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  1. Yes. Exactly this. For every manager profile, the game should track important events/defining moments in the manager's career, and generate news items along the way. It dones't need to have any actual effect (but would be nice if it did). Cosmetics goes a long way to make the game more engaging and immersive. For example, when you force a star player to transfer, or when you fail to prevent a player from leaving. After a season or two, depending on their current performance, there could be a news article detailing the success/failure of this transfer dealing. Reporters might ask you what you think about it when you look back. Do you have regrets. etc. etc. The same goes for your own players. Instead of the repetitive questions we get asked in press conferences, there could be a few feature articles throughout the season, analyzing, for example, the way you use an impact player for great effects (high rating/goals/assists in substituted performances), the way you transform a player into a new position (hell, the game should let you set a preferred position for your players. I've had it with the "incredible goal drought" when they aren't even playing up front....), your rotation, your performance against certain teams, in derbies, tendency to slip up on advantage, tendency to come back, etc. etc. Reporters should actively, though sparingly, ask you about your relationships with former players and managers. Former players should occasionally be asked about you, too. After all players and mangers alike get interviewed all the time. This can make the game world much more lively. Your interaction with in-game personnels should be reflected in your profile. You should even be able to designate a few liked/disliked players and managers yourself instead of having to use repeated news interactions. (I guess subscription and shortlist kinda works for players you liked.) And all these information should lead to the media give you certain descriptions and nicknames. Instead of the "player loyalty: 12" stats, there should just be a few descriptive words or some examples that highlight your style. Quotes from those feature articles can be used as news clippings here. Basically, make you feel like a person instead of a list of assorted numbers. Things like that.
  2. Did some digging, apparently not a very reliable site. http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1fyh80/do_not_buy_skyrim_legendary_edition_from_this/ From a few months ago.
  3. Most hated line in FM

    Well, I try to look at it this way: Over the season your team will also give out about 20 or more "first goal of the season". So it's not that unfair. ...and I still rage every time I see it.
  4. Since they are already treated as newcomers in some aspects of the game (mostly when you try to offer them to other clubs it shows that "XXX set to stay" since they have "just arrived at the club"), I don't see why this can't be done. And if only winter transfers were pinned down as future transfers instead of being already there before day one...
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Well, nothing funny in itself per se, but whenever this happens I find it absolutely hilarious. (I blocked the names of a few custom players but thought myself and the team name were fair game, heh)
  6. Darren BENT

    By that logic every player performs unrealistically within the game is not fine, but when users start calling certain players too overpowered, what do researchers and programmers reply? "His attributes are fine." and "We can't tune down a player just because the match engine favours his set of attributes."
  7. Singapore Dream V2

    Oh wow I'm a 5‘5'' defender with 4 in jumping. Extreme! Let's see how this one pan out... >.<
  8. Hope you enjoy the new save. Have a blast!
  9. Have you compared goals scored with real life league table? This just happened in real life, by the way. (pic from http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/240106-FM-is-totally-realistic )
  10. Influence attribute

    To OP: Perceive the influence attribute as natural charisma. That sort of thing. It doesn't change where you are. That thread says influence has only one use and that's captaincy: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/238231-Player-Attributes-Explained It's still speculation though.
  11. FM is totally realistic

    This title is not alarming enough. I suggest changing it to something like "UNBELIEVABLY UNREALISTIC!!! CHAMPION TO RELEGATION CLUB 25 SHOTS VERSUS 1 GUESS WHO WON THE GAME??!!"
  12. Yes. It's been a major concern from day one as far as I know.
  13. Singapore Dream V2

    I'd say 15-20 is a more ideal size but hey. Nobody has chosen to be a DC yet it seems. Me first! Name: Fall Ark DOB: Aug.4 1994 (if not then 1993) 2nd Nationality: Swiss Position: SW/DC Personal Attributes at 20: Professionalism. Temperance 8 Stats at 20: Marking. Position. Decision. Anticipation. Teamwork. Work Rate. Acceleration. Composure. Creativity. (I know that's some strange choice....It's an experiment anyway. For science! ) Preferred move: Does not dive into tackles.
  14. Gotta love stupidity...

    Just curious how well he has performed. Click on scoreline in fixture. Click on minute of the (own) goal. Don't really need to see the video though. A screenshot of your team's stats should be fine.
  15. No. The 11.1 update does not replace the three files he mentioned. 11.1 media.fmf has only one file in that folder (see #32). Which means the current download must be the wrong file.