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    I play Football Manager from the start.
    Later my interest shifted from playing into creating FM graphics.

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    I often go on holiday in Football Manager to spend more quality time with my family.


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    Football Manager graphics & Football in general.

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    DF11 team

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  1. Hi zaarour, There are many wonderkids in the DF11 facepack but yes...... not all. Those kids often don't have a (good) picture online yet and therefore hard to create for any random facepack. At this moment the DF11 team is having a short break after many months of hard work. We are back in January 2020. Meanwhile you are free to search for good wonderkid images and send them via the contact form on the DF11 website. This will speed up the process and we will send them to you personally at first as soon they are ready Regards, Jeff
  2. Perhaps you better use another example image, because no one sees the Dutch national squad players in their game. SI doesn't have a license for Holland, France, Germany and Japan national squad. Source >> https://www.fmscout.com/q-20162-Unlock-Germany-and-Japan-national-teams-in-FM20.html
  3. The skin is really amazing. Drool runs out of my mouth. Thanks Boss!
  4. Keysi is totally right for Windows 10. I'm receiving many questions regarding the DF11 Faces from MAC users since FM2020. For MAC the directory is changed since FM2020. By default this folder is hidden, so to access you need to do as follows:Open Finder>> Click ‘Go’ from the menubarPress and hold down the ‘Option’ (Alt) keyThis will bring up the ‘Library’, click to enter then go to ‘Application Support’ -> ‘Sports Interactive’ -> ‘Football Manager 2020’-> 'Skins' So when you are on MAC and your graphic packs are not showing in FM20, make sure you move them to the proper folder:
  5. Please do not post a DF11 template online if you have one. We deleted the DF11 template from the internet in 2012 and like to keep it that way. Peope who like to contribute to the DF11 facepack in general are always welcome. Anyone with good intentions, photoshop experience and some spare time is free to contact me . Our DF11 request page is always open for anyone that likes to fill the gab of a missing face. Regards, Jeff / necjeff Founder DF11 faces
  6. Here you go m8. Feel free to share by posting the original download link https://ln.sync.com/dl/21ef9af20/i7qubfem-f99ih2ay-fanv3n2s-j2ekv8dy
  7. Last week i created several unique DF11 default faces for several roles in FM2018. Michael's description worked like a charm. Nice uniform look in game. Default faces for: - Missing player face - Missing manager face - Missing staff face - Missing referees & other persons - Missing female face
  8. Offtopic: These are already created by 'Pikawa' and will be available within 48 hours. Ontopic: Sorry for interrupting the post. Keep up the 'brainstorm' sessions. You guys make FM so much better.
  9. Thanks Michael. Good to hear that's it's possible to see different default faces in game.
  10. Hey guys, It seems the regular pack to show a custom default face isn't compatible with FM18. Normally this config file and matching image named as 'none' would do the job. Unfortunately not in FM18. Any ideas how to change the standard ingame default face in FM18?
  11. I think Livigu used my flags as example for his project. Nation flags
  12. Dank!! Hij staat al in mijn spel. Thanks!! Great idea and executed very well.
  13. Just wait a couple more weeks. It's hard to create new panels to enlarge the faces without the full release of FM18.
  14. @JoeFozzo About the database issue: 1 - You have to repeat all the 'delete - steps' as written in the 'Real name fix' for all database folders. (1700 / 1701 / 1710 / 1712 / 1730) 2 - Place the new files (as written in the Real name fix) in the 1730 folder and start a new career game. Only then the fix will take effect in game. @JoeFozzo About the graphics problem: Perhaps one drive does still affect your graphics folder. You are using the correct folders in the right place. That can't be the issue. Check ingame settings again...... Hope it helps. Check if there is a config file included to your graphical addition folders (logos / kits / facepack). These won't work without a correct config file. It's a basic principle wich most peope know, but often forget
  15. Yep, for some reason the small 'png' extension works always aand the caps 'PNG' is having trouble to show up in FM sometimes.
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