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  1. Yeah, Fleetwood is a sugar daddy club so I'd imagine that's exactly what will happen.
  2. Mother of all newgens

    I was planning on sharing this guy in the end of the season but he's angling for a move again so I should probably share while I still have him. ... Signed in the summer 2021 from Empoli for then club record 30 million, with 7,5 million worth of add-ons. Has been my first choice striker since. Had a good first season, a phenomenal second season, a very good third season and so far is on course to have his best season yet, if I can hold on to him and his performances don't suffer from his unhappiness. Although to be fair he was unhappy for several months in his second season but kept on banging them in. He was player of the tournament in the European Championship last summer as Italy won the trophy: Fairly decent, that. Only got one assist against my England team, though. And this happened just now: So far in 149 (24) apps he has 116 goals and 57 assists, playing mainly as a DLF/S in a 433. So one goal or assist per appearance.
  3. psycho!

    The problem is that the bwm role has the tackle harder PI always selected, combined with his dirtiness that's a pretty obvious result. You could try a different role, for example cm/s, and just set his closing down to maximum. With his aggression/dirtiness/ppm he'll still pick up cards, but should be considerably less.
  4. Scored quite a few for me in my Ebbsfleet save. Nadiem Amiri has bagged a few in my Peterborough save. Great corner taker too.
  5. Season finished. Ultimately the European super cup turned out to be our only silverware of the season, as we were knocked out of the league cup semi final by Leeds (they got a deserved 2-1 win at our place, we completely and utterly battered them at their place but only scored 2, they got a late goal and then won on pens after about 8-9 takers each), in the champions league quarters by Benfica 4-3 on aggregate (we won 3-1 at home, then conceded 3 set piece goals away) and lost the FA cup final to Chelsea 4-1 that probably flattered us more than Chelsea. But we'll be playing Champions league football again next year! On the final day we were playing United away and City were playing Newcastle away, was nervous about finishing fourth as wins against United have been few and far between and away we've never even managed a draw. In the end City got beaten 3-0 so our 2-0 defeat didn't make a difference. Also got manager of the season: Here are the transfers: Sold Reinhardt as I couldn't really justify turning that amount down when he was an obvious second choice behind Marzierli. Betinho I didn't want to sell, but he had a release clause in his contract which I didn't realize until Newcastle had already made their bid (all other release clauses in my players contracts were for champions league teams, so had become obsolete in the summer). Tried to offer him a new contract but he demanded 300k per week and max I could offer was around 150k so couldn't help it. Signed Farid from Arsenal as a replacement, not as much a physical beast as Betinho but better mentals across the board. In the end the only thing I missed about Betinho was his passing ability. Selling Correa and signing Horta was a no-brainer, younger player of similar ability available for cheaper. Got about similar level of performance out of Horta, main difference was he was never injured. Record signing Iglesias is a striker who can also play right wing, played him as a right winger almost exclusively. He took a while to get going but ended the season with 13 goals, a decent return for a winger. Like I posted earlier, I managed to keep Marzierli for at least one more season. He's angling for a move again, this time to PSG, we'll see if I can manage to keep him this time around. Here's his profile: Amazing player. Not quite as good as the previous season, but still 32 goals and 17 assists in 45(9) appearances is a very good return. Here's the Finnish left back signed for 650k back in 2019: Not great, but bang-for-the-buck factor is amazing. Home grown, vice captain. Not really sure where to go with the squad now. Three positions are in need of improvement, both full backs and supporting midfielder. I have a world class midfielder scouted that I can afford and should be willing to sign, but the full back positions are a problem, especially left back. All quality attacking left backs are on insane wages and high potential younger players are not good enough attacking wise, and in my experience full backs don't really improve their crossing/dribbling/off the ball that much, no matter how you train them. The fact I need at least one full back on the pitch to be good in the air for set piece purposes doesn't help, neither does the fact that 3/4 of my current full backs have a UK nationality (and the 4th will too by next season) which is an additional problem, as I don't have UK nationals in abundance. I suppose the question of can we keep Marzierli or not will determine the direction I'll have to go in.
  6. This annoys me a great deal. We definitely need a promise of "allow player to leave" with no promised obligation to find a buyer. Same with loans, too.
  7. Nice to see loads of posts here! @ernemann Derby could be a good choice, too. Had a fun time with them in last year's game. @Cal585 Great to see people use Finnish players to good effect - Sparv is one of the few decent players we have IRL. I'm well underway with the next season, doing pretty well. I'll be posting a full update once I get the season finished. But have to post this now, the huge transfer saga of the previous summer: The bids: The conclusion: And the inevitable consequence: I have to say that I've never had bids that high for any player in any save. Not sure how much higher they would've gone after negotiating as I just flat out rejected them. Current world record in my save is 108 mill paid by PSG to City for De Bruyne back in 2018, so it would've been a new record.
  8. Seems it's pretty safe to say this thread is completely dead... Nevertheless, I'll keep posting updates as long as I keep the save going. After the double cup win last season the main aim was to improve our league performance, which we did: Arguably should have done better too, basically our home form cost us a top 4 spot. In the home table we were 9th, W7, D5, L7, while in the away table we were 2nd with W11, D4, L4. Despite the league being the main focus, we didn't finish the season trophyless: So we'll be playing in the champions league next season! And it's great news in more than one way, as it means we actually have a chance to keep this guy: Obviously hit the jackpot with him. Early on in the season his potential went from 4 gold + 1 black and potential to be one of the best players at the club to solid 5 gold and potential to be world class. In January I had to reject a number of offers for him from United, PSG and Dortmund, which obviously didn't please him. He was unhappy for a few months but kept banging them in. Now apparently I'm one of his favored personnel and Peterborough is a favored club, so as we now have champions league football on offer I think he won't mind staying. And I have to say that I don't think I've gotten a better season from any striker on any save in any FM since Vincent Aboubakar in FM15: Absolutely brilliant. A hat trick in the Europa final, an early brace before going off injured in the semi final second leg, remarkable performances from a guy who's supposedly average in big games. Here's our transfers for this season: Robertson, Toure and Correa came in as starters, D'Alessandro, Luis Gustavo, Ademilton and Real Pacheco as rotation players, rest of the summer transfers are youngsters. Amiri and Grealish came in January as replacements for Harit and Lanzini. The biggest success of the summer transfers would probably be Ademilton, who turned out to be very good: Started the season as a rotation player, but after Correa broke his ankle around March I moved Amiri to Correa's position and Ademilton took Amiri's position in the first XI. Did very well, apart from picking up our only red card of the season in the Europa final, which was thankfully all but over despite half an hour left to play, as we were already leading 5-1 at that point. This guy looks very promising too: And he was only 18 when he joined so he'll be home grown eventually. Oh yeah, this also happened: Decided to give it a go as well. Lost a friendly at home against Cyprus, and didn't just lose, they outplayed us.
  9. Domestic cup double! Managed to win even without my star striker Marzierli, who got a torn hamstring in our penultimate league game. Hopefully his injury means no one will be looking to buy him in the summer. In the final we took an early lead through Mahrez, who's been underwhelming all season. We kept reasonably well in control of the game, hit the post once and had a couple of good chances but couldn't score more. Origi missed a sitter for Arsenal, apart from that they didn't really threaten that much. My favorite game of the season, though, was the semi final against United: Well in control of the game, but just couldn't score, until out of nowhere Reinhardt skips past a couple of defenders and curls one into the top corner from the edge of the box. The league season was a travesty, though. Should've been comfortably 6th at the very least. Starting with a 2-0 home defeat against City on October 31st and ending in a 2-2 draw at Brighton on February 12th we played 16 league games, W3 D4 L9. Abysmal. After that we only lost two and drew two, and one of the defeats was away at Palace on the last day of the season, where they secured premier league survival. We'll be playing in the Europa next season, so I'll be needing to add numbers to the squad. I've already agreed deals for three young Brazilians (striker, midfielder and winger) and will need to add at least one decent center back in the summer. But again a lot will depend on who we can keep over the summer. Five of our regular starters are currently wanted by either Newcastle or the bigger clubs, so we might be in for a struggle.
  10. Welcome, @RickH, good luck with Colchester! Won my first "major" trophy: Too bad we've been woeful in the league. I've been away from the game for about a week on holiday, and since coming back our already shaky form went from bad to worse, including going eight games without a win in the league. Somewhere in the middle of that run we managed to somehow beat Southampton 5-0 on aggregate in the league cup, but in the league we've been crap. Now we've got four back to back wins, two of them in the league. Have to keep this form going as we're definitely not safe from relegation, currently 16th with 33 points, four above Everton in 18th and two above Palace in 17th. We've got a game in hand, though. 10 games left to play.
  11. Max wage allowed

    You can usually work around this by increasing his bonuses, at least that's what I've done on previous FM's. Signing on fee, competition and appearance bonuses etc. If you plan on keeping him well into his thirties, you might as well promise him a large percentage of any future fee as it will likely not cost you any meaningful amount of money, this should make him accept a lot lower basic wage.
  12. Yeah, apparently Photobucket has changed their policy so that free accounts no longer support third party hosting. They worked fine when I posted them, now it seems all the pics I've posted previously show that same image. Will have to find another service, I guess...
  13. So, our second premier league season is well on the way. In terms of player quality we've drastically improved, but in terms of results our start to the new season has been almost as bad as the first season. The fixture list hasn't been too kind, but we've had some truly woeful displays against sides we should be beating. But that's probably down, at least partly, to the huge player turnover we had. Tactical familiarity is at a better level than I'd probably expect at this point, but squad harmony isn't. In our latest game we demolished Watford 6-1 though, so hopefully that's a turning point and we're starting to click. We drew with Liverpool and Spurs away and beat Arsenal away in the league cup so the potential is there. Immediately after the previous season I got some news: I would've hoped they'd have waited a couple of years, by which point we'll hopefully be in Europe, so we'd have built an even bigger stadium. We sold 12k season tickets for this season, so I don't expect getting that 28k in on a weekly basis to be much of a problem. Hopefully there will be room to expand. Here's the summer transfer history (not all released and loaned out players are visible because the list was so long...) Newcastle has been an absolute thorn in my side the whole summer. They've had a board takeover at some point, have ridiculous amounts of money but a mid table level squad, so they're keeping track of everyone and the moment a player found out he was wanted by them, he'd be knocking on my door demanding to move. Although funnily enough, those three players unsettled by them I did end up selling all went to other clubs (That's Casasola, Sissako and Kessie) Managed to keep hold of both Gino Peruzzi and Borthwick-Jackson who were demanding to move. Here's the three major regen signings we made: Has been an absolute rock so far. Has had limited game time as I'm trying to retrain him as a right winger, he's also the second choice striker behind this guy: ...who has been so good that I haven't really had reasons to sub him off. Six goals in eight games so far. I scouted him for ages, went to see him several times myself and he scored in almost every game I watched. Great personality and all the qualities of a future captain - if I can keep hold of him. Actually, given the lack of leaders in the team he'll probably be the captain next season, if he stays and learns English before that And last, and probably least, the Finnish left back, who's coming along nicely but will likely never be the left back I really need because of his weak crossing: Plenty of bang for the buck though (signed for 650k) and will be home grown starting next season so he'll probably be here a while yet, if I can keep him happy with his game time. Edit: That's them pics fixed. Shame about all the older stuff, can't be arsed to started uploading and fixing them...
  14. I assume you've already tried to make him drop the "shoots from distance" ppm? It very rarely works, but it's worth a shot (pun intended). Other options could be to play him as a striker (I did this in my first United save on FM16, he was very good until he got a cruciate ligament injury, sold him soon after) or indeed on the right wing. If you're using him as an if/s, switching to if/a or even raumdeuter could help a little, although you'd probably need to adjust your overall tactics as well. Also, good as he may be he isn't irreplacable, so selling is always an option. With the new contract it could be tricky, but Real/PSG should usually be interested if you decide to offload him. In general I try to avoid inside forward type players with the shoots from distance ppm, for this exact reason. I remember signing Shaqiri for my United team in FM13, his average rating on the right was around 6,5 due to all those long shots he was taking, after moving him to the left side his average rating shot up to 7,5 literally overnight, because he wasn't ending up on his shooting foot outside the box so often and was instead doing something useful.
  15. I intended to post a start of season update but forgot, so will post a mid-season one now. Had a busy summer, once again: In terms of fees we broke pretty much even but in terms of wages our spending has probably doubled since last season. BTW, who knew that once a non-promotion release clause activates it doesn't deactivate if you get promoted later? Lost Boschilia this way, thankfully he wasn't a first choice player so I just replaced him by loaning Marcus Edwards from Spurs. We had a terrible start to the season, losing our first five games, and after having sat at the bottom of the table with 4 points from first 8 games I was starting to fear the worst. My underdog possession tactic wasn't producing any goals and trying to play more aggressive led us to concede so many that scoring didn't make a difference. I did a few adjustments with the possession system, and started picking up results, ending with a table like this in early January: Have gotten some very decent results. Beat Arsenal twice in a row, first in the league cup with a second string team and then in the league, drew with Spurs and United and just managed to beat City 2-1. Beat both Sunderland and Newcastle 5-1. This guy has been the signing of the season so far: 5 million from Nantes. Joint highest average rating in the league with Christian Eriksen (7,51) and most PoM awards with 4. Lowish fee and ridiculously low wage too, absolute bargain. I expect I'll have to give him a new contract to ward off interest before January is over, although he isn't currently wanted by anyone. I've been given more money to spend and wage budget has been bumped as well, but I'm not sure there are too many affordable players that would improve the team AND be interested in joining so probably won't sign anyone unless there are major outgoings. A few first choice players are wanted by other clubs though, so it wouldn't surprise me if one or two end up leaving.