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  1. David Utteridge

    Colums resets

    Thanks for posting @urgeboks. We've had a few reports of this and we've got the issue under review currently. Cheers, David
  2. David Utteridge

    Sluggish UI

    Thanks for your feedback so far @ChelseaSince86. We've noted slow down on these areas and it is something we're currently reviewing. Cheers, David
  3. David Utteridge

    Screen Tear

    Hi @Blue_Exorcist, Do you have a screenshot of what you mean, please? Cheers, David
  4. Blew his hat-trick! This is something we have got under review @stevemc. Apologies you've encountered it. Thanks, David
  5. David Utteridge

    Tactic Familiarity wont go up

    Could you upload your save game onto the FTP, please? Details here: David
  6. David Utteridge

    Links not clickable

    Thanks for the added info, @Jovovich. This issue is under review. Cheers, David
  7. David Utteridge

    Tactic Familiarity wont go up

    Hi @luke.stephens1993, Is this from the popup accessed within your 'Training' panel? If so, this is a known issue that is currently under review. If not, could you please let us know which panel you are on when viewing this? Thanks, David
  8. David Utteridge

    The UI is... well not perfect.

    Hi @larsulfen, Thanks for posting your video. I've raised this for review. Cheers, David
  9. Thanks @wazza - not sure whether this is intentional or not, but there should either be conversation options or an explanatory string. I've logged this with our dev team for review. David
  10. David Utteridge

    Opposition subs wear my home kit

    Thanks for reporting this @Bjick. It's something that we currently have under review. Cheers, David
  11. David Utteridge

    Paulo Sergio is unavailable, but why?

    It would be really helpful if you could upload the save, in case somebody else is having this issue. Appreciate you may not want to do this, but it'd be great for your fellow managers if you did
  12. David Utteridge

    Post-match analysis issue

    Good to hear - thanks for letting us know!
  13. Hi @BullDozzer, The staff member you've set in Responsibilities will still be giving the instructions. The bug here is that the string does not reflect this on your team talk panel. I've raised this with the dev team and it is now under review. Cheers, David
  14. David Utteridge

    Orange match progress indicator glitchy

    Hi @DavyDepuydt1, I can see why that would be annoying and have raised the issue here. We'll see if anything can be done. Thanks for the video too - that really helped to clarify! David
  15. Hi @miggytenn, What OS are you using? Does the age ever show up? So, for example, if you leave the profile and then return to it. Thanks, David