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  1. Hello again Tyler, i see people still expect you to play the game for them, guess some people can't try things themselves, you have become a god to some people for making a good tactic, i for one would like to purchase a small statue of yourself to place next my to my monitor.

    I have tweaked this tactic like i tweak the nose of the spindly killer fish, 2012-13 season i finally won the EPL with Cardiff City, did the double in fact, having won the FA cup for the second time, also won the UEFA cup 2010-11. Personally i like to play a big lad on the right, have him challenge the keeper at corners as the goals he scores ups his morale which makes him a better link up man for the pacey dribbler on the left.

    As i tend to concede a lot no matter my defence, i set my fullbacks to forward runs often and cross from the byline , they overlap with the wide players nicely and i concede no more than before, also the extra assists help with their ratings and morale.

    Strikers are set to rarely cross the ball and mixed for through balls as are the central midfielders.

    Personally i play the highest tempo with the shortest passing, weather tends to hamper this more than anything else.

    It's worked for me so far, highlights being a 6-1 over Barcelona in the European super cup and 5-1 away to Chelsea, not saying it will work for everyone, i'm sure i would have done just as well had i tweaked nothing at all.

    Time for a new season, Risdale has just given me 77 million to spend, he must think he's chairman of Leeds again.

    Thanks again Tyler

  2. Hi there Tyler, needless to say i'm another person who is happy using your v6, First season in the EPL with Cardiff and i finished 6th, got in the UEFA cup, just need to get rid of some dead wood and get a few more quality players.

    Tyler, you might not mind, but to all those people who keep asking stupid bloody questions, who should i play where, what changes should i make at half time if a dog has run on the pitch, should i give Ronaldo Spaghetti hoops or alphabetti spaghetti before a match? For christ sake try things, if it works, great, if it doesn't, try something else, try using your initiative, we're taking advantage of tylers hard work by using his tactic, isn't that enough?

    Tyler, where should i play Pele in this tactic, upfront or in midfield? Or should i play him at all considering his advice in regards to my erectile dysfunction hasn't helped a bit?

    But anyway, thanks Tyler, thanks for coming up with a tactic i couldn't possibly have come up with, good work fella

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