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  1. Team To Build A Dynasty ?

    Maybe Aston Villa? Rich owner, big stadium in a big city, been underperforming for ages.
  2. What I do is: 1) change to a 4141 formation, back line on defend, hb/d at dm, cm/d and dlp/s at cm, dw/s on the wings and df/s up front 2) contain, very fluid, with TI's take a breather, play even safer, higher defensive line, play out of defense, retain possession, dribble less I never do this before the 80 minute mark, rarely before 85. Very rarely concede late goals with this system. I might use a different formation if for example the opposition uses a three striker system, or if the players I have on the pitch cannot reasonably play in a 4141, which sometimes happens if I've been playing with a back three. But the constants are always contain, very fluid and the TI's.
  3. Insane? You mean a tactic that wins you every game? If you want to go down that road then I suggest you look at the download section of the tactics forum. Apparently the various three striker systems are very powerful. In the long term I think it would be much more satisfying if you do your own tactics, but to each his own. My favorite FM experiences have been getting 109 points in the premier league with United in FM15 with a tactical approach I started working on in FM14 and getting into sixth place with an extremely cautious possession based tactic I came up with in my first premier league season with Ebbsfleet in FM17, despite having comfortably the worst premier league squad I've ever seen in the game. If you do use downloaded tactics, I suggest using ones that are more realistic, i.e. ones that don't have three strikers, that have a genuine holding midfielder etc. Then as you play with them try to figure out what's happening and why, will help you learn how things work.
  4. That might be a bit too much to expect. Had a quick look on what they look like at the start of the game. Squad seems fairly well suited to a 4123, which is what I usually go for. They seem to have only one left back (although the one they have looks good) so signing a backup for him would probably be a good idea. If you're completely new to FM, I suggest you start with the 12 step guide in the tactics forum.
  5. @Pandemicplanet9 Welcome to the thread! Do you mean tactics, signings? I'm not that familiar with Cardiff so I'm not sure I can help that much, but maybe someone else can.
  6. Gribbin's value is due to his contract being up at the end of the season. I still ended up paying a few million for him as I realized in about February that his United contract had a one year extension option, didn't want them to use that so I just paid up immediately. I do have a couple of strange cases of player valuation, particularly right back Palencia, who's only valued at 1,1 million despite having three years on his contract and being a good premier league player. Will make upgrading on him even more difficult as I'll only get very little money for him if I sell. But yeah, the reputation lagging behind is a problem. I can accept genuinely high class players, or players at established continental level clubs rejecting me, but when mid-table level players on modest wages flat out refuse to negotiate it gets pretty annoying. Still, it looks like all those players rejecting me might turn out to be a good thing... I was trawling around the player search screen and I came across a 19-year old Dutch regen CB at PSV who looks amazing. Will cost me half my budget if I do get him but as that's the position I most need to improve on I don't really care.
  7. @warlock Well done, no mean feat to win a cup with Wolves in the first season! I finished my second premier league season a couple of days back. A fantastic finish this time around: My counter attacking system of previous seasons wasn't working at all early in the season, so around October-November I switched to a high pressing system. Then around the turn of the year I started playing with a back three in away games. Those two changes are basically what got us that finish, although I think our January transfers helped a bit too, particularly Djair, my first wonderkid in this save. And seeing as we've talked about Callum Gribbin a lot here, here's what he looks like now: He finished the season with the 3rd highest average rating in the prem with 7,56, behind only Martial (7,78) and Hazard (7,57). In his six seasons with us, he has 231 league appearances, 43 goals and 56 assists in those games, 32 PoM awards and an average rating of 7,39. Well on his way to becoming a club legend, as long as we keep him. In terms of future transfers, I'm having extreme difficulty of finding players that would improve our first XI and are willing to join. The likes of Almamy Toure, currently at Krasnodar, is flat out refusing to negotiate. I definitely need a replacement for Mamadou Sakho as he's declining rapidly, but any and all decent CB's aren't interested at all. Would love to replace Palencia at RB, but same problem again. I have a decent budget but the way things are looking right now, I'll probably just sign promising youngsters and hope my team is good enough to finish top half again, as the board are likely to demand that as a minimum.
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    When you can't decide whether you're a complete forward or a ball-winning midfielder: Shame he's terrible and only has 1,5 star PA.
  9. Have a look at Callum Gribbin. If he's available for loan you should get him for free. He'll make a great AP, winger or IF for a league 2 team. I think I had him on a free loan for the first two seasons. After that United started demanding wage contribution. I've had him on loan since then. Currently in my 6th season he's on loan as a key player, we're on course to finish in the top half of the premier league.
  10. I got one in my first premier league season with Lincoln. Just magically popped into existence when the Checkatrade groups were drawn. I expect that happens because premier league teams u23 sides are required to participate in Checkatrade. So far we're not participating in the u23 league though (second premier league season under way). Would be great if that happened.
  11. Not sure if you can get it before, but mine magically popped into existence in my first premier league season, at the moment the Checkatrade groups were drawn I think. I'm now in my second prem season and they're not participating in the u23 league, not sure when (if indeed ever) that will happen.
  12. Well, first premier league season is finished. The first thing to do in the summer was to welcome our new South Korean overlords: The third time I've had a tycoon takeover happen at my club in FM. Got a pretty hefty increase on my budget, too: If I'm honest I shudder to think how we would've done without the takeover.... Our start to the season was absolutely abysmal. From the first 11 games our record was W1 D1 L9. On the face of it we were playing well, just constantly missing chances, and because our attackers were so poor I wasn't sure whether the problem was tactical or just poor quality and form. I did try some changes, but nothing worked, until I changed my midfield roles a bit. After that we started to click, and in the end avoided relegation by a fairly comfortable margin, securing survival with a couple of games left to play. Here's the transfers: A few proper quality players in there, but I really struggled to attract any decent attackers. Maguire was pretty much the best I could sign, and he turned out to be predictably inadequate. Cappelluzzo, who was more of a cheap backup signing turned out to be the better of the two, although he went on a long barren run in the second half of the season which had me tearing my hair out at times. The target next season will be the same, avoiding relegation. I've been given around 40 mill to spend and 300k per week of available wages. I've already agreed to sign Jaden Sancho on a free from Dortmund, will definitely also need to add a striker. Unfortunately the options don't look that much better compared to previous summer. I might go for Afobe, he's a backup player at Wolves and looks like they might be prepared to sell on the cheap. He's 29 now, but looks like he could do a decent job for a year or two. There's also a very promising looking regen at Celtic who my scout reckons will be available for pocket money, will definitely sign him if they agree to sell.
  13. Good players for English league 2

    If you have space for more loanees, I had Callum Gribbin and Michael Folivi on free loans at Lincoln. Folivi was my top scorer, scoring 20 goals in the league, while Gribbin's average rating over the season was 7,41 playing mainly as a wide midfielder on the left in a 442.
  14. Callum Gribbin

    His injury proneness is probably random. Hasn't had a serious injury or missed more than a handful games for me in four seasons.
  15. Callum Gribbin

    Yeah, in FM17 in signed him for free for my Ebbsfleet side, in the summer of 2021. He hadn't developed much, but became a key player for me and eventually ended up being valued at tens of millions and playing for the national team.