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  1. Network Game Between Players Crashes 75% Of The Time. This is really annoying. It just freezes. Almost every time. This problem has happened in previous versions of FM, and you still don't seem to address it. Please, can you AT LEAST confirm that someone read this complaint, this time? Thank you.
  2. When i go to any club's transfer screen, I can see every player that team is negotiating. This never happened on other FM's. Only confirmed transfers, or leaked transfers appeared in that screen. Is this supposed to happen?
  3. It would make our lives easier if we could add a column in the scouting search with the scout's opinion of a work permit likeability. cheers
  4. One thing that sometimes gets in the way of quickly evaluate several players (specially in network mode, when you only have like 2 minutes before it automatically continues the game), is to have the set pieces attributes (ie free kicks, penalty taking and corners) in the middle of the technical specs. Not that it doesn't make sense - it does - but sometimes it blurs the true value of the player, making us overestimate him on a first glance. So I'd suggest there would be another compartiment of attributes, consisting of those 3
  5. If I understood it well, the Leadership/Influence affects how that player will motivate the other players (having said "influences other players" or "leads the other players" would be redundant). And determination is how much that player will believe in the positive result, and how far would he go to achieve it, etc. So, if a player has Leadership 20, and Determination 1, will he pass his low determination on to the other players of the team? I mean, it would make perfect sense, that a player could be a highly charismatic demotivator, as there is such a thing, but I'm not sure if that's taken into account in the match engine. Thanks
  6. I hear you, thanks for the feedback, but...come on! This is a sum of ones and zeros, shouldn't the match engine calculate the chances from factors such as the probability of the ball getting in? And chances should be the way to know how well your tactic is doing, the objective is to make your team create chances and concede the least chances (if your players convert those chances into goals depends on how good they are, of course). And how about half chances?
  7. In previous FM's I guided my team's performances by the number of clear cut chances (ccc) and half chances (hc) created. But what exactly does the game count as a CCC/HC? I know sometimes a goal happens from an accidental cross, a bad back pass from a distracted defender, or a long shot. And, obviously, that's ok. The thing is, there are half chances that don't even appear on the highlights, times where a player is through on goal 1x1 vs the keeper that don't count as a chance, and one particularly frequent occurrence where a player, from about the edge of the box, heads the ball for the keeper to easily gather it, and it always counts as a CCC, and the commentary says "he should have done a lot better with that chance", or similar. So, I'm currently not giving so much thought on the chances, and more into the shots, which is a bad way to read games. (I play FMT, but since I was told the match engine is the same, I figured I'd post here. If it isn't the same, please tell me so)
  8. jay_toso

    Missing stats

    Some stats that I feel are needed are goals conceded from corners goals conceded from set pieces shots conceded clear cut chances conceded clear cut chances half chances conceded half chances (and, of course, their analysis, such as type of assist, type of shot, etc) thanks
  9. This has always bugged me, and I need to know for sure: Is being sacked worse for your reputation than resigning? I mean, we've all done it: your status is insecure/precarious and you just can't find a way to get out of the s*** hole you got your club into (even if it's not your fault), so you resign before your chairman inevitably sacks you. But does it really work that way in game? Cheers
  10. i am dragging it, and it always occurs. But i restarted, and it seems to be there somehow. "3 bois.fmt"
  11. Response: 550 Permission denied Error: Critical file transfer error
  12. oops. wrong file (it's the one that indeed doesn't load) i'm trying to upload the right one (the one that doesn't save), but it's failing the transfer, stating it can't start the transfer
  13. that's the problem. it doesn't save. I have plenty of free space
  14. ok, will do. but is there anything i can do about my save game?
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