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  1. info provided

    @yeah826 The issue appears to be a corruption of the save file. We are looking to see how we can avoid saves becoming corrupted like this for future editions. It's unlikely that there will be a resolution to this issue for FM17. David
  2. info requested

    Hi @Gigawot, Appreciate the frustration. We are not seeing this reproduce internally so we are wondering if it is perhaps something system related. Therefore, we'd like to go through a few steps that have resolved similar issues - just so we can clarify. Firstly, we recommend you remove any custom graphics from your game - including Facepacks, logo packs and any skins you may be running. Would you be able to confirm that FM is excluded from your anti-virus settings? Details can be found here: Thanks, David
  3. resolved

    Thanks for updating us, @greeneye1976 - glad you've found a resolution!
  4. Hi @Carnesir, As said above, there are no plans to release a further patch for FM17. The issue remains under review for future versions. David
  5. info provided

    Hi @vJords, Any questions about creating / editing skins for FM would be better asked in our Skinning Hideout forum, where the community is sure to be able to help out. Thanks, David
  6. resolved

    Afraid not. It will display as it does now for the duration of your save game. David
  7. resolved

    Hi @greeneye1976, Thanks for raising this with us. Realistically, it is unlikely we'd release a patch to resolve this issue. However, we will make sure it's raised and considered for future editions. Cheers, David
  8. info requested

    Just seen that - should've read both threads first! Thanks, we'll take a look and get back to you. David
  9. info provided

    Morning @davidharpestad, Thanks for your save and thanks for letting us know your solution. @W4nteD - can you try this and see if it works for you, also? David
  10. info requested

    Hi @davidharpestad, Is this on the same save game as your other issue (to do with RDS)? If so, it could be that it's the same root cause. David
  11. info provided

    Ok, thanks for trying that out anyway. Can you add your save to our FTP so we can take a further look?
  12. resolved

    Thanks for letting us know, @LuckyP62. We'll mark this off as resolved. Thanks, David
  13. info provided

    Thanks @davidharpestad. Hopefully a pattern emerges so we can get this to the devs.
  14. info provided

    Thanks for the information, guys. @davidharpestad - have you tried clearing your cache? Although it did not work for the OP, this has worked on other similar issues before so it is worth trying. @W4nteD - Did you add any new leagues in when the RDS disappeared? Cheers, David
  15. info provided

    Hi @poola21, Would you try a fresh install of your graphics drivers, please? Details here: Where newgens look like this is normally related to graphics drivers, and these steps tend to resolve the issue. Let us know if this is not the case, David