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  1. Completed a few matches. It does feel much better than before. Just a few of strange things noticed. Some may be just bad luck. -The defenses act realistic in most situations, but when the opponent full back cut inside sometime the defender will be too hesitant to tackle. It have happened in three situation, ending in two goals and a save, where the full back hold the ball from midfield, cut inside and the defenders just kept walking backwards until the full back finished. -I have a winger, and just this single winger, Roberto Pereyra that is a Udinese player on the database, that when get tired(maybe? it looks like...), he starts to just walk towards the defender. He will play normally until sometime in the second half, when he has the ball, he will always walk straight into the opponent player. Every time he has the ball. He will not stop, he will not pass, he will just walk towards the defender until he lost possession. Very, very strange. And again may be bad luck, but I am noticing too many attacking faults. Sometimes the striker, or the AMC/R/L will unnecessarily slide toward the ball on the midfield, with no apparent danger whatsoever, just to be sent off for violent behavior.
  2. I wonder how many players from Sydney-2000 played in this match
  3. Because there is no arbitrary minimum fee release clause in Brazil. The fee is relative to the wage and time left on the contract. To lower a release clause fee to a player on Brazil you have to lower his wages and/or change his contract end date.
  4. That is exactly what I said about South America market not being modeled in FM. This is not how it works down here. There is a saying in Brazil about football: "A player plays wherever he wants". Because is nigh on impossible to hold a player against his will on Brazil. If the club play hard it may hold the player for a season or two, at most, but simply cannot hold a player for a long time when a player wants to move.
  5. The worst is that there is really a Creedence Clearwater playing in Brazil. He even played the first division, and it is probably why this regen got this name... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creedence_Clearwater_Couto
  6. The problem is that FM was, understandable, implemented with Europe on focus. The South American leagues work in a way that the transfers to Europe work in a reasonable realistic way, and that is it. There is no model for the local market workings, so we play with a Brazilian League working as a Brazilian EPL, for example. You will never see on a FM13 game the number of players having mutual terminations as we have on Brazil, or so many clubs starting a season with a first team filled almost exclusively with new signings, what is common on the Brasileirao. There is no contract clause stating that the club may release a player without paying a compensation if he fails to meet the club expectation, what is standard to any player that is not a hi-rep player.And so on. As I have said, there is no South American market modeled in the game.
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