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  1. I'm playing FM 2015 beta on an Asus Transformer T100 which is nowhere near as powerful as a Surface Pro 3. It's never going to trouble my desktop PC but it does offer alright performance considering it's basically a poor mans Surface Pro. Match engine runs fine too although on low-medium settings. I find by playing in full screen windowed mode I can use the touch screen and the pop up keyboard with no real issues.
  2. Well I've just finished my first season as my hometown club Scunthorpe. Somehow snatching 3rd place in a real topsy turvy division from Rochdale and Chesterfield on the final day of the season to gain promotion to league one. I am really, really enjoying this game. Now I need to get rid of some the dead wood and try and build a solid team on a shoestring budget to compete in league one next season. Sheff Utd are after Paddy Madden and have offered 800,000 for him but with 28 goals last season, I'm reluctant to sell. He could be the difference next season.
  3. Thanks, yes that's correct. The handy thing with the music app is that it can be accessed at any time and won't it force close any games.
  4. That's a great review Northlander74 and also I'd like to say JaimeK's thoughts are excellent and in very depth too. I've found a really good way to help raise the immersion level even more on my game by downloading lots of football league podcasts from Soundcloud, Including all the shorter 5-10 minute snippets mp3's like Jamie Cureton and Kevin Phillips talking about their careers or Leicester's groundsman talking about keeping the pitch in order etc. I put them all on my Vita and started playing them as a custom soundtrack on shuffle so you never know who's going to be interviewed next. Reminded me of when I used to play Madden 2005 which had something called the Tony Bruno show. Which was quite similar although it was all in game.
  5. While there is no instant result button, it is possible to go on holiday for 1 day and basically simulate the result. I do that when I have like 6-7 pre-season friendly matches to get through. The game is never going to fly like FMH does but I'm really impressed with it. I do agree that selecting a player on the tactic screen or changing tactics via the drop down menu seems strangely sluggish and sometimes unresponsive. I am really enjoying FMC Vita. It was only a few years ago that I bought a laptop for £1000 and it ran FM2010 fine but started to struggle with the match engine on 2012. And yet the PS Vita is somehow running the 2014 match engine really well which is incredible. So lets see if I can nail some key pointers FMH - Very fast, and is perfect for people who like flying through seasons quickly but lacks some depth. Still a very enjoyable game. FMCV - Missing some features of the full fat FM, but much deeper than FMH. with slower processing speeds getting through a season is probably going to take as long as full fat FM though. Interface is more fiddly but that is to be expected without a dedicated keyboard and mouse. A stylus helps greatly FMFAT PC: The full blown FM experience, second to none.
  6. I just tried a stylus with a rubber tip. I got one included with a case for my old Xperia Play a few years ago and it works like a charm. Especially useful for those match day tabs.
  7. Ok, here are my thoughts on FMC Vita First lets get this control scheme out of the way, I personally think it's alright. Using the R trigger to bring down a menu works well and while I do miss things on occasion on the touch screen, it's something I do on FMH as well. I prefer the method used to what we originally had on the PSP version. I would not say no to a mouse pointer, perhaps use the left stick as a way of controlling the mouse and the right stick to scroll menus would work. But overall it's not a deal breaker for me. Now lets talk about the game, The text is a tad small but overall I think it does a good job of fitting things on the smaller Vita screen. Game speed is a little on the slow side, processing takes some time but to be fair this is to be expected and it's not that bad. Many of us have decent PC's running FM which are much more powerful than what the Vita is capable of. To be honest the fact that they managed to get this game running on the Vita is a real technical achievement. Things like player history are included too. The match engine is really, really good in my opinion. it looks great players move just as well as on PC, but at lower FPS which does not concern me. Animations look great too. I don't find the length of the match too long either compared to PC, I tend to stick to extended or Key highlights and move the in between slider to max. So between highlights it moves a bit faster. Overall I'd say a match takes around 4-5 minutes which is fine by me. It gives me enough time to tweak things without going too fast. For some people who love to tweak tactics and sign many players in pre-season etc but are not keen on doing this on the Vita, cross save is a really good option. While I don't feel the need to, it would be possible to prepare for upcoming seasons, where lots of transfer activity is going on by doing all this on PC then once the season starts switching back over to the Vita. Once you get a season up and running, everything really seems to flow nicely just like on PC. The one thing that does bug me are the missing faces and logos on some leagues like the Premier League, I wouldn't mind if I had to use my photo folder on Vita for just FM images. But I have a feeling this won't happen at least for now. So yeah overall I'm going to give FMC a solid 8/10 I won't say 9 because nothing is perfect and I'm really hopeful that this is the first of many FM games on the Vita. If FMC15 does indeed come out, I'll expect a little extra polish and optimisation, with maybe a few new features but I would purchase it for sure. FMC2014 is a really good game and I highly recommend it to fans. I don't know if it would be worth spending £200 on a console with just the game. But if you already have the Vita It's a no brainer. Plus if more people buy this game then the chances of us getting a better more improved game in the future is more of a possibility. Hope this helps a few people sitting on the fence.
  8. I'm still very eager to get my hands on this. In one thought I'm thinking, the sooner it's released the better. Then the more sensible side of me thinks I'd prefer it to be as polished as possible as I doubt we will see many, if any patches. Also I'm forking out money on Infamous 2 for PS4 and Final Fantasy X & X2 collection for my Vita this week. So my wallet will have a little extra time to recover.
  9. Come on SI show us you love us this valentines day. Tell us you have the perfect present ready and waiting for us.
  10. On my original Surface Pro all I needed to do was go to desktop, install steam, download FM2014 and then I loaded my cloud save and all was fine. It ran really well too. The SP2 has a little bit more power so I expect it run like a charm and it should be compatible.
  11. The key factor for me with the Vita version was getting FMC in a nice portable package, go out on the train, win a few matches, come home and continue on PC, Laptop etc. The problem now is time... Not so much the end of the season though that does bug me a tad. It's FM15 on PC which will no doubt have more features included on both Fat and Classic modes. I highly doubt the Vita version will have any of these, heck it probably won't even be cross-save compatible with FM15. One thing I would like is if we get the Vita version will all the latest transfers in say March, It would be nice if we got updates throughout the following season too all the way to FM16. Maybe add the extra features from FM15 FMC via a patch. this would be a perfect way of keeping us all happy. Si could bring out FM15 on Vita for those who don't buy the earlier version. Right now though it's information we need, nobody knows what's going on and many are getting fed up. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  12. I'm still interested in the Vita version but since the initial announcement and the sheer lack of news since, I'm losing interest rapidly. Especially as the season goes on. I also recently got rid of my Nexus 7 and Ipad and bought a Surface Pro. Now I have the full fat FM experience on the go and it plays like a dream, thanks to the cloud I can continue my game on my desktop, laptop or Surface Pro now. Further reducing my interest in the Vita version.
  13. I was about to turn in for the night, after finishing a season. I had an initial discussion with the board accepting their vision and a tight but fair 24k budget given my club (Scunthorpe) has a fair bit of debt and still in league 2. I re-signed my key players, moved on a week or so and noticed that my budget has increased from 24k to 42k and all my players wages have risen along with it. Not just one or two players with a yearly wage rise, my entire team. I also noticed that my £800 contract had risen to £1200 and when I scanned back to look at the original board vision it said I had declined their vision but accepted their job offer. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar happen or if FM has finally melted my brain. It is rather late for me so it's possible i'm missing something with being tired so I'm going to call it a night for now. Tomorrow i'll reload my older april save and see if the same thing happens.
  14. I'm guessing it's going to be around £25 on amazon, £30 in Grainger Games and good old GAME will no doubt charge £39.99 On the PSN Store, I'd expect it to be around £30 as many other game releases on there seem to be a similar price.
  15. On the FM2014 Beta, If you start an FMC game there is a checkbox that states if you want extra nations then cross save with PS Vita will be unavailable. While it may disappoint some. I don't mind 3 nations on Vita. I've enjoyed FMH on Android and Ipad in the past with it's limitations and to get the much better FMC on the Vita is still an incredible feat. FMC Vita is still a day one purchase for me. I would like to hear a little more information. Like will the right analog stick be used as a mouse cursor which I'd prefer over pure touch screen controls Also I'd like to know if adding facepacks, logos will be possible. I'm guessing we won't get a release date yet as I'm guessing that once the PC version has been refined and quirks ironed out. I'm really looking forward to playing FMC on the train or while I'm at work being lazy. :-D
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