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  1. this tactic doesn't work for me. I do team talk and set OI. A lot of yellow and red cards.
  2. About defending: deep defensive line doesn't work for me. Opposition crosses often. I tend to alter arrows on wingers to be back arrows, sometimes I play wider to caught their wingers Or I swith to very offensive tactic and try to score more goals cracking their weakened defence
  3. i've played Fuss' tactic before (prepatch) but it wasn't as good as Rashidi's Wolverine. After patch hovewer Wolverine doesn't work, so v4 Fuss again is good. I use it together with KMan tactic. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/1519717/m/5732049172/p/1 KMan tactic is risky but very attacking. I start with KMan tactic in hope to bang a few goals fast then I switch to Fuss to be better in defense, and often score another 1 or 2 goal. I don't play KMan tactic away against much stronger teams then mine. Switching this tactics is very comfortable because they place players in
  4. try wolverine yourself I have much better results than with yours tactic. I score often and passing is more fluent and creative in Wolverine. While your tactic v3 seems to be quite defensively solid, but it doesn't generate so much chances to score. One example: I (Harrow, 14 place) play with Burscough (10 place). I start with V3 - till 60 minute only 4 shots in game (2 mine and 2 by Burscough). So I change to Wolverine and bingo - I score 3 goals. Match end with 7:6 shots I also gets much more yellow cards with your tactic (Wolverine has most players on easy tackling) So shapes of yours
  5. I use Wolverine because it's better than Fuss v2. I didn't try V3 yet, hovewer it seems that it's very like RY Wolverine tactic which I use now. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/1519717/m/6592092672/p/2 It looks like you two (Fuss & Rashidi) made similair tactic
  6. if you are under siege, give your fullbacks back arrows and shorten or delete arrows on wingers. You can also try to play wider to cover wings
  7. i play in conference and it works, hovewer you need good players, eccpecially fast defenders with good jumping.
  8. Hello Definitely it's the best tactic I was using in FM07 (I've used ROT2 Solid, Barca domination etc) Hovewer it's still not as good as Synax's pack for FM06, but maybe my players are **** or match engine is flawed http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/521102691/m/9462009272 (my players often easely loose ball) I have a question: What position should have wingers, AM or M? And the same with midfielders, I use there DMC, but maybe I should look for AMC/DMC combo or simply MC?
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