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    That's when you can build a bridge of light. That's what turns the wrongs all right. That's when you can't give up the fight. That's when love turns nighttime into day. That's when loneliness goes away. That's why you gotta be strong tonight. Only love can build us a bridge of light.

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  1. David Beckham_7

    Grassroots Tactics: Simplicity.

    Your formation, is similar to Julian Nagelsmann's Hoffenheim.
  2. David Beckham_7

    Passing Length - Discussion

    I tend to use shorter passing because i always play with a diamond in midfield, 1 AMC, 2 MCs, 1 DM, with either zero or one striker. I love slower tempo, possession based strategy. And also, just signed Lewi on a free, and he has the PPM stops play, which is perfect for my game, when he plays as a Complete Forward.
  3. Is Shilla at least a minimum of a squad rotation member?
  4. Is Shilla at least a minimum of a squad rotation member?
  5. Do note that your defensive shape alters the moment your offensive shape changes, and your team might be caught up in areas that are left exposed by the shifting of the shape.
  6. An indictment of me taking it too literally then.
  7. I wouldn't bracket pace & acceleration as physical, rather i would think that player is more athletic. I love athletic and mentally strong players. Physical to me is those big brutes usually found in my team as one of the CB or DM.
  8. David Beckham_7

    Tighten up a wide 3 man defence

    Is your FBs and DMCL & DMCR on tight marking? Maybe you can loosen it so that the FBs will be able to track more centrally while the outer DMs can provide defensive coverage on the flanks. I am guessing your exposed by teams playing with 2 wide midfielders or those over the top balls.
  9. David Beckham_7

    Playing the swansea way

    You mean like this?
  10. Wow, that is such a constructive statement.
  11. Out of curiosity, anyone watching the Bilbao match right now? I am trying to learn more from Bielsa.
  12. David Beckham_7

    Offset Striker, does it work?

    In the video, it is either Muniain or Sanchez. I think your trying to get a DLF or Treq but mine is setup as a poacher, but if you want the screenshot, here it is.
  13. David Beckham_7

    Playing the swansea way

    No, i do not play a fast tempo game as that would result in more wayward passes and/or more back passes if that player is not able to make a forward pass, which contradicts my football. Neither do i play it slow, i do not like to see ping pong football between my DMC and back four when i am attacking. My highest passing slider is at the 11th or 12th notch (mixed), just one notch ahead of the default given to mine DLP and 3x AP. So i am not sure if that qualifies my passing as direct. But i do force my creative players namely my 2MC (DLP-Supp & AP-Supp), 2 AP-Supp out wide on the AML/R position to go more gung ho with their passing as my poacher is pretty much isolated, playing on the shoulder of the last defender.
  14. David Beckham_7

    Playing the swansea way

    I posted a video in Jimbob's thread earlier It is here Note that the video does not fully represent the football my team is playing, as that would require the full match to be recorded to show my philosophy, but the video is close enough.
  15. David Beckham_7

    Playing the swansea way

    I do not value possession % when i am attacking, but i do value it when i am set up for defence. My philosophy is to get the ball into the penalty box area in less than 8 seconds, a modified philosophy from Joachim Loew, who said "I tell my team: if we win the ball, I want to see the ball in the goal in eight seconds. That’s my philosophy". Therefore i will keep on attacking, if this attempt fails/do not result in a goal, just win the ball back and scheme another attempt at goal. This keeps the opposition defense pressurized imo. Thus i do not value possession % when i am out attacking. If i want my team to defend, i will do everything to make sure i have everything i need to keep the ball possession % in my favor.