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  1. was half way through the month with my long term rangers save 2020 have played to the end of the month and my tax for the month is less by over £1.5m from the month before so cheers looks like its fixed can start spending transfer money now
  2. I have to agree with wwfan i used to think it was the game being "against me" but if you really take on his advice you will find an improvement, do i still see this sometimes yes, but when i do i look at what i am doing and how i can improve it using his principles, and i usually fix it. Go to the tactics forum and give it a try i urge you it helps
  3. sorry for my new thread rant should have read in here first Thanks for the feedback on the TAX issue and on the update
  4. I doubt this will do much good but I have to get it off my chest First let me say I love this years game in general you have to be more creative with you tactics and the interface feedback stuff is a step forward. I also applaud SI for trying to engineer more realism into the game. However When you introduce such a big change to the game such as TAX then for pity sake get it right. The mess it makes of long term games when you set out to manage your club in a profitable way is just not acceptable. I know this has been reported as a bug, and here is my second gripe, just because some people rightly ask when it will be fixed the thread gets closed and we are told basically to shut up as “it will be ready when its ready”. What sort of customer relations is that ? I have been playing this game since 1997 and have never really complained about the game before. I understand some bugs get in and generally you guys do a good job of fixing them But with something as fundamentally game changing as this you really need to look at your testing procedures. Rant over peace
  5. Rangers accepting all offers for players because of the poor financial state by the receivers, not in receivership and with millions in the bank have to stop this game now as it wont be worthwhile playing till this is fixed
  6. Rangers i cant make offers for players who are 16 or 17 in the Jan transfer window, Should be allowed to do this as they are not included in the transfer ban
  7. I thought this as well so did a bit of investigation and its about the same as other English clubs in the same attendance bracket Its the loss off revenue from the 10k fans missing from every home game that's a bigger issue. The extra cash about £2m a season is what is hindering my finances IMO. Not to mention 18k turning up for cup games on a Sat afternoon there should be at least twice that for games at Ibrox on a Sat
  8. Rangers as always D3 to champions of Europe in ten years will be the challenge
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