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  1. I'd like to see some love for the CONCACAF region. Specifically the Caribbean region. Either some more research needs to go into it, or allow us to change international tourneys, like the Caribbean Club Championship. I'd like to try and take a team from a small Caribbean nation to the NACL but it's hardcoded to only allow certain ones only because they've won it in the past.
  2. Adding to the CONCACAF is necessary now with their Champions League forming. I'm tired of it coming down to mexico and usa all the time. Also, NCAA and USL 1 and 2 would be cool. Adds depth to their drafting system.
  3. Definitely: USL 2nd and 3rd Divisions Some CAF Leagues. Like Jamaica or something. It's always just Mexico and USA for Champions Cups. lol
  4. I would just like to see an improvement in the international game honestly. There's all these U23 or U19 teams, yet not enough play with them. The AI doesn't even schedule them some friendlies.
  5. You can already do that with the data editor!!! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> How do you get to the data editor? I didn't even know it came with one! O_O
  6. It would be kinda cool to create players. Like just name someone after a friend or something and just watch them mature into world class players. That would be interesting in my opinion.
  7. More friendlies for international play. In non tournament years, they seem to only play like one or two a year...
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