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  1. Thanks for informing. That was not intended, maybe due to some testing in an older FM Version. I have meanwhile updated the file.
  2. This is an overhaul of last year's file displaying all 179 leagues that make up the dutch league pyramid for the season 2019/2020. All teams should start in the right leagues, provided I didn't make any mistakes. As a lot of new dutch cities, towns and villages found their way into the FM20 database, I tried to provide every club with the right place to come from.   Zaterdagamateurs are displayed using the team higher up the ranks as feeder team, ticking the boxes *use same kit,*same board,*financial help and *permanent deal. However when on the same leve
  3. Of course I can http://www.mediafire.com/file/dc993jdu4rd93d9/NED+++19.fmf This Version features the complete pyramid http://www.mediafire.com/file/oeanuabolewq7tn/N+E+D+E+R+L+A+N+D+++C+O+M+P+L+E+T+E.fmf Hope you enjoy
  4. Thanks for the Information, just had a look at that Everyone starting a game with the file now, may remove the point deduction
  5. I decided against U18 teams as youth intake day provides every club with a couple of youngsters anyway. But it should take you only a couple of minutes to make that file senseful for you. Using the Reserves/Youths option in the editor , you can provide every club with an u18 team or whatever reserve/youth outfit you wish. However, this might slow down the game even further as it adds a large number of leagues.
  6. This file displays all 183 leagues that make up the dutch league pyramid. All teams should start in the right leagues, given the number of approximately 2600 teams I however cannot guarantee for that. FC Lienden and HVV Hollandia, who have withdrawn from their respective league midway through the season, start with a 25 point deduction. The defunct Oranje Zwart Helmond don't feature in this file. No Periodekampioenen and Nacompetities, as I could not find a way to create them using the basic editor only. Unlike in real life,there is promotion from the Tweede Divisie into t
  7. @MrGizMo, thanks for the link, I occasionally had a look at that while working on the file, though most of the times used https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nederlands_voetbalsysteem for Information. I deliberately put the teams into the mentioned zaterdag leagues as in real life only the noord district is featuring vijfde klasse zaterdag league Football. Just to add more Teams to the game. It´d be easy to remove those leagues from the file, the added Teams would only appear in the districts bekers then. However, as it is quite large, 16 le
  8. @MrGizMo Back at home I meanwhile had a look at the file. In the game Essche Boys hail from Haaren but for some reason I located their ground to Bladel, I have changed that now. Esch is not in the cities database As for teams in wrong leagues, the West I I Vierde Klasse Zondagamateurs leagues are filled with teams originally from West I I Vierde Klasse Zaterdag leagues. Zondag teams from Oost and Zuid I have been placed in the Vijfde Klasse Zaterdag sections of Oost and Zuid I as both districts don´t have a Vijfde Klasse in real life.
  9. Teams should be in the right league down to the derde klasse provided I didn' t make a mistake or missed out on a club.The vierde and vijfde klasse is a stripped down version of reality and I remember that for one of the west districts (can't have a look at the moment) I put some of the zaterdag teams in the vierde klasse zondag amateurs as in reality their pyramid ends with the derde klasse. Is Esch in the cities database? However Haaren would be more appropriate than Bladel. You may link it to that facebook site,no problem.I can' t do it though as i'm not a facebookian...
  10. This file covers the dutch football league system from level 1 to 10 .   Clubs have been updated with founding year, home kits and grounds where missing. Eredivisie Eerste Divisie Tweede Divisie Derde Divisie Zat/Zon Hoofdklasse Zat A/B Zon A/B   and in their respective districs Oost,Noord, Zuid I and II, West I and II   Eerste Klasse Amateurs Zat/Zon Tweede Klasse Amateurs Zat/Zon Derde Klasse Amateurs Zat/Zon Vierde Klasse Amateurs Zat/Zon Vijfde Klasse Amateurs Zat/Zon I have tried
  11. @Slabbekoorn Thanks for all the effort you put into this file! Quite funny, I stumbled upon this thread for the first time just after I posted my Nederland file 2 days ago. As much as I like editing, I always stay clear off the advance Editor as it's much to complicated for me. Anyway, what might be of interest for you, I´ve just run a test with zaterdag teams of VV Sint Bavo, Oostzaanse FC and FC Winterswijk as affiliate B-Teams (Always Amateur) for 3 1/2 years .They all started in their respective Vierde Kasse Zaterdag competitions and got promoted in unison
  12. @Pablotapiav, testing the file, the game took clubs from the Airtricity Premier League from second year on. However, this league has been filled up with lesser known irish amateur sides, as most of the irish Clubs have been incorporated into the UK pyramid.
  13. This file incorporates approximately 160 scottish,northern irish and welsh clubs into a level 10 uk league system, based on a mixture of last year standings and team reputations.   Only their respective nation´s been put to England,to ensure that (e.g.) scottish clubs will get scottish newgens.   Celtic and Rangers join a 22 team-British Premier League. Aberdeen, St.Johnstone, Hearts and Hibs join the British Championship (24 teams), Level 3 to 6 features two divisions each, scottish clubs join the north divisions, northern irish and welsh clubs join the south divison
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