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  1. So you say that the .exe file is different from the demo code...2 questions: 1) Is there any update for the Mac file which isn't .exe 2) What about the DVD version, which was made days ago as my retailer had it on Wednesday, but couldn't give it to me until today?
  2. FM 2012, offline.

    Will we be able to play offline once it's activated by Steam? I've never used Steam before is it necessary to have it open whenever playing fm12?
  3. I'd like to know too...hopefully it's not only in extended or full mode...would also be good if it can be accessed after the game and especially if asked in press conferences, although i suspect that it can be accessed then, haven't needed to check yet.
  4. Massive blank space

    Yeah but it makes it difficult to see appearances/goals etc on squad screen cause the lists are so far away. 3D looks awesome though...
  5. Hey i just bought a 27 inch imac and there are massive blank spaces on inbox messages, team selection screen etc. Is there any way to increase the font size??
  6. Just thought perhaps it would be good if we could include some of the 'touchline shout' options in our philosophy? For example...i might like to have 'retain possession', 'play wide' and 'work ball into box' as things my team typically does as opposed to just fluid etc? Thoughts?
  7. Leaking Goals!

    1-0 up against Man City away...93rd minute and Ireland runs through to equalise lol! Problem with defending deep in this case is Tevez and Robinho are dealt with fine, but now Adebayor wins everything aerially...maybye i should try man marking instead of zonal? What do u guys use?
  8. Leaking Goals!

    Will try this...thanks man.
  9. Leaking Goals!

    They are usually from direct runs from quick strikers...tried Carvalho, Alex and Ivanovic (although none particularly quick) to partner JT but with little difference.
  10. Using Chelsea in a 4-4-2 diamond midfield (with patch)....scoring heaps but conceding ALOT of goals...still winning like 3-2 and 4-3 but against teams like Hull and Dinamo Moscow, where i should be easily winning...i know results like this are known to happen but if anyone has a similar issue or tactical advice for the defence it would be appreciated!
  11. Cameroon

    I managed Cameroon on FM 08 I think Epalle plays right wing? can't really remember, just do a player search and in your filter click the box that only selects players eligible to play for Cameroon
  12. Spot The Difference

    Maybe he's been to the beach for a tan?...obviously not an English one though