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  1. That's the one thank you for your help it's hard to know whether to justify the 100 quid more when I don't know how much it would improve performance. I would run 3d probably on medium anyways and my main concern was the deterioration of the laptop. Because FM tends to kill my laptop's
  2. Sorry should have been more specific I meant the same model but the one at 499 so the nitro 5 but there's one 100 quid cheaper and as far as I can see it's only the storage that is less
  3. Thank you for the reply would the one at 499 be a good option as well they seem quite similar just has less storage on the 499 one
  4. I'm sorry this is so general but I literally have been going from awful laptop to awful laptop I want some that's going to last 3/4 years. I have a budget of around 400-600 and usually like to load a max of 5 leagues and a large database. FM is the only game I play I only use my laptop for that and watching the odd thing on Netflix etc. I would be watching 3d engine so would want a smooth experience there. I have no clue what I'm doing so any guidance would be good and I am willing to wait till black Friday/cyber Saturday for a deal as well
  5. Knap this is why you’re a legend, thank you, 442 it is I guess
  6. Sorry to be simple which topic are they in? Got a strong PSG team and want to break some records
  7. Knap- im interested in goals - what is the highest scoring out of all of your tactics? Any formation I don’t care
  8. Question, I am always sketch playing attacking at home and away surely against teams like united and chelsea away with a team like norwich you shouldnt play attacking?
  9. I see sean getting these results with the very rigid attacking version and makes me think why does it not work for me...... swear this game is totally random, seem to lack consistency in results, what does your team look like sean? Also what do you do when you go down to 10? As this has happened a fair bit? I started a new save as notts forrest struggling for results in some games again! Now at home I am struggling again
  10. Still struggling against big teams, having so many shots minimal goals, this is definately the best formation I have used though!
  11. hmmmm hard to say whether it would work for me in 2019, have a mid table squad and going against the likes of chelsea, city, united, spurs, arsenal and liverpool attacking away from home would be risky Lewandowski is a great buy well done!
  12. Sean away from home you still using attacking? See an away win against Dortmund there and 4-0 away win against bayern lev, this is where I have been struggling away from home
  13. may seem a stupid question but how can you instruct CAM to shoot less often? Does he have to learn it as a preferred move? Also away from home I am struggling, would say going very rigid and counter help this? Or just going very rigid? So far started half way through a season so first games werent fluid, 24 games 12 wins 3 draws, shrewsbury in the prem in 2019 lat 2 years finished 10th ending up finishing 8th this season! Very young growing squad though!
  14. I am playing 3-5-2 in the 2nd season, Luke Shaw is a trouble for me, don't know who I can get to tutor him to play LM, and will he ever be good enough to play LM? Ward Prowse as well, who do you use to tutor him?
  15. Just wondering about scounting assignments, I do similar to you by looking at 16 year olds and below, but should I just send say like 3 scouts to search a certain age bracket round the world? Or should I target specific countries with my scouts! Thanks in advance for the reply!
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