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  1. 3rd season having won the championship and then the Premier League in my first two seasons, I had a total collapse. Conceding lots of goals, only managing draws at home, of course I started tinkering, which just made things worse. No doubt Nemesis is a solid tactic, just something about the defensive side that just isn't quite right.
  2. Hadn't played FM15 since the last update, decided to use Nemesis tactic with Cardiff City. With little money and bad start I won the Championship and lost the FA Cup final on penalties to Arsenal. About 10 games into the season proper, I decided to change my wide men to attacking midfielders left and right, as that was what I had a lot of in my squad. The Left one Attacking and the right, Support. W 31 D 8 L 7 f121 a49. Aron Gunnarsson was a revelation in the DLP role due to his long throws (but I could have played him anywhere) First season in Premier League, sold lots of the chaff and a cou
  3. Used this with Cardiff City, first season, only brought one player in on loan, retrained my wingers to be forwards (which seemed to have worked) Won the league at a canter, 111 points and 146 goals scored (two strikers with 30+ goals) Phenomenal tactic.
  4. With Steatons previous tactic this is what I did, and I've done the same with this one, it offers the back four a simple out ball, to someone who can actually pass, thus allowing the defence to link well with the attack. I find it works well for me as well.
  5. Credit to Marcelo , I've been messing around with Steaton's tactic and doing alright, but after losing the 2018-19 EPL title on the final day to Chelsea on goal difference, I thought I'd check this thread out again. I've played 7 games so far (not including friendlies, all of which I won) and won them all, without conceding, including a 7-0 win over Chelsea. The only change I've made is one I found was working for me, and that's having the Advanced Playmaker hold up the ball. Great work Marcelo. (Not forgetting Steaton)
  6. Hi Steaton. I know I was a bit critical of your tactic to start with, but that was down to errors on my part. Even though I've tweaked the tactic, I am enjoying the game probably for the first time since the latest patch. I've not won anything yet ( third season with Cardiff) But I'm very competitive and starting to realise the importance of team talks. I do find that having my striker as a False nine and having the Advance Playmaker hold up the ball creates more chances for both. In my second season Both Sigurðsson (AP) and Vagner Love(F9) have 20+ goals. \i'm still conceding way too many, b
  7. I made a few changes that have seen my form improve a lot, won 7 straight and got Manager of the month for December (second season with Cardiff) I switched to "Play narrow" as someone suggested above, I changed the Poacher to a False 9 (which removes the move into channels) and I also added "Hold up ball" for my Advanced Playmaker, in the hope that it would give the Inside Forwards time to run into the channels and exploit the space created by the False 9 dropping deeper. That's the idea anyway, not sure if that's what's happening, (Steaton does need to be applauded for his analysis) But I'm
  8. I'm finding this tweaked tactic very hit and miss,(Cardiff City, first season) sometimes it's brilliant. like beating Man City 5-1 at home and Chelsea 5-0, but other times it's awful, losing to Hull 4-1 and West Brom 3-0. In short, it's been horribly inconsistent, but I'll keep trying until the end of the season and then contemplate some tweaks. One highlight has been my big signing, Gylfi Sigurðsson, who has been a revelation in the Advanced Playmaker role.
  9. I used the one that is your opening post in this thread http://www.mediafire.com/download/h0ix93ok1puv35o/Steaton%27s+Invincible+4-2-3-1.tac I assumed that was V.1 that is "the most consisten"?
  10. I used the tactic in the opening post, used it with Cardiff City, first season, won opening friendly against a weak Spanish side 2-1, next game I played CSKA Moscow at home and lost 7-0, could have been 15-0, I have never been torn to ribbons like that. Did I download the wrong tactic. 4-2-3-1 really suites Cardiff City ( wish Solskjær would use it) So i was hoping this was the answer to my prayers.
  11. My first season with Cardiff, I finished 6th. Quarter Finals of the League Cup and Runner Up in the FA Cup. I was 3rd with Seven games to go, but had one of those god awful end of season runs, where I picked up just 2 points, the goals dried up, seemed my players enjoyed shooting at the woodwork. All in all a great season, which would have been all the better if not for two blips. Hopefully with a few more quality players and my youngsters improving, I can improve in 6th next season.
  12. Great tactic. First season with Cardiff, mid February and I'm currently 4th. I did have a major blip where I lost 5 on the bounce, but I was still creating chances, team meeting raised moral and things have been on the up ever since. Two things, I have spent a lot of money on two young centre backs (Balanta and Zouma) and I changed the right striker to an attacking complete forward. Apart from the 5 game blip, I've not conceded a great deal and am creating lots of chances. Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by posting this.
  13. I've always be a "classic tactics" man, So i'm really struggling this year. I can't get past Christmas! I rarely use other peoples tactics, but needs must. I'll give this a go with Cardiff City, I'm just glad Vincent Tan doesn't have a say in this game. #TanOut
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