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  1. Is there any way to see a description of what the line means? As there seem to be different colours and also broken/unbroken lines (I am playing on iPad, so can't just 'hover' my mouse and can't seem to click on the line)
  2. Thanks for the answers, much appreciated. I’m playing on iPad and can’t work out how to ‘hover’. I try clicking the line but I get this (which I think is selecting the space on the pitch rather than the line)
  3. What do the lines between players mean on the Tactics screen mean (eg. between Shelvey/Longstaff, Lascelles/Schar, ASM/Krafth)? I can’t find anywhere that explains it
  4. On the latest update, playing on an iPad Mini 4 running iOS 12.1.3 I have tried again, I am still unable to drag players across
  5. Hi, on the tactics screen (both out of match and in-match), I cannot select my preferred penalty takers, neither by dragging or quick pick. It won't let me drag players and when i click 'quick pick', nothing happens. I had a workaround where i could click 'Change player' when a penalty was awarded in order to choose a penalty taker, but since VAR was introduced this flashes up so quickly i don't have the opportunity to click it.
  6. Did they have work permits before offering the new contract? Can you also loan them out in the meantime to somewhere they will get game time while that 120 days is in force? From experience I have found that helps with getting a work permit upon return
  7. Thanks for your replies, I would agree that applies in real life. However, I have just made that promise to someone when we have already qualified for the knockout stages - so it implies to me making it further, but not sure what that is - so what have I actually promised?
  8. HI there, does anyone know what this promise actually means? What is the definition of "later/latter" stages? For context, it is January and we have qualified for the knockout stages.
  9. I think you can get around this by adding the option and then clicking remove and exclude from negotiations before making the first offer.
  10. I had soft brexit but cannot sign players for free domestically upon contract expiry. Which has actually worked in my favour as I have actually got some decent transfer fees for my own players whose contract has expired.
  11. I have a similar issue where the star rating is different when I look at the Squad Depth screen versus the Coach Report. Both are supplied by the assistant manager so not sure what would cause the difference?
  12. I would say create a new thread in the bugs forum. They will probably need a PKM from the match as well.
  13. Probably worth raising as a bug. The bug could be just a poor visual representation of a goalkeeping error (rather than the error itself)
  14. Brexit sounds like it would be great for FC Romania....
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