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  1. This usually happens when you are "training" the player in a new position in the game. I have never found a way round it once you have started it his training. Maybe at the start of a new season when the game updates, it might work then. And this has been mentioned a few times already in this thread
  2. You can swap staff.... right click name and "swap staff".
  3. This one was has only been around for Fm2009, before this most people used FM modifer it was made by JPEE try this link http://jpee.91.tc/ . Dont know what these links are like but now you know what your looking for you can google it.
  4. I asked for a button for this too. A little tip, Physios and coaches dont lose there knowledge, so if you use your scout to gain knowledge of alot of countries then change his role from Scout 20 to 1 and Coach 1 to 20. Then offer him a coaches role you will gain all the knowledge and not have to keep maxing the bar
  5. You can get extra sponsorship, if you change the kit sponsorship to stadium sponsorship then every month the club will sign a new Kit sponsorship. I think every club must have a kit sponsor, so when you take it away they look for a new one.
  6. You could send a personal message. I would but not sure of the method your talking about.
  7. Forget the Temperament stat, it should be 20. I guess Anelka is the exception.
  8. Ruci, could you please add a button to up all staff knowledge to 100. For legend I think Temperament should be a 1 aswell.
  9. With the player your trying to change did you or have retrained the player in the actual game? I found that with a player that I tried to retrain in the game, the above as you descibed would happen to that player. But it never happened with a player that I never retrained in game. If this is the problem I have no solution but just to be aware and for other users to be aware.
  10. Think this could be a good feature, or an option to change your job security?
  11. You really are good Have you seen this http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=2304395&postcount=25 , it seems that you can get sale values. Not sure if you can break this down and implement into your editor. I have had a look and it seems accurate.
  12. To change how many years to gain nationality? Loving your work.
  13. Great work Would you consider being able to swap staff and making it possible to edit the amount of staff allowed by a club. I think adding these would encourage alot more people to use the tool because its a common complaint in the other forums.
  14. Ruci - Just out of interest, would it be possible to move staff and players between clubs or/and give players free transfers from other clubs. Thanks
  15. Have the player positions been fixed? When I change player position to 20's, it last for a few days then goes back to the original. Also is there anyway to get it to £'s, I tried saving it but it doesnt save? I'm trying to download 0085 build but it's stuck on 45%.
  16. When you send a player to a feeder club, I would like to see some indication on how the feeder club think the player would fit in. In the same way a normal loan works i.e. important first team player.
  17. Keep up the good work, every year better and better. Just a few ideas. 1, Instead of being told how many scouts, coaches etc. You have indivdual wage budget. Example 3k for coaches, 2k for scouts and £500 for physio, [dependant on team of course]. 2, With the attribute stats, I would like to see them in 1-100 rather than 1-20. because i know they are calculated like that. This would help with monitoring effects of training. CM have this as an option, so maybe we could. 3, I think training facilities should be viewed as a percentage. so for example Bedford 4% and then Arsenal 94%. Then we could upgrade facilities manually. e.g. 1-5% £1k each increase then, 95-100% £25k each increase but no club would stay at 100% because due to wear and tear and modern ideas, it would drop over seasons. Sorry if a bit vague. 4, Please keep skins as they are its a good balance. I don't want valuable memory taken up with pretty effects, leave that for ps2 and 360 formats. Thank you.
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