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  1. Cannot turn off help advisor?!

    Hi @NUFCOMS, Is this only with third-party graphics or with default skins as well? If it is only third party, then we'd suggest you remove them, load FM and turn off the help settings (can be found on the downward arrow, below continue). Then you can re-add your skins and see if this has resolved the problem. David
  2. Wrong month in calendar?

    Hi @Erasmus Koay, We cannot put a timeframe on when potential fixes may be put into the game. Thanks, David
  3. Wrong month in calendar?

    Thanks for confirming that for us, @David1294. The issue is with our dev team at the moment and we're looking into solutions. Thanks for your patience, David
  4. Wrong month in calendar?

    Hi @David1294, Thanks for raising this issue with us. If you remove your third party content (skins, facepacks, logopacks, etc) does this issue reproduce? We are aware of something similar affecting default skins but would just like to check. David

    Hi @lukefitch, Thanks for raising your issue with us. It remains under review with the dev team at present. We are sorry for any frustration this may cause you. You can try clearing your cache and preferences and seeing if that resolves the issue; it has for others in the past but not for the OP. Thanks, David
  6. Morale

    Thanks @alanschu14 for clarifying. We'll look into this but being as it is a minor issue, it's more likely to be something we try and ensure is resolved in future editions of the game. David
  7. Impossible to interact with players

    Hi @pazzo_goal, The issue remains under review. If you have any third-party graphics (facepacks, logopacks, skins, etc) then please remove them and see if this helps. David
  8. Morale

    Hi @alanschu14, Just to be clear: You're only finding that this issue with morale/form occurs when you are a manager of both club and nation? David
  9. Player age not displaying

    Hi @professor_rob, It should work either way around, but we always recommend removing the third party graphics first so that we can identify whether it's a third-party issue or something on our side. David
  10. Conversations give no options.

    Hi @Chitsaz_, This may be an issue with custom graphics - could you try removing these and then seeing if the issue reproduces? Thanks, David
  11. Morale

    Thanks @alanschu14 for your post - the detail, steps to reproduce and screenshots are all really useful. We'll pass these to our dev team with a view to ensuring these issues are resolved for future editions of the game. David
  12. Problem with Regens faces!

    Hi @chao, Please take a look at our FMM specific forums. If none of the existing threads have your answer, then open a new one there where one of the FMM team will be happy to help out. The forums can be found here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/ Thanks, David
  13. Interface lag, slowdowns

    Hi @Fortune66, It may seem a pain but the steps provided have worked for others in the past. Apologies if it seems long-winded, but there's a long-term benefit if you see it through. David
  14. Interface lag, slowdowns

    Hi @Fortune66, Apologies - if you follow the link below you should be able to see James' original post. Please give it a go and let us know. https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2017/84_how-to/89_pc/how-to-make-sure-that-an-anti-virus-program-isnt-interfering-with-steam-or-fm pc-r225/ David
  15. Problem with Regens faces!

    If you'd like any help or feel like you want a second opinion on any laptop, there's a great thread in the General Discussion area of our forums. I'll leave the link here for you. Cheers, David