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  1. I did keep a save but the problem is that the takeover was already underway, transfer embargo in place etc. so I don't think there is any way I could've kept the job, except maybe by winning every game until the decision was made. Now THAT would've taken a lot of reloading
  2. Thanks! I'm a United fan so well aware of the record. Was just wondering whether the academy graduate was meant in a strict sense. Anyway, I've had a rough start with 4 defeats from 4 games. The takeover has been completed, was by a consortium. I'm waiting to find out my fate but I expect to get sacked, as the news item said something about them wanting to bring a new guy in. So you might have to edit the active board pretty soon...
  3. A quick question regarding the academy players rule... Does it mean simply players who are "home grown at the club" or are there additional requirements?
  4. I had already basically already given up on FM18 altogether but after seeing this thread decided I'll give it one more go. Very happy with getting Newcastle, one of the more "realistic" (i.e. closest to what United was when Fergie took over) of those clubs you could feasibly get. A big club, at least in theory, with history and potential but has been underachieving for a long time. It looks like there's a takeover process going on though so I might get sacked once it happens. If I get a sugar daddy takeover I'll start over regardless, don't want to make things overly easy.
  5. kozmik

    The problem with Saido

    Yeah, I hate it when overrated players have a stormer against you. Alberto Moreno regularly tears my right flank a new one when I play against him.
  6. kozmik

    The problem with Saido

    That's in the original FM18 database. He's been nerfed quite a bit in the updated database. CA is considerably lower, determination is 2 and his personality is terrible too. PA is the same but I don't think he has any chance of ever reaching that level.
  7. It's a deal I actually went back to my Lincoln save after becoming too frustrated with the Barnsley one, and it was even worse even though my back line was filled with world class players. I've fired up a new save with United in FM17 and it really feels so much better even though my back line features the likes of Smalling, Jones and Rojo. I really don't even do much better, but just the way I concede goals and the way I fail to score them is a lot easier on the eye (and the brain). I might dig up my old Peterborough save and get back to playing with my GOAT striker Marzierli. See if I can win a few champions leagues in a row.
  8. Been staying away from the thread as I got fed up with the game. Mainly fed up with great center backs being unable to mark opposition strikers, having to take extraordinary measures to avoid my right back pressing the opposition mcr and having to build my tactics with the sole purpose of avoiding endless hopeless pot shots against teams that sit deep. Been playing a bit of FM17 and it just feels like such a breath of fresh air even though it's far from perfect itself. Not sure whether I'll get back to 18 at all or just play 17 till 19 comes out. Anyway, I wanted to congratulate @Blue 4 Life, winning the champions league in the third season with Cardiff is absolutely amazing!
  9. Here's something you don't see every day: Our new season is underway. So far we're top of the league with 10 points from 4 games, although early fixtures have been easyish, City at home being the only tough one. We've also added a trophy in the collection: Didn't manage to win the community shield though, lost 2-3 to United after a tight game. Drew a fairly tough champions league group, but had a promising start as we beat Barca at home. Here are our transfers: Excellent signings. I wasn't going to sign a CB but when I saw that Tah had an active release clause for 46,5 million I just couldn't pass up on it. I sent Powell on loan which will hopefully help him develop. Dvorak is another regen, an 18-year old from Prague who is basically first team material already with hopefully plenty of room to develop. I did make a bit of a blunder though with the transfers. I didn't pay close enough attention to the home grown registration rules for the league and as a result had to leave one player out, which is why I sent third choice striker Carabina on loan. Next year two first team players will become home grown so that will help a bit. Carabina would've been too, but of course it won't happen now he's not here. Against my better judgement I've also taken up a national team job: Thought it would be a great way to do some tactical experimenting. If I manage to win a trophy or two then that's a great bonus. My club contract ends next summer. I had negotiations for an extension but demanding a 30k wage resulted in the orange "we can't possibly accept that" reaction. I know it doesn't make a difference really but it's still really annoying that when you stay at a single club for a long time and make great progress you don't get the wages to match. I mean, we have 80 mill in the bank, our weekly wage budget is 1,67 mill and it's all down to me. And then a 30k per week wage request is way too much? I hope they fix this one day.
  10. kozmik

    Target Man Required

    You could check out Andrea Petagna from Atalanta, though I doubt you'll get him for 12 million. I signed him for 11,5 million for the second season but Atalanta had been relegated from Serie A, which probably lowered his price. He's young, a decent/good premier league player and should have a room to improve. In my save he's currently (June 2022) at Liverpool, valued at 51 million and considered an "elite striker".
  11. @john1 Thanks, and good luck at Shrewsbury! @Jogo Bonito Thanks! He played as a striker yes, mainly as a lone striker in the 4123dm with the CF/S role. CF/S, F9 or AF on the rare occasion I played with 2 strikers.
  12. What. A. Season. No, not THE treble obviously, rather the Mickey Mouse one. But still, I'm flabbergasted. The Europa final was almost disappointingly easy, even though we only won 1-0. Dominated from start to finish, I don't think Valencia had a single shot on target. If our finishing hadn't been so poor, it could've easily been 3 or 4. The FA cup final was very different. I had lost my previous match to Chelsea 5-1 using my usual system so I decided I had to try something different. Went with a counter attacking 442. Chelsea dominated possession and shots but didn't really create too many good chances. What chances they did create were promptly fluffed or saved by Lafont. In the end it went to penalties after a 1-1 draw, where they completely crumbled and we won 3-1. Didn't do too shabby in the league, either: The five games we lost in the league (2-0 to Stoke, 4-0 to Southampton, 5-1 to Chelsea, 4-2 to City and 3-1 to United) were our only defeats in the season. We did get a bit lucky with the draws in domestic cups, with Liverpool in the league cup being the only top team we faced apart from the finals. In Europa though we only got one lucky draw in the knockouts in Red Bull Salzburg, the other draws were Southampton, Leverkusen and Schalke. In the end we were two goals away from breaking the Europa scoring record, scoring 47 goals in total. Our defense improved a great deal, conceding less than a goal a game (33) for the first time in the premier league. Lafont even ended up 3rd in the clean sheet table with 20. Great to see after the shambles of previous three seasons. Even in cups our defense worked pretty well considering I mostly used a defense made up of kids and Charlie Taylor. Moise Kean was definitely our key performer, ending up as top scorer in the premier league with 22 goals and 2nd highest average rating, scoring 34 and assisting 11 in 47 games in all competitions. It was great to see, as last season he was pretty unconvincing and streaky, going long periods without a goal. Last summer I probably would've sold if someone had made a good offer, this summer I'll be doing all I can to keep him. This summer will be massively important. I'll have to make the most of the champions league qualification and sign proper quality players to make sure we qualify again next season. Will definitely be buying 2-3 midfielders to replace Grujic, Swift and probably one of the AML playmakers. Central defense is a bit of a dilemma. Lascelles and Diallo formed a very good partnership and are my captain and vice captain so I'm very reluctant to sell either of them, even though I could probably sign better players. Second choice pair Joe Powell and Miguel Angel is a young (17 & 20) and extremely promising (both 5 stars PA) pair who performed well enough and who I'm keen to develop further, so can't really replace them either. Happy with full backs, right wingers and strikers, so unless I end up selling, I won't be signing anyone for those positions. Same with GK, Lafont has been excellent.
  13. I haven't either. I could've probably handled the situation a bit better, I instinctively went for the "I make the decisions here" line, maybe actually explaining would've been a better idea. I took a very strict tone in the press conference too which he reacted badly to, so I'll have to be careful with him. Shame really, he's been very good on the pitch. In other news: We completely dominated the game until the goal, United didn't have a single shot on target by that point. After that the tide turned completely, but we managed to keep them from creating any good chances. The goal will likely be our goal of the season, a thundering shot into the top corner, hitting the bar, onto the ground and in.
  14. Oh dear Suddenly I'm having regrets... Managed to just about talk him out of it with the "I can't believe how unprofessional you're being" line, but that doesn't look promising at all. Have to remember to use the explain substitution individual talk every time I take him off, hopefully that will keep him in check.