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  1. I'm using Mason Greenwood as an advanced forward, and in all competitions, he netted me 29 (1st season, lots of Europa League) / 19 (2nd season playing second fiddle to Latuaro Martinez) / 25 (so far in January 3rd season, main striker)
  2. My enjoyment of this save has caused me to break my 7+ years of lurking! Although back in the Football Manager PSP days, I was posting stories under a since inaccessible moniker! 2019/2020 Season Review To start off, I was using the Pr0 Transfer Update from after the window closed. This meant I already had Bruno Fernandes which was a big reason for the first year successes! I brought in Ruban Dias to instantly slot in alongside Maguire as my centre back pairing. Dias is young, but also instantly a first teamer. This meant I could sell Lindelof in the January window after n
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