, we bring home 3 of those. We also saw our average attendance go up 7% this season, I would love to get that even higher again next season. Season 2025/26- End of Season Awards Season 2025/26 - Finances Obviously the sale of Mendez has done wonders to this, we are sitting at well over 100 million in the bank. The 4 wins in the Champions League and making it through to the first Knockout Round also boosted us more again. We also have a huge wage budget to play with, so it makes retaining players very easy for me at the moment Season 2025/26 - Final Review and Thoughts 7 seasons have flown here in the Ukraine, we have just completed probably our best season so far. We finally won the domestic treble, we won 4 games in the Champions League group and made it out for the first time. It was season of change in a way, we have implemented a new system (I will be doing a post on this before the start of the next season) and its been an improvement. We are scoring less goals, our forwards are scoring far far less but we are seemingly more solid but we will talk about this in my next post. I am actually typing this as I go through the next summer transfer window and what can I say? Without giving too much away but its left me quite down. If you scroll up, you will see our bank balance is over 100 million? Well right now, its over 200 million. The board has been doing their thing again. I won’t give too much away but safe to say I am a bit disappointed. I’ve never had a board like this in all my years playing FM, they are greedy little ***** … 1 Step forward and at least 2-3 steps back. No more updates today, I will do the tactics and system posts tomorrow. I am off to finish the summer window.
  7. Season 2025/26 - March and April Fixtures Season 2025/26 - Final League Table Sadly our run has come to an end, we didn’t have the required ability to get through RBL, we went down with a hard fought 2-1 loss away in Leipzig. Still proud of the team, we have taken yet another step forward this season. First time making out of the group, we won 4 games and actually looked and felt like a team that belongs in the competition. On the domestic front, we manage to win the crucial game against Dynamo Kiev, they actually had a poor month as they lost to us, draw another game and lost the final match of the season. It saw us take the title win a 9 point lead. Shakhtar fell into 4th place, a very bad season for them. They will no doubt make changes to their squad and manager. March and April also saw us retain the Kubok in mostly comfortable fashion, Olimpik Donetsk pushed us hard in the Quarter Final and we scored in injury time to progress. For Metalist, it was a strange season, I thought we were doing much worse than previous seasons but in the end we finished on our 2nd highest points total with 80 points and 26 wins is our 2nd highest as well. We scored 70 goals again this season and concede 14, slightly worse than last season. Also somehow this was the first time we have won the domestic treble of League, Super Kuboky and Kuboky Cup.
  8. Season 2025/26 - February Fixtures We have it all to do here against Klopp and his men. We should have scored a few more but it was fairly even in the end.
  9. This is something I am finding is very powerful at the moment, the indirect free kicks into the box are 60-70% chance of being a goal
  10. Oh yeah, I have been close to this in my current season. I really love when the AI farmers league quality players score worldies from 30 yards with long shot ratings of 4. They all have killer finishing skills as well, its almost like watching Pele again in his prime as they score 3 goals from 3 shots and we batter teams with 15-20 on target and cant score. Good times.
  11. Season 2025/26 - January Well thats super annoying, the board decide to sell Mendez during January, I understand the money is huge for us but I would have waited or asked for the completion date to be at the end of our Domestic campaign in March. Was a superb player for us, shame we are not able to see him play for us anymore and grow into the World Class player he should become. Still I can see why the board wanted the cash and its a huge 55 million profit on him. Lozano will step into his spot now. Big shoes to fill. Season 2025/26 - Champions League First Knockout Could have been much worse for our first appearance in the knockout rounds, currently they are sitting 2nd in the Bundesliga and have Klopp as their manager….
  12. Season 2025/26 -December Fixtures Decent month, we win our 4th game in the Champions League and qualify in 2nd place for the KO stages. Super excited and happy about this, its been a long time coming and we have broken the curse! Another draw in the league but its against Shakhtar so not the worst, but also not the best way to head into the a few months of the winter break. Season 2025/26 - December Winter Table 5 games to go, first game out of the break is against Dynamo. Massive game. Season 2025/26 - Final Champions League Group Season 2025/26 - Winter Squad Stats The more team orientated system is working “ok” but Budkivskyi is well down on his usual goals. Hes playing more of a Roberto Firmino type role now, so we don’t have to count on him dominating and getting us out of trouble all the time. Hes our captain as well so I am sure hes totally ok playing this type of role in the team vs his own personal glory. I am really happy with and enjoying my double Argentine duo in the middle of the park, Mendez and Gimenez are playing well together, with Gimenez scoring goals and Mendez supplying the balls and this is exactly how I planned for it to be.
  13. Glad to see there is another player for the league, I am really enjoying it so far. I think Oleksandriya are consistently the 4th best team in each of my seasons Its a challenging and annoying league to be honest, I really struggle with the limit to foreigners on the field. At the moment, my plan is basically find the best 4 x Ukrainians and build the side around them but there is limited local talent that is good enough to help me move forward in huge steps. The big key is getting some funds in, my early fluke into 2nd place really helped me alot as it boosted the balance and pushed me just ahead enough to be better than most sides. Try to loan in Dynamo and Shakhtar players, also look for the players they let go for free, I built a great side early on with those players.
  14. Season 2025/26 -October Fixtures Our poor European form in the Champions League continues, Atletico easily dispatch us at home. All systems are go on the domestic front, however we are struggling with goals from Budkivskyi for now but I think that’s more down to the new style of play we are trying to implement, I’ve moved more to a complete team focused system that allows all players to be involved and moved away from our “get the ball to Budkivskyi” systems from the past. Of course this will only work if the other 9 outfielders do their jobs. Season 2025/26 -November Fixtures I don’t even know what to say about that loss to Oleksandriya really, they had 3 shots on target and scored all 3 and 2 of those came from corners. Disgusting. We also had 15 shots on target but somehow we don’t score a goal? We did however pull of the miracle win against Atletico away from home, the gap from our best to worst is pretty large at times. We then got on a role again this month and banked our 3rd win the Champions League group stages before yet another stupidly random loss, this time Illchivets have the single shot, it was on target and it went in. We had 38 shots and 19 on target and AGAIN we don’t score……. Season 2025/26 - November Table The two defeats in the league during November really put us in a tighter battle than I would have liked. We are lucky that Dynamo Kiev started off bad because they have been in great form ever since and Shakhtar are dead and buried now, there is no way they could catch up again (I really really hope) but they are in good form with 5 straight wins and we will play them in December. Our form in the Champions League has taken a nice turn! For the first time we have won 3 games and with a home game against Monaco for the final fixture, we are looking very good to make it out of the group.
  15. I'll get the update out tomorrow when I'm at work. Was..... interesting? Lol
  16. Well done Mate! Nice title win. Now, to the European adventure hahaha Did you keep there same 3 tactics from before the patch?
  17. Because I changed my entire system to better fit the new engine, it was ideal before because it matched the front 3 and their roles. I now use IWBs and a Regista but yes it's a good solid trio to have
  18. This looks better than the opening post, however I am still not convinced on that middle 3 players and their roles/duties. The CM-A and AP-S are going to push forward naturally and leave the HB to hold the middle. Based on your thoughts: HB: the Half back its my third central in case we were too high at the pitch, also contributes on keeping the shape when we dont have possesion, I need him to play out from defense and pass simply to the advanced midfielders Does a DLP-D not sound better here?
  19. When I posted this it was on the old match engine, so its not relevant anymore to be honest but it was DLP-S - CM-A DM-D
  20. 4.3 goals per game? You're having a laugh. The FA might move you up a few leagues at this rate, to save the embarrassment of the others.
  21. Great choice of a club, I also looked at the other side of Vienna for a save. I would have preferred Rapid but the Green colours of the screens was bothering me. Fickle I know. RBS should more manageable with no Haaland and Minamino leaving the club? I think? Honestly I didn't see if they bought anybody in either.
  22. Season 2025/26 - August Fixtures Great month, outside of being smashed by PSG who are clearly a few levels above us. They look to be the best team in my save at the moment, Mbappe is destroying everybody and they still have Neymar, along with Pogba and Vinícius Jr they are a force and too good for us. Fun fact, the team we beat in the Kubok Ukrainy were the very first champions of the Ukraine back in 1992. They have fallen down a long way since then. Season 2025/26 - September Fixtures Another month with so many games close together, we played 3 games in 6 days at the start and the team was flat in our opening Champions League match. We grabbed a late winner to get off to a good start. Then towards the end of the month we had another 4 games in 9 days and again we were flat against Monaco in the Champions League, this time we didn't have the quality to get the job done. Solid month however, we didn't lose in the league and beat Dynamo Kiev and a draw with Shakhtar is also pretty ok for now. Season 2025/26 - September Table Interesting table at the moment....... Shakhtar are off to a VERY bad start. They have these random starts occasionally. They are now however pretty done and buried on the title race as I would be very shocked to lose 4 games.
  23. Season 2025/26 - July Fixtures Action packed July with 8 games, all but 2 were friendlies and we did participate in the "Friendly Cup" which we actually then went on to win. A much easier affair in the Super Kubok than the last 2 years, we smashed Kolos Kovalivka, I was happy with this because they beat us and knocked us out of the Kubok Ukrainy last year and then went on to win it. 2 Season 2025/26 - Champions League Draw We are the number 1 seed this year in our group, this opens it up much easier for us when you look at it on paper. We get to play our Portuguese friends again, we beat them in the Europa Knockout Round 1 last year and have also played and bested Monaco in a previous season. This is our best chance to make it out finally and we MUST do it this season. There is no room for error.
  24. There is quite a few good young Czechs in my save, not many will join me as they still see that Country and League as a better place to play. I usually head for my usual scouting tour through the Czech Republic in January, its my 2nd stop after my usual shopping adventure in Argentina.
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