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  1. CONCACAF Champions League is the continental club championship. What is the CONCACAF League you're referring to?
  2. The immediate thing that would stick out to me is the fact that you're playing as ManU, which would automatically limit the number of players your scouts are going to find that would be "worthy" of playing for the team. It wouldn't make much sense if scouts were finding dozens upon dozens of youth players that could play for such a famous club. By comparison, I'm coaching in MLS and scouting South America/Europe for players 22 and under (either by nation or region.) I'm finding loads of players in the low to mid 80s for recommendations, but the vast majority of those are low-CA/high-PA players and would struggle to even make it a mid-tier league such as this. My best advice would be to split up your scouts into searching for youth/younger players (like you're currently doing) and double up in those same nations/leagues with an increased age of up to 25 or so and see if your scouts are able to find more established players.
  3. The winner of the CPL shouldn't be qualifying for the Champions League, though--it should be the winner of the Canadian Championship. The CPL winner should earn a spot in that tournament, though. I'm currently playing as Vancouver (MLS) with a custom 3-division Canadian league added-on, and everything is working as it should as far as I'm aware.
  4. For my first season, I went with my beloved 4-4-2. 2 attacking fullbacks 2 central defenders 2 CMs, one acting as deep-lying playmaker and one defensive 2 wingers in support 2 forwards, with one advanced and the other as deep-lying This was mainly a holdover from the old FMs wherein I had one CM farrowing and the other one barrowing. Team performed pretty well overall before losing in the opening playoff round, but I wasn't satisfied with my defense. I changed it up for my second season and am currently using a 4-1-3-2 Fullbacks, DM and Advanced Playmaker operate as support 2 central defenders Two attacking wingers Two advanced forwards I'm getting out-possessed almost every game while giving up plenty of shots...but I'm currently undefeated with 8 wins and 3 draws with a +17 GD, which isn't too shabby for playing in MLS, where every team is supposed to be relatively equal. Basically soaking up pressure and then hitting hard on the counter.
  5. You'll have to holiday the day of the draft. I did, and fortunately none of my players were selected.
  6. Any word on the fact that players being injured before the season starting are automatically being placed on the disabled list? I had a player come down with food poisoning (1-4 days) in January and he's unable to play in the first 6 MLS games as a result!!!
  7. I'm using a custom game with playable USL leagues, but Bethlehem Steel is showing up on the Union club affiliate screen.
  8. Uploading a file as looknohandsVancouverBteamcoaching My assistant coach is recommending a B team staff member gain the next level of license. Odd...it actually worked this time. I chose the second of the two options when asking and it worked. I reloaded and chose the first option, and it resulted in the physiotherapist message.
  9. Unfortunately, the head coach doesn't seem to be scheduling friendlies, either.
  10. I was able to post job adverts for the B team, but the game wouldn't hire a head coach (the advert option was greyed out) so I edited a former player that I had released after the first season (he was unattached and already had decent staff attributes) and made him the head coach. I agree that the idea of a B team is good, but SI really needs to make sure that the feature is actually functional before throwing it in!
  11. On the player screen, look for the pencil icon next to their name and you should see a drop-down list of options. One of the options should be "move to other club on loan." Type in the name of the club and select it. Be sure to set the date to the desired time (I usually set it for December 1st of that year) and check any boxes you want, such as "Can play in cup matches."
  12. Doesn't appear as though the B squads serve much of a purpose. In my second season with Vancouver and the board decided to create a B team that supposedly plays in the PDL but, like others have pointed out, they don't seem to play actual games. I created my own little pyramid for both the US (untouched MLS+ 3 twenty-team USL divisions) and Canada (3 leagues) and have used the in-game editor to set up affiliate teams in both the US (higher competition) and Canada (to allow foreign players to gain Canadian citizenship.) I typically sign 3-4 players from the youth team each year and, if they aren't quite MLS-ready, I use the in-game editor to move them on loan to one of the affiliate clubs to hopefully get some playing time.
  13. Another bug just popped up: I've "failed to reach the MLS playoffs" is the message I just received. Two things-- 1. I actually made the playoffs in my first season, and 2. The goal is to make the playoffs for 2020...it's only March 29th, so I'm not even finished with the first month of the season!!!
  14. League specific? Playing in my second season and the Vancouver board has created a B team that's supposed to play in the PDL (no games ever take place, which has already been mentioned.) The issue is that the board always refuses any suggestions for the B team coaches to study for a license, stating that "we currently have enough physiotherapists to do a sufficient job..." I've received the same message 2 times- once for a coach and once for the assistant coach.
  15. I was able to holiday around the date without any problems.
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