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  1. Hitting the post more often than scoring goals in almost every game. Ratio of "Hit woodwork" to "Goals" is usually like 1.5 to 1. So either, 1. You made the posts 5 times thicker than they are in real life (so they're as big a target as 2-man wall) 2. You've put some drama into the code that makes it so much more likely for the balls to hit the post. Yeah, ok. Extreme drama for extremely ******** programmers/game designers. Makes sense. Also, there are still goals from deep touchline "crosses" every day all day! Not fixed since first version of FM13. Competency ftw. Regards. Happy deleting.
  2. I set "reject all offers" when going on holiday and the game still accepts offers. So, 1. Why isn't the option to return from holiday when offers are made available? 2. Fix it. 3. Make (1.) happen. Are you that incapable that you can't conceptualize such simple, common-sense options? (This is rhetorical. Thought I'd state that considering the calibre of people around here) Regards and happy flaming away, blind defenders of game and company.
  3. The changelog looks good but in fact it's just another useless patch. Good to see the money we pay for this overpriced junk is used for practically nothing but some incompetent programming. Now my defensive players (with more defensive mentalities, roles and instructions in general) try to force forward passes as much as possible and give the ball away more often than before, when there are clearly several better options like passing sideways or even backwards. Just another day at the fail office for sigames. ps. Don't ask for constructive feedback when you're not open to receiving any. I know much of recent comments aren't that constructive, but all my earlier constructive input have been either deleted or ignored, and that includes cold hard evidence with YouTube videos. Your mods are doing excellent at covering up. And to general users that read this, just wait a bit to see this post deleted.
  4. I don't know if bugged, intentional or maybe the "variables" you've set are just too extreme, but there seems to be a massive difference in home/away performances. I notice that there are usually almost no fans for my team on away matches, so maybe my players are psychologically and/or morally affected. Still, it feels very, very unrealistic. How can I go from beating Liverpool 5-1 at home (on my first try) and then not being able to beat them away after 3 tries? (I settled with a 1-1 draw) The stats are also very dramatically different, in possession, pass completion, shots, etc. After watching the matches, both home and away, in Full, I note that the tactics, formation and lineup are mostly the same, if not, identical. The opponent's pressing and marking intensities/styles are the same. My players' off-the-ball position and movement, however, is where the story differs. Also, Anfield has 45k seats and my smaller (but far better in terms of player value/quality) club's stadium's at just 19k. I don't know how to check how large my fanbase is which I notice really lacks in away game attendance. It feels as though my morale goes from Superb to Abysmal in away games, leading to all the unbelievably bad decision-making and generally all-round play by my players on the pitch, whether it's my world class midfielders giving away possession very cheaply, or how my world class fullbacks completely lose much slower opposing wingers/wide midfielders. So as feedback, unless there's something I'm completely missing, I'm suggesting that our own players don't suck so terribly in away matches, because my team performs wonderfully at home even against other best clubs in the world. It becomes incredible to see them struggle against much smaller teams away, let alone big clubs away. Is this intentional by the developing team or not? And if is, why? Compared to real life, I don't recall any top team that performs so well at home (basically a 3-0 thrashing minimum, typically) and then almost never win away.
  5. Favourites home, favourites away, same teams, different stadium. What happens away? They press a lot tighter, give my players absolutely no space at all. What happens home? They don't press that tight, my players can pass. Basically what all you people are telling me is that when the AI are away their manager basically tells them to defend like ****. Makes perfect sense. And on home games? It's like they've all been rested for 2 weeks and are ready to go all out pressing for 90 minutes? Give me a ****ing break. It's not a conspiracy, nor do I mean it like it's scripted as though the match result's been more or less fixed. I mean it as though I players have a huge difference in performance based on factors that shouldn't have that significant of an impact. I've tweaked my tactics to many variant ways in my away matches. With mentalities set to defensive and passing set to rather short, my midfielders choose to launch the ball 30 yards upfield than play a simple sideways pass into a teammate with space. Also, on away matches, my defenders leave huge gaps between channels NO MATTER WHAT setting I've set their tactical instruction to. Their individual instruction, or the team. They lose their men whom they're supposed to mark well like they're 3 leagues below all of a sudden. Now this doesn't happen just in away matches, but in high profile cup ties. People are blatantly denying this without any examples of your own observation or experience to refute what I not only claim, but DESCRIBE. For example, how would you explain why my defenders basically leave giant holes in away games, but are extremely on-form and tight in simple, routine home games? It's scripted. Not match result/conspiracy scripted, but the game just kills their mental capabilities, hence all the rash and unbelievable decision making. It's like players on meth. So before you call me clueless, to requote: Make sure you show that you have some clues before spurting out more pseudo-smartass ********. I'm aware that opponents generally do play with different tactics, but not to the point where it's unplayable. I've tweaked my tactics more times than I can ever count, so I'm extremely aware of how every player behaves on the pitch, and how the tactical instruction probably had it's role in it. But sorry, when an opponent's winger with 13 pace and acceleration beats my 18 pace and acceleration fullback 5 times in a match, what are you going to blame, tactics? (Even though I've tweaked my fullback's tactics over and over) You're the clueless one here. I'm trying to provide a constructive observation and if you're not going to come up with a helpful post abstain from replying to me without the slightest sense.
  6. Correction: On away games. When I see how retardedly my defenders "defend" on away games, which you probably don't, I reload. The game screws me over, I unscrew that ****. I can post countless videos if it wasn't such a tedious process (another SI piece of work with that amazing upload feature's efficiency), then again will they care? I've posted several before if you looked at my older posts, and I don't have that many so you can easily search it. I may post a few more as examples if requested. Just the few screens in the scoreline differences, and several instances of unreal decision making by some of my smartest midfielders with 16-20 passing/creativity and good all-round mental attributes.
  7. Good load of rubbish this. 1. The teams that perform amazingly against me have managers with horrible Tactics and Tactical Knowledge attributes. 2. Those teams are also usually bottomfeeders in the league. 3. I beat MU, MC and find Southampton and West Brom godlike. 4. There's too much scripting or handicap between home/away games like I address in another thread (which I made it's on 1st page). Can't beat Southampton on away after many tries, then thump them 7-0 at home, first try. Same tactics, same players. Coincidence? Make that bet and lose. 5. Point 4, though not proof, is very strong indication. There's AI adjustment under different situations and circumstances. Be it home/away, cup match, finals, being in excellent form and the game tries to crash it somehow, etc. Let's hear everyone's counter arguement that opponents change tactics accordingly and all that nonsense again, when I've already checked the tactic, formation and lineups are the exact same. Opponents adjusting to you? Hahaha. Not one bit. I bet you guys don't even scout your opponents and have a look at their team report, and figure that they practically use the same formation on you as they mostly do against other teams. Probably never even heard of that feature. Now bugger off and click "Continue" instead of trying to convince me that it's all pure "coincidence". I'm sorry if I find my meticulous observation more indicative and credible than someone mindlessly yelling at me "coincidence", or telling me to find absolute 100% proof which isn't possible unless I'm a master hacker/programmer and can look through the game's codes and show which scripts do what.
  8. Wins on most. Regardless home or away. But the shot count and possession difference is too much. Too poor on away. I win a lot because I make plenty of tactical changes, and have very varied tactics prepared that effectively attacks difference styles of defence, at different tempos and directions. Anyway, this "handicap", it's been getting worse the better I perform this season. Been going unbeaten until that particular Southampton fixture (20 unbeaten then) and they simply went God-mode. And they're 17th in the league with a terrible Goals Conceded record. At this point I'm past that fixture, and merely settled with a draw. Couldn't get a win. 1 week later I meet them in the FA Cup at home. 7-0. First match. They used the same tactics. No comments. I didn't expect that big of a win, but it seems that home/away advantage works for and against the player... Problem is, it works way too dramatically. And about what you said that I should be the one helping instead, I normally assume there are people better equipped with experience and knowledge than me, especially since I started playing FM only with FM12. God I miss that ME lol, even though it had its faults nothing compared to FM13's.
  9. Exactly. That's why with my undefeated record extending, smaller teams get better and better, right? Happens each season. Obviously you haven't noticed anything clicking "Continue" in rapid succession. I have basis of my claim. You have nothing, though. Sorry.
  10. It has little to do with tactics. I watched the home replay. Same formation, mostly same lineup. It's basically my players passing like ****, off the ball movement's ****, etc. and their players going from **** to Barcelona-esque passing and communication, or that my defenders (with over 16 marking, tackling and positioning) go blind. You can't doubt this is scripted/modified somewhat when their short midfielders/forwards are beating my 1.9m CBs in most aerial duels. And that my 19 finishing striker (top scorer in the league last season) is missing EVERY "Clear cut chance" that presents to him (if they ever happen in this away fixture lol) Not to mention the number of times my players have found the side netting or even hitting the post. It's as though the game's scripting these "near misses" just to try and feed the players a bit of credibility. I know most FM players in general would fall for it, because you're all macromanagers that spam "Continue", but I'm meticulous and micromanage. I spot the details, and sometimes go as far as to watching matches in "Full Match" (I normally view on Extended). You can't deny this when you see Bristol playing like Barca in the FA Cup. I notice this handicap thing happens a lot in cup competitions a lot. The game tries its best to drag matches all the way to penalties.
  11. You must be performing really well overall in other areas of the game. The game seems to script against you if you're too successful in order to "balance" out. Which is nonsense, really.
  12. I don't know if it's intentional or whatever, but it's incredible. vs Southampton at home = 6-0 win. Midfielders passing % over 90%. Near 30 attempts on goal, near 15 on target. Over 60% possession. vs Southampton away (3 tries) = 2-0 loss, 2-1 loss, 2-0 loss. Midfielders passing % about 80%. 10-14 shots, 5'ish on target. Under 50% possession. Missed most, if not all CCCs. Amazing header from a 1.73m midfielder with 9 jumping (and **** attributes in general) to beat my "leading Premier Division" centre-backs with 16 and 17 jumping, 1.9m tall. For the record, my team average 1.5-2 star rating above Southampton. Of course, there's always a psychological advantage playing at home. The fans, the familiarity and the homeness of it all. But either I'm doing something extremely wrong (I use the exact same tactics as in the home games, not just this Southampton fixture) or SI have just way overdone the home/away handicap. It feels like Home = +5 decisions, composure, creativity and all other mental attributes. Away = -5 decisions, etc etc. The "unfamiliarity" within the team playing away is almost as though they're a completely different side that have never played together. It's ridiculous, and I'm incredulous. It's simulation gone wrong to an embarrassing point. It's been like this for the 4 seasons I've had so far. Just on a side note, my team are generally younger and less experienced than most other teams (23 years old average) and the club was recently very low profile. Only recently did it climb from 2.5 stars rep to 4 stars. I don't know if it's due to the "unfamiliar" stature of the club that there isn't enough fans at away games supporting, or the players not being used to high expectations and stature, you tell me. Still, I bet I'm not wrong here. I've never seen anything close to such home/away fluctuations in performance in any real football team. PS. Oh yeah, you wouldn't want me to upload those away goals conceded. Just going to disgrace the already abysmal ME further. PS2. All my 3 midfielders have 18-20 passing. You wouldn't believe how badly they misplace their passes in the away games.
  13. I've set this player's asking price at 12m and the game automatically accepts offers from other clubs for FREE. I've set instructions to "no instructions", have full responsibility over contract handling (none of my staff have any authority to handle contract negotiations) Is this a known bug or is there something that I may be doing wrong?
  14. Some very inspiring replies! Thanks guys. I have a lot more faith in training now lol
  15. Yeah but I'm equally concerned with creativity which is mental. Wouldn't that be harder to train than technical stats ie passing finishing heading?
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