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  1. Thanks! Just saw this, am downloading it now I have the opportunity to try it now so that's great. Mainly the reason I didn't pre-order it initially was that I wasn't excited about the new features, they just seemed like skins on top of a system that already exists. I was then waiting to see whether the new features were worth it, but it never seemed like this was the case. Without improvements in the core system as well, it just didn't seem worth buying.
  2. FM2020 was the first game I didn't buy since the CM days. As a huge fan of the series it saddened me to see so many negative comments on the game and it was the first of the series I didn't pre-order. I kept waiting for positive reviews so I could finally buy the game but that time just never came, and so I'm still playing and enjoying my save on FM2019. It seems to me that the new features introduced yearly are becoming increasingly less exciting while the bread and butter aspects of the game do not improve and in some cases even go backwards. It's a great shame, but I feel forced to take the
  3. Hi mate, thanks for the comment. Everyone has their own way of doing things and I think you can be successful using different methods. I myself do sometimes change things in-game but only if I feel I need to. For example, if I feel play is rushed, then I might drop tempo down, or if my wide players are not getting enough space I might play wider. Defensively, I might drop the D-line and press if I feel the opposition is getting a lot of balls in behind and creating good chances. You mentioned being overwhelmed - in that case I would probably drop the press and make s
  4. I've tweaked the tactic a little since we're winning everything, the AI is basically sitting back with 10 men for 90 minutes. The tweaks help to open them up by lowering mentality to Positive and taking more time to find the right chances. I've added the new link to the OP.
  5. Do you mean PPMs? I've added PIs to the OP, take a look. I'll add suggested PPMs as well shortly.
  6. Hi all, I'd like to introduce the tactic I've been using to dominate in my current save with Arsenal. With this tactic I'm currently at 0 losses in 28 games in 2021, and still on track to win every competition I am in (won Club World Cup, European Super Cup, Community Shield and Carabao so far). I'll update the thread with my progress this season as I play through it. I first started this tactic with Charlton, winning back-to-back promotions and winning the Prem + CL by 2023. Since then, it's gone through several evolutions to make it into what it is today. The key principle I
  7. Sassuolo's Duncan I trained Thiago Maia as a B2B and that worked well too.
  8. Really? Got him with Celta, he was transfer listed by request. Maybe depnds on your save then.
  9. Mauricio Lemos became world class for me on my save.
  10. This thread is very interesting and I will play as Darmstadt in my next save.
  11. I use this in possession systems which emphasise a slow, patient buildup. As you are not taking advantage of transitions, extra creativity helps to unlock an entrenched defence. I don't like to use it personally in fast attacking systems as I like to setup my runners from deep and I don't want them trying risky moves before they have a chance to get up the pitch.
  12. Got a 4312 working very well in FM2016, I talked about it in this thread further down. With the Daggers as well, no less.
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