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  1. I'd say £70-80 million each is decent, have had even bigger offers than that though.
  2. Or the former club captain, Niklas Moisander. Teemu Tainio and Petri Pasanen also played for them, but both were past their best by then.
  3. Couple of pretty decent Finns have played for Ajax in the past as well..
  4. Thanks pr0, been waiting this to start a new save. One thing I noticed: Florian Thauvin will move to Marseille this summer because of the future transfer clause in his loan contract. You have correctly ended his loan, but in the update he's still at Newcastle with future transfer set for 1/7/2017.
  5. Messenjah1

    FM17: Arsenal

    Also: Stefan De Vrij Daniele Rugani Mauricio Lemos Jonathan Tah Niklas Süle Malang Sarr Rodrigo Caio
  6. Messenjah1

    Daniel Hakans: The next Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    And therefore not even really Scandinavian to be exact..
  7. Messenjah1

    [FM16][SKIN]Vitrex 2.0

    Why does the tactics panel fetch the last name of the player when some players have different name in the back of their shirt? For example Bernardo Silva, my tactics panel shows "Bernardo Silva" when in the match engine he only uses "Bernardo" in his shirt, just like "Oxlade-Chamberlain" uses only "Chamberlain".
  8. Could you make player filters for Nemesis pls?
  9. Why is Alexis Sanchez so injury prone? Even at Arsenal, notorious for lots of injuries, he has played almost all games this season without any remarkable injuries.
  10. Messenjah1

    [FM15][SKIN] Elegance Rebooted

    Okay here's a temporary solution to my problem:
  11. Messenjah1

    [FM15][SKIN] Elegance Rebooted

    BTW, where's the search button? Can't find it Edit: Oh I found it, just click on the title bar Edit2: In the tweak the player profile is "too big" for my Macbook Pro 15", maybe you could make the player picture a little smaller? There's also quite a lot of spacing between the text rows. And maybe replace the trophy info with contract/value? The trophy info hardly that important.. It's working okay with 95% zoom but still some info is not shown under the player picture:
  12. Messenjah1

    [FM15][SKIN] Elegance Rebooted

    Absolutely brilliant mate! Now all we need is a link for download
  13. Messenjah1

    [FM15][SKIN] Elegance Rebooted

    The tweak looks good except I don't like the player picture on the right side of the panel, would look better if in center.
  14. Instant result is not exactly pretty..
  15. Looks like we need an update real soon.. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/413341-Important-Skins-in-FM15.2