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  1. If they stay fit, then I believe they could be the best trio of there positions in the Premier League. I know thats a bold and biased statement but I do believe that. Keeping players fit is our biggest weakness though.
  2. I promise i'm not trolling and making stuff up but I posted earlier about us still trying for M'Vila and at 10.15pm the person said that if the deal is done it wouldn't be public until the morning because it was being dealt with away from England. Also the clubs were about 10mil apart at about lunchtime. As I said earlier he told me 2 days ago about Arteta (which I posted here) and also tonight told me that the Arteta deal had broken down earlier due to contract problems and not the fee, which also turned out to be correct. Happier Arsenal fan now and who knows maybe another signing to come. Please don't shoot the messanger!
  3. Does anyone no the situation on loan deals? I thought loan deals can be done after today but is that only from outside your own league?
  4. If Kaka goes to spurs, then i'm giving up and am taking up fishing on a weekend. This is the marque signing we should of got on loan.
  5. "No need to watch the bridge's burning" ok i'm tearing up the season ticket and off to watch a film now, lol.
  6. Rumoured to be £10-12 mil fee. And lets be honest if Newcastle are willing to pay better wages than Fulham for him then he can't be on to much per week. Ashley is tighter than Wenger.
  7. I have heard M'vila move still on, 20mil not sure pounds or euros. Before anyone says anything about it being bs, it comes frome the same person who told me about Arteta which I posted on here 2 days ago. Not saying it will happen but apperantly we have not given up on him!
  8. Don't mind that really. PL experience, adds something different to the squad. But if Wenger is signing him on big wages and as our saviour, then i have got issue's with that.
  9. When I saw Chamakh come on I sat there and said down to 9 men now. I never rated him even when he was scoring goals for us (which alot of mates disagree with). I would rather see Walcott going into that position when needed. Also I really am far more concerned with losing traore, not because I rate him but because we are so weak in numbers and experience in defence. Its alot easier becoming a make shift striker then a defender.
  10. I have heard that Armand Traore is having a medical at QPR today. Very strange if true.
  11. I told my work colleagues that if we beat Man Utd, I would streak naked down the main road in our town. Its about 2 miles long aswell, the road I mean .
  12. With Messi, De rossi and Chiellini in the team we would only need 9, lol . Sorry, XI = eleven my bad!
  13. Messi, Chiellini and De Rossi would surely help us get CL football, lol. I honestly believe our starting IX can beat anyone in the league and win the title but we all know it's a squad game and our treatment room is usually pretty fall. Then we end up relying on youth and players who are just not good enough ie Arshavin, Chamakh, Squillaci.
  14. Wenger says we need 2-3 more signings to compete with Man Utd this year. But also adds we may sign nobody. If we dont sign no more players is that an admission that we are really only targeting top 4? If so thats not acceptable for me, if he believes the squad is good enough as it is then thats his choice as manager of the club. But if he's going into a season not signing the players he thinks we need to compete for the title then something is very seriously wrong at the club. Wenger seemed alot more relaxed today, maybe relief of CL football or maybe something else.
  15. I agree. The only other option would be Sagna DM and Traore LB, if Kosielney is not fit. I think Djourou played DM for Swiss in a qualifier last year?
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