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  1. How much would I have to push my budget for something that you would say is good enough. Don't want to buy one for the same of buying one and it once again sounds like a jet engine ha
  2. Simple query, I would like the most budget friendly laptop that doesn't sound like a jet engine running FM I usually select one major nation with the top.leagues and then maybe a few others. But realistically it would be nice to have a smoother experience! Max budget is 350 ideally lower would be better but know that's a huge ask! Would only use it other times for the occasional stream of netflix
  3. Let me start off by saying this is completely legit - I have played 8 seasons with Celtic building the squad for this tactic to achieve this goal, hitting 200 league goals (i've done it the last few years of FM so had to hit it again) Well now its complete - latest Kashmir tactic and before you DM asking what tactic it is? why did it work so well? please bare in mind the average CA of my starting 11 is around 177 so very high. That being said for elite teams this is a blast, if you have a good free kick taker that helps a lot as you can see my striker took my free kicks + corn
  4. Just to be clear this is an altered celtic team which has Ronaldo pogba van dijk etc but for elite teams the tactic is good
  5. quite a few some from Knap and some from FMbase - with an extremely stong celtic team in a poor league
  6. Find me a tactic that can score 200+ and I will give you a gold star - finished on 180 again
  7. Multiple ones I have had a lot of questions but its the team I am using rather than the tactic an extremely strong Celtic team ive built over the years (160 average CA) in a poor league most teams top player is 120 CA
  8. Its the away games killing me in the quest for 200 - im winning but 2/3-0 need it to be at least 4 each game
  9. Knap had another season with Celtic slightly better team probabky average 160 CA and still only 176 on goals scored don't know how to crack it ha
  10. Dont think I have ever seen this on FM before at half time But of course you guys all know the final score after the second half........(so frustrating)
  11. That Scottish League is a funny one you should be smashing teams but I just struggled a 1-0 with my Celtic team
  12. Good thought I will give yours a go start of next season squad rotation and mixing between this and the winger version may get me to the 200 thought I was going to get it this season
  13. Thank you for persevering with this and seeing my point knap see it's close to fire 4312 in terms of scoring have you tried with wingers or just IFs?
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