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  1. The kids a monster.... was nice find you made.
  2. April Fixtures Well after that crazy excitement we had to get back to the other matches this month, we had the Semi Final of the Hrvatski Nogonetni Kup against Dinamo to play and win and we will go on and play Zadar in the final. We also had the away leg against Liverpool to deal with and after the first 15 mins I thought it was going to be another one of those games but it slowed down and we get the 2-1 away win. Amazing result. In the other Semi Final we saw Barcelona at home to Spurs and would play out a 1-1 draw. The rest of April, no change from the normal. I have just the month of May to go, then I will be handing over to @Makoto Nakamura
  3. What on earth did I just watch?!?!? 2 goals...after 90 mins to get through? I have no idea what just happened but that was a wild wild ride.....
  4. Live game here and its WILD
  5. April Fixtures Sorry.... Was tough game, fairly even so maybe back at home?\
  6. March Fixtures Smash and grab anybody? 90+1 minute.... Javairo Dilrosun for Inter is a monster player, he ran us around. I had to man mark him for most of the game and deploy and DM to stop them running up the middle. Champions League Next up another Italian side Napoli, they are 4th in Serie A and just 1 place above Inter. They have Moise Kean and Lozano who will be a worry for us with their speed on the break. Champions League Semi Final Draw Lyon getting passed Liverpool would be ideal, should we beat Napoli... Here is how the Champions League has played out on the save, a few double defeats for Spurs, PSG and Juventus.... The rest of March went through with no issues, That also means...... Back to Back titles! March Table
  7. Im working on it, all will depend on the Inter game. If we get knocked out, we likely can as we can rest players. Will know in about an hour...
  8. January and February Fixtures So Inter were good, better than I thought and Haaland scored 2 goals. We made it 2-2 but its 2 away goals, I have time to fix this as the return game is middle of March January Table Back to back? Looking pretty good. There is still 11 games to go, I would like to hit 100 goals.
  9. January Transfers I promised to try and resolve our GK issue, we resolved it well. Actually we signed 2 better options and hence we sold both our current number 1 and 2... I did warn you that I was ruthless. Johan Garcia Welcome to our new number 1 between the sticks, his personality is not ideal but his ability is. He should resolve our issues at the back and be the rock we require. Hes 18 with 5 caps for Columbia, hes going places. Omid Rezaei I spent a few months searching the globe for options and came up with both Garica and Rezaei, I had a hard time working out who I wanted. There was a massive price difference, in the end we signed both. He will be our number 2 but hes good, so we should develop him and try to see what happens. I will however try my best to rotate them so both get games, the next manager can decide who what to do. Nikola Rudovic I saw this kid late in the window, I usually do all my scouting manually. This save file having attribute masking on has made it challenging as my way of making it more real is manually clicking through teams and countries to find players, regardless we scouted him once and saw a few nice numbers in the first scout report. I decided to take a guess, I think he could be ok in the future despite his terrible work rate. Transfers We have a slight issue of to many foreigners in the first team squad of 23, we cant use the full 12 subs available and usually run with 10. This can be resolved with finding suitable EU options for our reserve LB and RB as they are taking 2 of those spots. In my opinion, we should be using the 5 spots allowed in the first 11 if we need. We are of course now using 2 of those with both GKs. I will try and find some options but its slim pickings. This issue alone is one of the reasons I sold Vargas, he was a serviceable player but not worth wasting a spot on. I am also being careful with the finances, I only wanted to spend once I knew we would go further in the Champions League, we should have close to another 10 million coming in at least so I didn't feel bad spending 2 million on upgrades.
  10. The last update for today I think, I will continue the season later tonight. I want to spend some time over the winter break, its quite long so I will do some scouting, clean up the squad a little and add to the shortlist for the next manager. I have yet to decide if I will spend any money, most likely only for a hot prospect that can move the club forward. December Fixtures Our defence is a bit erratic at times, our GK Pandur is 100% not good enough at all to take us to the next level. I am looking at options December Table Still in control here, its not over yet by a long shot to be honest. Champions League Against the odds we did it, we finish 2nd in a pretty tough group. It will ensure we have more money to come in, the next manager is going to have a huge kitty to play with at this stage. Our next opponents are already known, we will be playing Inter Milan and the have Erling Haaland, Cengiz Under, Sensi, Barella but we will give it a shot. Squad Stats Some outstanding performances so far. Ivan Brnic - Banging in the goals for fun at the moment, he leads the line and is our best player Ilija Simunec - is a monster on left wing, hes also scoing goals for fun. Hes a very very important player for us Denis Busnja - What can I say about him? hes right footed and I am making him play right inside forward but hes loving it. Hes our chief playmaker and supplies all the goals. Adam Benic - Inherited the right WB slot, taken to it like a duck to water. He scores, hes supplies and hes vital. Ivo Filipovic - Our loan CB but hes our best CB, hes chipped in 4 goals and considering hes partner Joseph has 10, it speaks volume for his quality that his rating is higher Zvonimir Dobric - Hes the future star of this team, hes playing DLP and I am trying to improve him all the time. Still only 18, hes going to be a monster in 2-3 seasons. He needs to add more goals and assists but they will come with experience. I need to get more games into a few players, Zezelj is a talent, still only 17 but progressing nice and hes had 27 starts so far, more games and hes going to explode. I have neglected Emmanuel Bahi a little too much, hes also a big talent and needs games and I will get him those in the 2nd half of the season. Its a shame Dobric is keeping him out. We have problems with the GK, hes not great and you can expect a change to come here during winter, assuming I can nail the target or targets that I would like. I also dont trust either of our backup fullbacks as they are also pretty bad and I am yet to work out whos the best AMC at the moment, so Kontos, Popovic and Brlic all split games there. I will take a break now, and try and continue later tonight Australian time.
  11. November Fixtures You know, I really thought we had PSG and then they scored in the 89th and 91st minute. God dam it. Come on...... We are going to need a better GK to win the Champions League that is one thing for sure. We were also caught with having the GK high up the field on a free kick and conceded on a counter attack. That's the end of my shift on this experiment sorry @Jimbokav1971 but he can still take penalties for now. We did however comfortably win all the other games this month, also smashed Dortmund! November Table Looking good at the moment, still unbeaten and scoring goals for fun. Champions League Table So we have 1 game to go, we are looking ok here to make it through to the next round. Assuming we dont lose to Shakhtar and Dortmund beats PSG. We just need PSG to win and all is going to be ok, part of me does think we could go far in the Europa League but nobody cares about that competition really so full steam ahead to Champions League glory!
  12. Not paid to much attention at the moment, I will keep and eye.
  13. *I am playing and updating these live at the moment, I am stuck at home due to whole COVID-19 thing so I will probably finish this season today or tomorrow. I have a fast PC and I am enjoying it. Who is up next on the list? October Fixtures Ouch...that had to hurt! The rest month went like this, I've not enjoyed any success over PSG on FM20 in all the saves I have played and that trend has continued here. I have no idea why but I've never been able to beat them but it was a close game beat us. Fair play. Sorry lads! We also dropped points away to Dinamo Zagreb, probably still the best team in the league so its not all bad but still annoying to me. October Table Champions League Table After 3 games, its starting to take shape. PSG beat both us and Dortmund and Shakhtar beat PSG.... all to play for still!
  14. September Fixtures We started our Champions League group stage campaign away to Dortmund, we did pretty well actually. We led most of the game, had a player sent off and they scored a late tap in to make it 1-1. Not the worst result, the other opening game saw Shakhtar beating PSG... the last game of the month saw our home opener in the CL and we played against Shakhtar who actually have a superb team somehow... Bailly, Nicolas Pepe, Semper, Cancelo, Kovalenko, Batshuayi etc but after my recent 10 year stint as manager in the Ukraine, I am not afraid of them we smashed them... We dropped points for the first time this season, the away draw to Split was annoying but we did beat Gorica in a top of the table clash September Table Club Matters
  15. Tactic Were running with this for the moment, ignore the players as I have yet to decide a few spots. I am also using another version with the AF on the right forward slot as AF and the AMC moves left, it has worked for me before and opens up space a little more but at the moment nobody is playing well for us in the AMC slot so for now its a work in progress.
  16. New Signings I didnt want to spend too much money, I also tried to focus on bring in Croats in. I often find you need to consolidate the base of local players in the squad to move forward in the long term so I tried to build the base here. There is couple more that I am watching and will move on those in January if needed. We also have some decent kids at the club, I want to get games into them to help the next few managers down the line. @Jimbokav1971 Escoval - You had arranged a better option for transfer for us anyway in Benic, it was decent money and I didn't want to give him one of our 5 foreigner spots Sadiq - I didn't rate him, his work rate was too low and again didn't want to give him a foreigner spot. I also only play 1 up front and we have 3 better options. Petrelli - Hes another forward, we have 3 better options again but I did see he scored 6 in 9 for you. The next manager can make the call Kolega - Yeah I didn't know to be honest, I felt he could have been ok but he also strangely wanted to leave so I just did it. Time will tell here. Watching our GK taking the free kicks freaks me out a little bit, if we concede a goal on a fast counter attack I will be pulling that option out, and your corner routine is amazing, hence why Joseph is banging in the goals. He has 8 goals in 11 games and we knocked back a bid of 6.5 million for him. Mladen Matkovic The most expensive signing made, I wanted a player with high work rate to play in the middle, its key to how we set up. We will be training him to play BBM Davor Brlic A loan signing to give us better quality up front, he will be rotating in the AMC postion with Popovic for now. Emmanuel Bahi I was looking to get some more flair and technique in the middle of the park, he was so cheap that it was a no brainer really. Ivo Filipovic I was not a massive fan of the options we had at CB so I set about upgrading those, hes a loan signing for now and will add some decent cover for us. Nediljko Labrovic We only had the 1 senior GK at the club, I dont think hes even that good and Labrovic is not much better but we at least have a middle of the road option to give us cover and hes was so cheap that it didnt matter. Bosko Sutalo Another CB, in my attempt to improve that position. I have had some success with this player on FM20 already, hes won a Champions League with me. I trust him. Elvis Kulusic I admit, hes not that great but hes only on loan and I need pace out wide for my tactic. He wont be a starter for us anyway. Mohamed Kibona Another who I will admit is not that great, I signed him without fully scouting him as the first report made me happy. Signed for "feeling" so lets see what happens here.
  17. Ill do a run down of the squad and players in tomorrow. Its almost 1am Monday morning for me hahaha
  18. June and July Fixtures In June and July we just ran through a whole bunch of friendly games, we had to get the squad up to speed. They appeared to be get a grip very quickly, we smashed everybody. The win in the season opener vs Hajduk Spit is a good sign, they are still a very strong side in this league. The defence is a little rocky for the moment, those games of conceding 2 goals need to stop August Fixtures Does anybody know how to turn off these colour filters that appear on the schedule page per line as in the above and below? It does my head in. August was also very easy, we brushed everybody aside apart from bottom side Sibenik as they took an early 2-0 lead and we then decided to get 2 red cards and fight back to win 4-2. Was a crazy game and pretty embarrassing for them to lose to 9 men. August League Table Early days yet but its a good sign at the moment. Finances Were in the money! I would really love to get a win or 2 in the Champions League, that will do wonders to the balance.
  19. Champions Playoff So the Belgium giants are our opponents, and honestly we smashed them in the first leg 5-0 and set up the tie for an easy glide into the group stages. More of the same in the home leg, we enjoy the occasion and play out a 3-0 win. Group Stages....here we come! Champions League Group Stage Draw OK! A Nice and easy draw then? Cool... Really need to beat Shakhtar in both games, give us a chance to make it into 3rd.
  20. Season 2027/28 Thank You @Jimbokav1971 for having such a great first season in Croatia and giving me lots to follow up on! The 18 games unbeaten run to win the title last season was outstanding and you have left me with something that I find interesting and makes me nervous, the GK takes our penalties and free kicks!! Make me sweaty just thinking about it. Nice getting us into Europe, we have the Champions League Qualifers straight up, its a shame and a surprise there is not a higher automatic place than the 2nd round but we will give it a go! Lets do this Expectations Transfers I am quite brutal with squads and transfers, I dont really hold back shipping out current first teamers for the good of the overall plan. So I did infact sell a few of the players @Jimbokav1971 used to win the title last season. The good news is that he left a large squad with some quality at depth, so I decided we would use those players at the start and see what happens. I was also hesitant to spend more money than I could bring in, until I knew what European Competition we would be in and had an idea of the funds we would generate during the season. All players from and including Alejandro Cuellar (DoF actually signed him) were signed by me, the rest were already arranged. Nothing really lavish in terms of fees, I will see how the season goes and possibly spend some money in the Winter Transfer Window Champions League In our first run in the Champions league we had the fun task of navigating some qualifying rounds. These came really early on and I was worried because I was trying to get the team into shape and using a new tactical system and I too was trying to learn who is who and who I can count on. Champions Second Qualifying Round First Leg This was an absolute mauling, they will not be rushing back to Croatia anytime soon thats for sure. Our GK actually scored 2 goals here, the first came after an indirect free kick, he picked up the rebound and slotted a nice volley. Hilarious. 2nd Leg A more routine win here, they put in more of an effort this time but we still dominated game, it should and could have been another 10 if not for terrible finishing. Champions 3rd Qualifying Round First Leg 2nd Leg Champions Playoff So its Club Brugge who stand in our way of making it into the group stages, not sure what to think really but we will certainly be good enough to win if we can play our best and maintain this form.
  21. We are staying! There was job interview offers for Real Betis, Villarreal and Stoke but I pushed them all away
  22. I have started the save, I spent a long time reviewing the squad and scouting so that took a few hours last night. I will have an update out at some stage, I managed to offload a number of players and have tried to bring some players in. I stupidly didn't check the future transfers that were arranged before me either .. oops My early prediction is that we wont be winning the Champions League this season.
  23. Awesome! It will be a few hours as it's Saturday 1:20pm my local time but I'll consider a late night session
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