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  1. @knap I've used several of your tactics in my first save on FM 21 with Cardiff City, Promoted as champions first season, finally won the EPL in 2027 and CL in 2028. Have been playing 4-1-3-2 and 4-2-4 formations mostly (had some incredible goal scoring achievements) my only issue has been with the two central midfielders, who tend to struggle, whether it be a DLP/MEZ or DLP/BBM combination, they always seem to get very low ratings, even when playing "World Class" midfielders. So my question, have you, or anyone else, had any ideas on how to improve on the central midfield partnership, or
  2. Used this with Cardiff City, only brought in loans and free transfers. Won the league with 111 points. Currently holding my own in the Premier League. Excellent work.
  3. Hello again Tyler, i see people still expect you to play the game for them, guess some people can't try things themselves, you have become a god to some people for making a good tactic, i for one would like to purchase a small statue of yourself to place next my to my monitor. I have tweaked this tactic like i tweak the nose of the spindly killer fish, 2012-13 season i finally won the EPL with Cardiff City, did the double in fact, having won the FA cup for the second time, also won the UEFA cup 2010-11. Personally i like to play a big lad on the right, have him challenge the keeper at corners
  4. Hi there Tyler, needless to say i'm another person who is happy using your v6, First season in the EPL with Cardiff and i finished 6th, got in the UEFA cup, just need to get rid of some dead wood and get a few more quality players. Tyler, you might not mind, but to all those people who keep asking stupid bloody questions, who should i play where, what changes should i make at half time if a dog has run on the pitch, should i give Ronaldo Spaghetti hoops or alphabetti spaghetti before a match? For christ sake try things, if it works, great, if it doesn't, try something else, try using your ini
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