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  1. You have blown my mind. My mind is blown. Mind-blowing. Blowing of minds happening right now. There's, like, a box, and your brain is on the outside of it. It's like people say the universe is infinite or spherical, and you're all "well it could be doughnut shaped". You looked at an object and thought "you know, the mass of this and the speed of it has something to do with energy..." And now this. Nobel prize coming your way, son. You think like no one else.
  2. Tooltip says to tick it if you want to skip the pre-match stuff and go straight to the match. Manual says to tick it if you want all the pre-match stuff. So which is it?
  3. I just made this joke on another forum and... they took me seriously... http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/584743-football/66492036
  4. I won the Oceania Cup with Taihiti (after New Zealand lost to New Caledonia). Just played the first game in the Confed Cup now, I lost but still managed to score. FM is still too easy and unrealistic. I realise I'm Tahiti, so losing badly is to be expected, but I have to point out that a bunch of the goals I conceded were weird. In one of them the ball seemed to bounce off two or three players and went straight in the net. Suspicious.
  5. Haha, noticing a pattern. I called up Rooney at 34 for my Euro 2020 squad in FM07m because he's a great ACM. Won the whole thing.
  6. This is how you start CM 01/02: 1) Install game. 2) Start game. 3) Start new game. 4) Sign Taribo West.
  7. The catch is, if there's a problem with the PS4 at some point, you'll have to ship it to the U.S. Then consider this is the first iteration of the console, and how faulty the last gen was, so chances are high it will screw up. We're all FM fans though so we're all very familiar with this concept. The smart buyer would just wait for the price to come down when the PS3 actually releases a game they cannot wait for, then buy it pre-owned from a company that sells it with the same length of warranty.
  8. If someone isn't buying certain games new now, they're not going to if they can only buy new games in future. Big titles and titles released at the right time aren't affected. People preorder them or buy them on release, mainly. However, people will stop trying out other games 'cause they're no longer cheap (pre-owned), ultimately leading to a FURTHER decrease in variety and imagination, and more power to the 'AAA' publishers. Too often, someone buys a game that looked interesting because it was cheap/pre-owned, they played it, they loved it, and became a fan of the franchise and/or developer. In an alternate reality without preowned games, they never discovered these gems, the developers and franchise lost future sales and support, and people stuck with Call of Duty, Halo and FIFA. Forever.
  9. State it as '$671'. If they want to tell the exchange rate to **** off, then I'll do as they wish and use USD. So who wants to spend $671 on a company that charges and restricts people at every possible opportunity? The company that tried to charge people for BBC Iplayer?
  10. Indeed, FM 07 stuff has been wiped off the face of the internet. Out of all the things and games that are kept on, it's quite strange to find it absolutely gone.
  11. Sure, though if I'm a top team I prioritise the week. When I got a League 2/League 1 yo-yo club promoted to League 1 and it was becoming clear after a few months we would be safe if the form continued, I prioritised cup runs. As a top team, I'll rest players for most Champions League group games, and sometimes I'm not fussed about the F.A. Cup (and of course, play second-string in the League Cup).
  12. Does Spain (and I think Portugal) still have that rule where players (and people in general) who were born in former Spanish/Portugese colonies (Brazil, Argentina, Angola...) only take 2 or 3 years to be nationalised rather than the usual 5?
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