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  1. Leave, that's a legendary career in the making.
  2. That sucks bro, it's hard to lose a game like that. CrispyPaul, that's kind of my point, i don't need more advertising in my life, especially not for f*cking games. I don't want to play more games! I want to play FM. But I get drawn in.
  3. Aye, this is properly insane. What normally happens with me is I try to sign a guy, he wants say, 30k more than i'm willing to pay, he signs for a different club in the same window for half what he was asking from me. It's stoopid. You can see what they are getting at - when you sign for Chelsea you get a bigger wage than when you sign for Swansea, generally. So i guess to some degree it is natural for an agent to come in harder. But if you ACTUALLY won't budge, surely that same agent will budge rather than let his client go to Swansea for less than your original offer?? FM is obviously trying to simulate what's happening with agents in the world right now, and fair play to them, and that is not easy, but they've over-done it. Not ALL the power lies with agenst. In fact, an agent delivering a 30k contract at Swansea to a player who had the chance of a 40k contract at Chelsea would be immeditly sacked and marginalised. No offense Swansea.
  4. Once Messi retires there seems to be no clear cut "best player in the world" any more. There's always a best player in the world. There should always be a total monster head and shoulders above everyone else.
  5. Hell yes I will. My experience wasn't anything like as bad as anyone elses, and most of the patch ups (?) including that beast of a tax thing was load game compatible. Who can ask for more?
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