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  1. What feedback thread. I was merely stating a fact. Didn't realise I wasn't allowed to criticise. Please accept my apologies. I won't dare criticise SI again!
  2. To moderator hunt3r. Why have you closed my post. Is it because you don't like criticism? I was merely stating my opinion and also that of others whose posts you have closed just because we dared to criticise. Didn't realise we were dealing with a bunch of dictators. Whatever happened to free speech?
  3. Have to agree with someone whose post got banned due to swearing but this version is no good. I have played football manager and it's predecessor champ man ever since it first came out in a cardboard box and this version is definitely one of the worst ever. Instead of implementing new features SI should concentrate fixing all the things that are wrong which have been mentioned in previous posts. This version was just about unplayable from release and with the latest patch, although it is better it is by no means the finished article. I know I will get slaughtered by some people out there but I beg SI for the 2015 version to please, please, please sort out the problems and give us back the game we love.
  4. I'm sure this has been asked before but how many seasons does the game last? It used to be 30. Is It still the same.
  5. Don't know if it's been mentioned but,seeing as there's been alot of problems with the tactics in 08, how about getting your team to give you a feedback on how they like to play,or want to play,or whether they're happy playing to your tactics.
  6. Don't know if it's been mentioned before,but here goes. If attendances start dwindling,ask the fans for more commitment,or question if they really want a successful team then they're going to have to show more support. Or offer congratulations to winning team managers,or deride your rivals in relegation etc.
  7. there should be more interaction with the fans of your club.for instance just before a really important game issue a rallying call to the fans to really get behind the team. if attendances are dropping off,question the fans commitment as to whether they want a successful team,and if they do then theyre going to have to support the team in greater numbers,you could also approach the board to reduce ticket prices to make this happen.
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