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  1. Cincinnati has their logo now. 'bout all that I've noticed so far.
  2. Are the transfer offers related to the waiver draft? If so, I wonder if not answering them is causing an issue?
  3. Do the MLS youth "affiliate" clubs ever hire staff? I'm currently in 2020 and my youth team, Whitecaps Residency, only has a head coach and no other staff. Many other teams have no staff to speak of. Is this going to impact player development?
  4. I think the main issue comes down to how the game uses Natural Fitness and Stamina. To me, Natural Fitness should be the main indicator of how well a player can manage playing 90 minutes in addition to how they're able to recover from fatigue and the like; this way a player that isn't "fit" is going to struggle to see out matches or cope with heavy match congestion regardless of age. They're plenty of 35+ players that are fully capable of playing a full 90 minutes once a week and occasionally twice. The key here, then, would be the stamina rating--this should determine how long a player can play up to his current potential during an actual game. A player with a 20 stamina rating can reasonably be expected to play at his full ability for an entire match, whereas players with a lower rating (which would drop off much as it currently does in the game) would maybe only be able to give 45-60 minutes of "peak" performance during a game. This would enable a more realistic depiction of how quality players can still be a viable option late into the careers, with the player having to make the judgement call of, "Do I risk 30 minutes of brilliance from this player over a full 90 minutes, or do I use him as a super sub to maximize his output?" This would also better reflect players such as Rooney who, by dropping down a lesser league (Premier League to MLS) are able to come in and be a major force in the league. So if you have a 34 year-old player that's no longer able to consistently play up to the standards of an elite league, he can still find success in a smaller league even though he can't play at his best over the course of an entire game. Put another way: Player X is 36. His current CA is 150 with a stamina rating of 7. He might have some value as a sub in an elite league, but he wants to play regularly (we'll say his Natural Fitness is still around 13, so he should be able to see out most matches.) By moving to a lower league (let's say the average player in the league has a CA of 120) the difference in his pure talent (the significantly higher CA) may be enough to offset the fact that he'll struggle to perform at his peak over the course of the entire match. Even if he's only playing at 80% for large stretches of the match--let's call it "picking his spots"--that 80% would roughly put him on even terms with the players around him, while that extra 20% in reserve gives him the chance to have a major influence on the game. For about a decade, this is what you saw in MLS with signings like Beckham, Blanco and Ibrahimovich--they could be expected to play a full 90 minutes, even if they weren't able to maintain their high standards over the course of the match. Instead, you see'd the flashes of brilliance at times throughout the match that set them apart from the typical MLS player. I believe my idea would be a more accurate reflection of reality and would give older players a better chance of remaining productive towards the end of their careers while simultaneously adding depth to managing in lower leagues by allowing you to gamble on older talent that could provide a huge boost to your club at the expense of playing a younger, less talented (but possibly more consistent) player.
  5. That stinks...would be a wonderful way to help my Brazilian players to settle in if I could also speak Portuguese...
  6. How does the game determine a player's squad place under the coaching summary? My goalkeeper, Stefan Marinovic, has been a three star player (current and potential) and was my starter the first season (even winning Keeper of the Year) but his status keeps bouncing back and forth between "Important first team player" and "Surplus to requirements." I also have newgen players that I signed from the Academy team being displayed as "Important first team players" even though they're nowhere near MLS quality and likely won't ever make it in the league. A few other things: it's incredibly difficult to pick up players in the waiver draft and actually keep them happy with their playing time. I've brought up the issue before with waived players automatically being given First Team contract status and becoming unhappy almost immediately if you don't start them (even if you're selecting senior minimum salary players or backups) but as a whole, players are MUCH too hasty in becoming unhappy at a perceived lack of playing time (perceived, because they only recognize starts--I've had a player act as a "super-sub" and play about 30 minutes of EVERY league game and still come to me with complaints about playing time, even with a default status of "rotation." The game should have standards set that relate to each potential squad status, i.e. Key Player should expect to start almost every game, First Team should expect to play in about 85% of games, Rotation = 60%, etc. Or, the game could implement a "minutes expected" feature that calculates the expected amount of time a player should see relative to their squad status. Also, I have a custom Canadian Cup competition in my game with a starting reputation set to 60; the Vancouver board says that the competition is "unimportant" and don't really care how I perform (I created it mainly to give backups and young players a chance to play) but teams like Toronto and Montreal are putting out their first-team squads and running them ragged, despite their opponents being far weaker (applies to both the group stage and knockout rounds.) It just doesn't seem as though AI squads are regularly rotating their players to keep them fresh.
  7. Somewhat related: Do managers add language proficiency as a result of signing players? I started the game being able to speak fluently in English and Spanish; however, I like to sign young Brazilian players to develop and (hopefully) feature for the Canadian national team at some point. Will my manager ever begin to start picking up Portuguese as a result of signing Brazilian players? I currently have 5 on my team and it would be great if I could pick up the language to help them acclimate better to the team. Is there an option for managers to take language courses, like the players and coaches are able to do?
  8. Minor annoyance: I'm now in June of 2019 and I've received 3 messages about player contracts due to expire in 18 months' time. I understand that other leagues rarely let players they want to keep reach that point, but given how MLS operates (players frequently are playing year-to-year) it becomes annoying having to deal with all of the media questions (and possibly upsetting the locker room) as a result. Also: Players on Generation Adidas shouldn't be given "first team" status by default. The players typically aren't good enough to start right away, so after a few months you start to receive notifications of players becoming unhappy with their playing time (this applies to computer-controlled teams, as well.) It'd be more fitting to give them the "hot prospect" status or, at most, the "backup" status to prevent them from becoming upset so quickly. I had even edited the players with the in-game editor before the draft and, even after adding 20 points to their CA (along with adjusting their attributes) they simply aren't good enough to be immediate starters in MLS.
  9. That's an old mod now. I'm using a mod I made that has MLS, the 3 USL leagues (customized at 20 teams with pro/rel between them) and a viewable MLS Academy league for the youth players. Vancouver and Montreal field almost full teams in the Academy division at the start, whereas many of the US teams seem to sign/release the majority of their Academy players for some reason. Also have another, separate Canada mod that features four leagues of 15 teams (1 pro/rel spot in each) and a Cup competition featuring 64 teams in group + knockout format. Starting my second season, so I'm not quite sure how the teams are going to be selected for the Canadian Championship (I don't know if the competition is hard-coded to grab teams from the Canadian leagues as they did in the 2018 version or if they'll select the two "best" teams outside of the MLS and USL.) Could have sworn that ONE TIME I had the league names functioning as they should from the start, but it reverted back to the default NASL/USL/PDL for my current game. In-game editor can solve that, and the awards function as they should. Canada.fmf zAmerica.fmf
  10. The actual MLS draft needs work, too. At the very least, we should have the option of sending our scouts (either as a whole, or a select number) to watch the players play in the draft combine. The game asked me who I'd like to send, but by the time the draft rolled around, I didn't even have 20 of the players scouted. Ideally, the game should prompt the user for the option of either scouting ALL of the players made available in the draft, or to focus on the ones participating in the combine.
  11. Perhaps a silly question, but is there any way to get rid of the "Assistant in control" message? I have my AssMan set the general training schedule and then tweak it a bit (usually adding Community Outreach the day after a game, or filling in some light days with Shadow Play) but every time I make a change now, I'm prompted to change it just once, or take over the entire training schedule. Annoying as heck.
  12. It's not going to be an easy fix, believe me. I know they've tried really, really hard to make MLS a fun, playable league and they've certainly come a a long way from where they were 5 or 6 years ago. As we've seen, it's very, very difficult to get a system that not only functions as it should by human players, but is also able to be used somewhat predictably by the AI.
  13. I typically praise my best-training player of the week (as indicated in the training report) unless it's the same player over and over--they'll actually get annoyed by the praise! Other than that, I'll praise a player if the option appears for outstanding achievement (player of the match/week/month/etc.) The only time I've criticized a player is if he had a rather poor game (sub 6.0) or if he was noted as being the worst-training player (typical training week average is 8.5-9.0, so if I see a player come in with 6.0 you better believe I'm going to have a talk with him.)
  14. On the squad screen, simply click on a player profile page and go to the "Contract" drop-down box. You should see an option to "Buy down salary cap impact" assuming the player isn't on a reserve/senior minimum/designated player contract. Basically, if you need to free up a chunk of cap room, look for your highest-non DP contracts and you should be able to buy some cap space (assuming you have General Allocation funds available.)
  15. Possible bug? MLS teams that propose a trade with me almost ALWAYS ask for general allocation money in return. Whether it's a player (give us X player and GAM in return for one or two draft picks) or international roster spot (one spot for one year and GAM in return for one or two draft picks) they seem to feel as though they have a right to GAM, even though they're the ones instigating a trade.
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