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  1. Closed post

    What feedback thread. I was merely stating a fact. Didn't realise I wasn't allowed to criticise. Please accept my apologies. I won't dare criticise SI again!
  2. Closed post

    To moderator hunt3r. Why have you closed my post. Is it because you don't like criticism? I was merely stating my opinion and also that of others whose posts you have closed just because we dared to criticise. Didn't realise we were dealing with a bunch of dictators. Whatever happened to free speech?
  3. Broken Game

    Have to agree with someone whose post got banned due to swearing but this version is no good. I have played football manager and it's predecessor champ man ever since it first came out in a cardboard box and this version is definitely one of the worst ever. Instead of implementing new features SI should concentrate fixing all the things that are wrong which have been mentioned in previous posts. This version was just about unplayable from release and with the latest patch, although it is better it is by no means the finished article. I know I will get slaughtered by some people out there but I beg SI for the 2015 version to please, please, please sort out the problems and give us back the game we love.
  4. How long does the game last?

    Thanks for that. On we march!!
  5. I'm sure this has been asked before but how many seasons does the game last? It used to be 30. Is It still the same.
  6. I have only played about 10 games since the new patch and in every game i have had a goal disallowed sometimes as many as 3 in one game. This never happened prior to loading the patch apart from an odd one or two but never this many. Is it just a coincidence or has anyone else noticed this?
  7. Fitness levels all over the place!

    many thanks mate. can't believe i've been so stupid! Have been playing this game for 15 years now and can't believe i've done this!!!! Once again many thanks.
  8. Have posted this in the bugs forum but has anyone else had a problem with the fitness levels since installing the patch? Just before i start a match my players fitness levels are all down to 65 to 75% but as soon as i click on start game they all shoot straight up to 100%. This is ruining my game as i genuinely don't know which players really are short of fitness until i actually click on start match. Then i can have several players who really are only 70%. I can only find out once i start the game so it is too late then to change it. This never happened prior to the patch being installed.
  9. This kept happening with me all the time. even after patch 3.0 Try this,it worked for me Go into preferences: Then untick the last box,(enable data collection). Asi say it worked for me. good luck,i know how frustrating it is.
  10. Great thread and some great points. I'm also a very long term player (10 years). It's a pity some people are on here just as wind up merchants. Maybe it's time they went to bed and let the people who can compare the older versions to this one ,get on with it instead of making stupid comments.
  11. Does it actually make any difference if you attend these or send your ass man? I don't like them myself and have noticed a few people say they don't bother with them. But does it actually matter?
  12. The scouting system needs a total overhaul. As i said previously a scout with great scouting stats only recommended Messi from Spain. Other scouts with great stats kept saying they couldn't recommend anyone whatsoever despite being sent to different countries.(not obscure countries either). Tactics .I don't want to get involved in a discussion about those. As they either seem to work for some people and not others. I've copied tactics down from the tactics discussion forum and they don't work for me. As for patches. I too have had to alter my whole game after installing a patch. I was in great form prior to installing a patch and doing really well. Then after installing the patch i noticed a big difference in the way the game played. This has been mentioned many times before.
  13. To Sean NUFC I seem to get that most of the time from my scouts. Maybe i don't pay them enough!!
  14. Like he says "if you appoint a top scout to a certain country they claim they can't find any decent players" I have appointed several scouts to different countries and most of the time they came back with nothing to find. I sent one to spain with top stats for scouting and the only player he recommended was Lionel Messi! That can't be right.
  15. I think most people start with "i've played this since x year " to show that they aren't newbies who are complaining about nothing. The language could be toned down, but to be fair i also agree with most of his comments/gripes. Some things are way over complicated and the scouting system etc is still rubbish.